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    Join Date20th January 2024, 11:45 am

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    XBL Account:
    Occupation:2nd year University Sport Student
    Join Date:29th July 2024, 7:22 pm
    Last Seen: Online Now
    Referred by:Willstev
    Kudos: 781
    Achievements:27 (View all)
    Awards: Site donator  Completed 3 Galactico League Seasons  Completed 3 International Season  Completed 3 Euro League Seasons  S5 EL5 playoff champ beating Asigaru in the final  MCS 41 Winner - PELE91 (Benfica) 0 V 4 Sam635 (Celtic)  MCS 42 Winner - Sam635 (Arsenal) 1-0 Truplaya86 (Liverpool)  Completed 3 UCL Season  S6 UCL2 Playoff Winner.  S6 G1 Golden Glove - 24 conceded  MCS 49 Winner of Boca Juniors v River plate, winning 5-2 in the final  S6 EL3 winner: P26 W21 D1 L4 GF65 GA33 GD+32 Pts64  S6 EL3 Top scorer - 65  Completed 2 Premiership season  Site donation  10.00 thankyou!  UCL S5 UCL2 Runnerup. P18 W10 D5 L3 GF41 GA17 GD+24 Pts35  UCL S5 UCL2 Golden boot - 41 goals  UCL S5 UCL2 Golden glove. Goals conceded: 17  MCF 3 Winner - Sam635 (Wigan) 3-1 Stevanya (Sheffield Utd)  UCL S5 Invitational Cup Winner. Playing as Udinese.
    Community Level:Level 11 (66% to next level) (View Rankings)
    Reputation: 100 vote(s), 5/5 (Play me to rate me)
    Last Game: 5 days, 3 hours ago (Sam635 2 Vs. 1 oj4y)
    Total time spent on site:87 days, 7 hours

    Sam635 says...
    Preston Till I Die.

    27 Site Achievements gained (View all)

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    Game History PES 6

    Games played: 1118
    Games won: 601 (54%)
    Games lost: 323 (29%)
    Games drawn: 194 (18%)
    Goals scored: 2156
    Goals conceeded: 1570

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    (117) Player Comments

    good games
    Quality and fair player who's always looking to attack.good connection!

    Posted by ROSSER2020 on 06:27pm 11/06/07 Level 2
    absolutlely smashed me in 2 UCL rankups, brilliant player. cant really say much more after being beat 3-0 and 6-0, im still reeling from being trounced. the only sniff i had was a 1-1 abandoned game, should have quit then when i had chance. 1 of the sites top draw players and will test u severely. top connection and well played. 10/10.

    Posted by rudeboyMACKA on 03:02pm 11/06/07 Level 10
    if u lose to sam its because u deserve 2 if u beat him its because u deserve 2 no slag teams no slaggy cutbacks no hacking no showboating no timewasting easily the fairest player on this site and a joy to play against because of his integrity.Hes also one of the best players on this site.TOP PLAYER pro evo should always be played his way.

    Posted by pompeybuster on 05:34pm 05/06/07 Level 5
    Samuel . . .
    recently played this lad in Internation league and galactigo, but have had quite a few rank ups wit him since i joined, always a fair player, and never fails t give me the greatest games i ever played on pes, will punish u if ur clumsy, drew 5-5 wit him in one and he beat me 3-2 in the other, very tight games, love playin ya sam good luck with the rest f the season....if only pes was true simulation and forlan wud get injured lolol/!!!

    Posted by truplaya86 on 12:31pm 30/05/07 Level 6
    beware this guy likes a drink and is even better when P**sed beat me twice in euro league this guy is one of the best on the site and as lil hunter said before much love pal

    Posted by Gilberto69 on 08:41pm 29/05/07 Level 5
    What can I say??
    Its people like Sam that I will actually miss come next week. Genuinly get on with him as a person, and as he says, if it was in a non creepy internet way I would happily buy him a drink or 10 and take advantage!!

    I would go on and on about how Sambo is a quality guy, and a great pes player etc, but im guessing every1 already knows this. If not, and if you got a prob with him then i wont hesitate to come back on and give you a Hunter rant, so you been warned.

