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King of the Hill

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King of the Hill is a new feature where players compete to be "King of the