    I say it to every1, but this time i mean it... much love to you mate!! xx

    Posted by lil hunter7 on 11:39pm 15/05/07 Level 12
    Top Draw
    Great bloke second to none on thoughts and input on ways to improve BOTN :)

    V.Good a PES too

    Posted by Tomski on 08:52pm 14/05/07 Level 14
    Good Plyr
    Just had 2 games against this fella drew 0-0 and lost 3-2 a bit harsh but thats the way it goes sometimes cracking games both end to end good at closing down and not bad on the attack bit of a dodgy tackler lol but gets most of them timed well wp fella will challenge u another time

    Posted by Mackem77 on 04:07pm 14/05/07 Level 6
    alot of people talk about whos the best player on the site , and after another 3 tight games against sam i think that he cant be 2 far away from being the best on the site. a fair player , who knows how the beautiful game should be played.

    if ur looking 4 1 hell of a game , sam is your man. quality player , top guy. will definately look 2 play u again mate.

    Posted by Lally Bhoy67 on 02:44am 14/05/07 Level 3
    Had 5 class games vs. Sam, great player and a good sport. Will look forward to playing you again mate, good luck with your UCL team choices and we shall meet again.

    Slag Paulo!

    Posted by RossiH on 01:48am 13/05/07 Level 10
    Top man
    had two great premiership games with sam which he won, he's top player. hopefully ill play you again soon m8.
    5 stars
    well played

    Posted by beats210 on 08:22pm 12/05/07 Level 5
    galactico matches
    me and sam just played our opening fixtures for the galactico and won 1 game a piece so it all bodes well for the rest of the league! all the best for ur season mate! and well done in gettin that admin promotion :)

    botn legend!

    Posted by chrissy paul on 01:28pm 11/05/07 Level 9
    A good lad
    Cheers for the comment Sam. When I first came here, Sam was the one that that helped me with the site, helped me play rank ups etc. Then we had a stupid lil arguement and we fell out abit. *sniff sniff*

    Now we're a happy family again and hope to some good rankups in the future mate.

    Posted by SupaJ Rehab on 12:07pm 10/05/07 Level 6
    This Guy
    just gets better. cracking games m8. always a pleasure to play ya. your closing down is summit else. this guy gives you no time on the ball. believe me. well played sam all the best for the rest of the season

    Posted by MingeMuncher on 12:07am 10/05/07 Level 10
    geniune class.A real quality player lethal in front of goal,trust me at times you wont be able to even get the ball off him,but also extremely fair player dosent hack dosent showboat.great games and first class player10/10

    Posted by pompeybuster on 02:34pm 09/05/07 Level 5
    Quality pic sam!!! LMFAO!!!

    Posted by beanos25 on 11:59am 09/05/07 Level 11
    To leave him a comment ages ago but its been broken, played him in the UCL KOTH and ive never played any1 like him!!! I always big him up and he has the skill to back up the compliments. He is an awesome player and a really sound bloke who loves me very much. If you ever get to play him u will have to hack but dont dive in on him because you will have NEVER seen a player than can turn so well on this sight FACT.
    Great player great lad sound xxxx
    Ps He's still the ONLY person on the site that I cant speak to on the mic, fook knows why??? lol

    Posted by Bunners2006 on 12:03pm 05/05/07 Level 11
    great games
    Played with udiness and I played with atletico Madrid. Got owned twice and I got away with a win once. Really knows how to dribble, wish I could do what he does with the ball

    Posted by lusse on 06:54pm 28/04/07 Level 6
    Mini cup
    Good player, handed him a good start, scored an OG with 5 mins gone! Just could not get past his defence, bloody Cisse handles like a pissed pig on ice!

    Good player, need to give you a rematch some time soon!

    Posted by motti82 on 10:32pm 22/04/07 Level 4
    well good game like could of went either way and wat a strike with pauleta well decent

    Posted by HIXXY NHB on 09:41pm 22/04/07 Level 3
    what a couple of games there m8 ma nerves were shot to fuck. everytime you went forward i thought you were gonna score. unlucky m8. this guy is by far one of the best players i've played

    10 outta 10 m8

    Posted by Gonzothompson on 03:33pm 22/04/07 Level 4
    great player
    had 3 fantastic games with him all very close, make sure you take your chances against him cos you don't get many, also very solid in attack i was very lucky a number of times that i dint concede, well played mate 10/10

    Posted by aaronc333 on 02:40pm 16/04/07 Level 6
    look every1 just to clarify that sam is a realy good player with top connection and great knowledge of the game, so dont be put off playin him from my last comment.....lol
    sam i didnt mean it how it sounded, can you ever forgive me?

    Posted by fatnose2 on 06:53pm 11/04/07 Level 5
    indis cup!!
    played a 2 leg affair with sam in indis cup.......right where shall i start.
    sam is a sound player, i know this as i have played him on a few occasions before! so why this time does he have to hack me down on every (and yes it was every break sam) break. sam you are not 1 of these shitty players you play in ranked matches online. c'mon son your much better! dont give me all that about someone did it to you in the last round, its just not on.
    anyway enough of my ranting..... sam is a decent player with good allround skills, good test for any newcomer. normally 5/5 but on this occasion 3/5
    if you ever wanna rematch sam (without the constant hacking) ill gladly give you 1!

    Posted by fatnose2 on 06:38pm 11/04/07 Level 5
    never say die
    this guy was 3 nil down in first half and pulled it back to 3 each and could of won it !!!!!!!

    second game he won 4 nil but proberly was a bit closer than scoreline says

    2 pants teams and he plays as it should be played cheers m8

    well played

    Posted by romeo1969 on 02:16pm 01/04/07 Level 6
    I've said it before...........
    ...........and i'll say it again, great player, great connection and fair too. Had some great non slag games with him and we had 5 really close games. some top footy and great goals.
    Play him at your peril.............

    Posted by justme ctid on 04:51pm 31/03/07 Level 10
    great game mate well played 10/10

    Posted by aaronc333 on 03:32pm 30/03/07 Level 6
    Well played
    Short and sweet, just had to play sam again still a great player but this time I prevalled and I should have really especially when I was ARSENAL the 3rd slaggiest team on here lol lol lol Well played dude yet again.

    Posted by Bunners2006 on 08:16am 30/03/07 Level 11
    Good Luck
    good luck in the final m8. what agame that was. this guy is a BOTN legend and probably one of THE best players on here. always a pleasure to play.

    good luck in the final m8

    Posted by MingeMuncher on 01:30am 30/03/07 Level 10
    Great laugh!!!!!!
    The funniest games i've EVER had first one was deadly serious and a great game because my EURO 2 future depended on it and obviously I lost and the second game just turned into a free for all with me and Sam just having a great laugh and Sam scoring one of the best goals ul see check it out in the GOTM forum.
    Well played dude AGAIN have to play again where I actually don't give up and fook about lol lol lol

    Posted by Bunners2006 on 08:24am 29/03/07 Level 11
    One again
    this guy continues to be my voodoo. awesome player and great connection. well played m8. enjoyed them UCL rank ups

    Posted by MingeMuncher on 03:59pm 23/03/07 Level 10
    Great games in the champions league dude well played I thought I was a little unlucky like u said not to get a win or at least a draw but ohh well thats football I suppose.
    Class player great and turns with evreyone (fooker) and definately a player to play against.

    Posted by Bunners2006 on 08:32am 21/03/07 Level 11
    gr8 player
    Had an awesome atletico madrid vs udinese match with him, top player

    Posted by neoghio on 11:19pm 19/03/07 Level 4
    This geeza has played a lot of games and it was a pleasure to play look forward to more in the future very fair and all round good well played fella

    Posted by DONBEAN XL on 09:38pm 18/03/07 Level 6
    Good Player
    ad two greatb games against this guy, and imo if he had a better team he would have taken al 6 points off me. Great player give hima doo for a challenging game

    Posted by BC PimpDaddy on 12:44am 18/03/07 Level 11
    another 2 cracking games against this player ,stitched him up with the last kick of the ball didnt deserve it ,great player and top connection

    gd luck m8

    Posted by steviek1280 on 11:46am 14/03/07 Level 6
    ace bloke
    2 great cup games m8. v.good player, especially on the break, great ball control. altho when he aint got the ball, its like his players am on ice, slidin about on there arse, lol. but a great defensive tactic none the less. top player. 10/10.

    p.s. win ya other cup game so i can get some revenge. lol.

    Posted by rudeboyMACKA on 10:05pm 12/03/07 Level 10
    top guy
    g d player strong in all positions hes a must to play again

    Posted by uKZ PLAYA on 03:12pm 09/03/07 Level 1
    Top class
    whooped me in a significant manner in KOTH, but did it with class! Very good player, quick on the break with good finishing, I did managed to score, unfortunately it was my own goal! lol. Recommend a game against this guy anytime, he plays the game as it should be played. Well done matey, top class stuff.

    Posted by Diddley on 04:16pm 06/03/07 Level 8
    good player, that can put the ball in the BOTN.


    Posted by effort111 on 08:43pm 05/03/07 Level 4
    great player
    we had 1 decent entertaining game itz a shame abt the second wiv the connexion problemz!! Hope to play agen soon, feel free to invite me. :)

    Posted by micah 1990 on 03:44pm 02/03/07 Level 2
    Sam is without a doubt one of the best players (imo) on here he can played well with whatever teams is thrown at him and the only reason I beat him last nite was coz of slagchenko really unlucky mate great games like b4 and look forward to meatin u in the league with the mighty betis against boro cu then.

    Cheers well played mate Bunners

    Posted by Bunners2006 on 08:27am 01/03/07 Level 11
    Amazing Cup Match
    just played sam in the mini cup and it literally went down to the wire with our goalkeepers decidin the winner in a penalty shoot-out! Excellent game and excellent connection - look forward to another meeting mate.

    Posted by chrissy paul on 09:50pm 25/02/07 Level 9
    as always
    great player (even with the smaller teams), great attitude and a joy to play.
    cheers m8

    Posted by ChiefJedi on 11:47pm 22/02/07 Level 5
    this guy is top class good to talk to and a very good proevo player

    good to site

    Posted by PELE 91 on 05:32pm 22/02/07 Level 4
    hard goin
    first meet with sam and he's a jolly good player!

    plays lots of short passes and keeps the ball well, seems to win AAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL the 50/50's but times his tackles well. enjoyed the games but had to work like a dog to get any chances.

    well played

    Posted by Odvan on 12:19am 22/02/07 Level 8
    my first prem games
    had 2 good games with sam winning 1 each - well played m8 enjoyed the games

    Posted by chrissy paul on 02:52pm 21/02/07 Level 9
    good player and good guy
    passes the ball about well and has a great counter attack. knows when to get the ball to his strikers to expose your defence good player and really enjoyed the games. good guy as well mate look forward to playing you again sometime soon!

    Posted by chrissy paul on 03:01pm 07/02/07 Level 9
    Super Sam
    "A major under-rated value for botn" said speightman.......i don't think he is, He is very highly rated in my eyes an i know i'm not alone in thinking this. Sam is one of Botn's best members, This lad is what its all about, he's here as much as me, welcomes and plays noobs.... quality player at that.

    I could go on forever...0verall top lad!

    Much Respect

    Posted by topgunnergoose on 11:05pm 06/02/07 Level 7
    My mate Sam
    Me and sammy boy joined around the same time ages ago. Always have great games with this chap. Hes just a tiny bit more skillful than me so I have to pull out all the stop if I wanna win.

    Always a laugh, always a gentlemen,,, just one thing missing now mate, lets get together for a booze up, your only 45 mins away.

    Cheers mate ;-)

    Posted by Beck21941 on 09:36pm 06/02/07 Level 12
    improved tooo much
    has no life and plays too much PES lol jokes!

    He has clearly played alot more than me and i do need to play online more - i wish i had the time - then maybe i could match some of you lot - had some really tight games recently with this fella and will play him anytime!

    Peace out mr. 2-1! lol

    Posted by FEXT on 01:28am 06/02/07 Level 10
    top fella
    i commented when i first started on sam but now i know him im gonna say more. top top player and a very nice guy. polite, gracious in win or if im lucky defeat and always welcomes the noobs. A major under-rated value for botn. Cheers mate

    Posted by speightman on 06:06pm 05/02/07 Level 5
    great player
    good games mate sorry bout the cutbacks but im hoping when next we play u will equally avoid the crossings lol well great games and hope to beat u as much as i can lol great player.

    Posted by dalva empire on 04:40pm 05/02/07 Level 4
    great playa
    played very well unlucky to lose can fool u with his formation

    Posted by unitedkid on 09:10pm 04/02/07 Level 9
    A nice chap, i am new to this and Sam waited for me to get sorted out, then dished out the bashing i deserved lol, thanks again

    Posted by Peter P1501 on 07:02pm 04/02/07 Level 1
    great player
    top player, left me 4 dead in the 1st game shudve won by 7, i was proud the next 2 were fairly even

    Posted by UnloadedZulu on 02:19am 04/02/07 Level 6
    Top Player
    this guy continues to frustrate me. played 2 close games in the RKC with non shlag teams. great games m8.

    Posted by MingeMuncher on 11:25pm 01/02/07 Level 10
    Good player
    Hes a gud player but he just needs to slow it down a bit to create better chances for himself. Good games mate!! Peace out....... Boosive

    Posted by Aboosive on 05:07pm 01/02/07 Level 5
    good games
    a footballing masterclass was tought to me on that pitch, he was even willing to dish out some advice to this n00b

    Posted by JaY SniZZel on 04:56pm 31/01/07 Level 1
    lol top chap but has become my KOH nemisis i always seem to play him and he always nicks it by 1 goal, the swine, i will get you one day:)

    top chap top connection nice one!, until next time ......................

    Posted by copius on 12:37pm 31/01/07 Level 7
    What A fooker LOL
    This bloke dun my head in id score think ive got the game wrapped up then he`d go slam 2 in. Not shit goals and good flowing football, hes a frustrating players as hes always in the right place at the right time.......doh! Great player and I learnt a few things of him LEGEND.

    Cheers for the games play again soon me old china


    Posted by Bunners2006 on 08:20am 31/01/07 Level 11
    Top Player
    we need more people playing the beautiful game, instead of hit down the wing and run run run run run, well played mate your a top player

    Posted by RossoneriStella on 09:04pm 30/01/07 Level 4
    great games
    great two games.

    first game one don't think i had any chance at all.
    the second was one of my best game on BOTN.
    watch out for this guy hes top class player.
    looking forward to another match kinda.
    cheers sam bought the best out of me.

    Posted by omes2032 on 07:32pm 26/01/07 Level 5
    Enjoyed our game a lot but annoys the crap out of me that I ddint score eventho I had plenty of chances :P Great game and lots of fun to play people that don tgo for Inter and Barca at once.

    Posted by lusse on 01:14am 24/01/07 Level 6
    interesting games
    great player great fun to play against, well defo play again!!!

    played mate

    Posted by Sean McAuley on 09:01pm 22/01/07 Level 4
    Thumbs Up
    Two great games against him made better by the fact that neither involved the major teams. Solid defence, unless the ball appears superglued to Tevez's boot, and a delicate attack that favours quality over quantity at times as shown in the second game with a well crafted operner.

    Anyway, must not ramble on, Well played.

    Posted by Ghost851 on 10:37pm 19/01/07 Level 4
    hes fair!
    good game with him, got beat in the last minute of injury time! he doesnt just pick all the best teams and he seems a good guy too!

    Posted by SupaJ Rehab on 07:09pm 19/01/07 Level 6
    premier league
    please please need help can i creat my own league and how do i enter other leagues that are in progress or cant i please any help much appreciated

    Posted by medianmoss on 03:03pm 16/01/07 Level 2

    gimme 10 mins m8

    Posted by fatnose2 on 10:05pm 15/01/07 Level 5
    gud playa
    played 3 matches, he tanked me 4-1 in the first but had my revenge with a 1 and 2-0 victories. if you want a good game play him. quality player!

    Posted by fatnose2 on 06:31pm 15/01/07 Level 5
    Top Player
    Sam is a fantastic PES player. Played him for the first time and was extremely impressed with the way he played, and just as impressive was that despite winning me he was very gracious. Top Man and hope to play you again in the near future.

    Posted by SilkeyWilkey on 03:11pm 15/01/07 Level 0
    great guy
    This guy is one of the best on this website, great player who plays it neat and tidy, hard to break down and can score from will. Every time i play sam i look forward to it cause its such an even contest, well played mate. Good to have u here

    Posted by beanos25 on 01:16am 11/01/07 Level 11
    great player
    hey men this guy is a great pro evo player and watchout for his aerial threat, he is a good header of the ball

    Posted by dalva empire on 03:43am 06/01/07 Level 4
    Top notch!
    Two cracking end to end games for thew UCL 2 play offs thought i had pulled it back with a last gasp goal to take us into extra time but oh no never count your chickens against sam not even in injury time lol

    GG's dude play again soon that UCL koth is mine i tell ya hope you win the play off final

    Posted by Tomski on 05:26pm 04/01/07 Level 14
    cracking player but i nearly sneaked a draw from him

    gl in el2 who has to play him lol

    Posted by EmotionalWorm on 02:45pm 22/12/06 Level 5
    i can take losing this guy is a moaning baby if he does not get things his own way he will cry and get someone to change the result and i am better on pro evo.

    Posted by Joker0074 on 02:56pm 18/12/06 Level 4
    played this gy six times now been grat fun i have to say scored twoof the best goals i have ever seen by any one on this site this is what its all about nice one mate lot of time for ya

    Posted by jacksonz2 on 01:13am 15/12/06 Level 5
    Good player
    Sam has hammered me every time we've played. Great sportsmanship though and fun to play against.

    Posted by rabin2005 on 09:24am 13/12/06 Level 1
    great player 3 games 3 draws class on the ball proven with a greaT goal in the 90th thanks buddy

    Posted by jacksonz2 on 06:18pm 09/12/06 Level 5
    Great player
    Great player....he told me what a "cutback" is....thanks mate

    Posted by cmi300 on 04:31pm 09/12/06 Level 3
    Good player
    Good world cup games m8!

    Posted by Jay 360 UK on 09:30pm 08/12/06 Level 6
    great player
    Had 3 cracking games against this guy! A cracking player to play against, great connection as well, gg's sam

    Posted by beanos25 on 11:18pm 01/12/06 Level 11
    Great player
    A massive improvement from when he first joined botn, learnt all his slick moves from the TGG Pes6 Soccer camp. Good lad to get on with an top top player, more people like this dude needed on the site, an assett!

    Posted by topgunnergoose on 11:15pm 24/11/06 Level 7
    Well done
    top player, enjoyed are games as he actually plays good football.

    good connection assit to the site.


    Posted by H3AVY on 05:55pm 24/11/06 Level 7
    Top player
    Great lad had a great nail biting UCL koth against him end to end quality match what evo is all about :)

    Posted by Tomski on 04:20pm 23/11/06 Level 14
    one of the...............
    ....best players i have come across to date(not in a literal sense you understand).
    Great connection and turns up on time. shame we had problems in the first instance with my internet but in the end good games.cheers mate

    Posted by justme ctid on 02:13pm 22/11/06 Level 10
    U had to be there to believe the games i just had with sam....Sexy football and sexy goals...sam i will beat u though so look out... on a serious note they were class games son , will be playin this guy again, soon!!

    Posted by truplaya86 on 01:42am 19/11/06 Level 6
    Just had three end to end games with sam, quality player, great attitude and a great connection. shall look forward to revenge!!

    Posted by ChiefJedi on 12:34am 04/11/06 Level 5
    Good Player
    Just played sam, had 2 good games with him, good passer and closes you down so quick. no lag. would not hesitate to play again
    top bloke

    Posted by MingeMuncher on 04:53pm 31/10/06 Level 10
    Good guy
    This guy has adapted well to pes 6, He caused me a lot of trouble. Hes also a sound lad to boot !

    Posted by rabona on 07:38pm 29/10/06 Level 11
    now what can i say about sammy boy well hes a dirty lagger cutback king who last man hacks with the best of em dirty player lol dont believe all that guy a good laugh even if i talk crap sumtimes good player on pro scores sum good goals hes got a good connection so if u want a hard fair match give him a game top bloke

    Posted by trw1979 on 01:16pm 17/10/06 Level 6
    top bloke
    Great player.we had cracking north cup knockout games, attack minded player, end to end stuff

    Posted by randomnamez on 08:49pm 16/10/06 Level 8
    Good player
    Always have a good game with this guy

    Posted by Paul Hague on 09:05am 16/10/06 Level 6
    Good Player
    I played this chap for the first time today, had a couple of close games but he won the second with a single strike. Good connection. Didn't speak but I understand that he has a bit of a girlie voice so I understand....... Cheers mate.

    Posted by XCELLER on 08:18am 13/10/06 Level 2
    Gr8 player
    Probably got one of the best connections on here no lag what so ever

    Posted by Rhydem on 11:20pm 09/10/06 Level 0
    cool guy
    super player and a wicked connection. hope our paths cross again mate. enjoyed the games. BIGGUP da man.

    Posted by rudeboyMACKA on 01:47pm 08/10/06 Level 10
    Good Plyr
    this guy has a good connection and is a good plyr good lad 2. P.S watch out for his deadly threw balls with inter milan

    Posted by Mackem77 on 01:49pm 05/10/06 Level 6
    what a player
    had 2 fantastic playoff games, 2-1 1-1 to him and it was end to end stuff, it had everything, great goals, good passes, even my defender unleashing a piledriver into my own net from 4 yards away when i wanted him to clear it... this guy will storm EL4 next season.. great games mate :)


    Posted by Stucowie on 02:08pm 03/10/06 Level 8

    3 good games with sam, plays fair and dint take the piss, connection was bad in 1 game but other than that top geezer.

    Posted by Guyan Galgoo on 07:40pm 01/10/06 Level 4
    poke fun at the new kid!
    I haven't played him but all who have done say he's pretty good. Come on fella, grab me for a game


    Posted by Argo0 on 10:45pm 30/09/06 Level 12
    tough cookie
    This guy is good, plays really good football and creates plenty of chances.
    Good player, good connection.

    Nuff said

    Posted by Darth Carp on 10:35pm 29/09/06 Level 8

    Great lad, Good at pes, Good Laugh, Good to have On BoTn.

    Cheers Buddy :)

    Posted by Eric Shaun 360 on 02:58am 26/09/06 Level 10
    what a player
    We had an end to end match that i lost 4-0 deservedly so (even tho the first 2 goals were GAAYYY LOL) lol wicked player, fair player too.. will def play against him again.. WELL IN MATEY!!

    Posted by Stucowie on 04:19pm 15/09/06 Level 8
    Great games!
    How he didnt score I'll never know! Great games.
    Has definately proved himself on the site and one of the 'good guys'. No hassle, no fuss, plays the game as it should be!
    Nice one dude!

    Posted by neil363 on 08:33am 15/09/06 Level 11
    Comeback King
    Everytime i scored, he would reply about 2mins later!! Not good for the blood pressure if you play him lol. Great games mate, top connection and good clean player :)

    Posted by lil hunter7 on 03:24pm 12/09/06 Level 12
    If only I hadn't put in those thicker goalposts and crossbars!!

    Good player.

    Posted by Smurfdrl on 02:02pm 10/09/06 Level 7
    For 3 great games. top fella

    Posted by fizzlewizzle83 on 04:23pm 08/09/06 Level 9
    Die Hard
    Good player never gives up i was 2-0 up in my IL2 game and he came back to make it 2-2 in 85th min even tho i hate him for this :D u gotta give respect :P had a crackin 4-3 thriller with him before aswell.

    Posted by Clearster on 11:56pm 20/08/06 Level 3
    good player
    cheers mate enjoyed losing to ya!

    Posted by ASBO R4881T on 03:25pm 18/08/06 Level 2
    Good Lad
    Good player, and all round nice bloke. Gracious in defeat. I enjoy playing you mate.

    (is also good with a gun lol)

    Posted by gingerneo on 03:23pm 16/08/06 Level 4
    Good Man
    no lag, good player! will see u soon.

    Posted by chocolatebear80 on 06:51pm 14/08/06 Level 5
    great game
    good player 3-3 at half time he destroyed me in 2nd half dunno how i won 4-3 but gg lad :D

    Posted by Clearster on 02:08pm 12/08/06 Level 3
    good player
    played the guy twice played a good game no lag pleasure to play u again mate

    Posted by trw1979 on 12:31am 09/08/06 Level 6
    Good player
    Great player battered me once. Has great passing, looking forward to a rematch.

    Posted by VI1PER on 05:33pm 08/08/06 Level 2
    Good player
    Dis fella is a good fair player, good game mate and am lookin foward to playin u more ;)

    Posted by Manutdlad on 09:04pm 06/08/06 Level 3
    New Plyr
    I agree with Becks great attitude and decent plyr

    Posted by Mackem77 on 12:36pm 06/08/06 Level 6
    Great chap.
    This chap is reasonably new to the site but a great addition. Very hard to beat, but on the rare occasion that I do, he is a true gentleman. NO moaning. Great connection. Will be here for a while this lad me thinks

    Posted by Beck21941 on 10:53am 06/08/06 Level 12

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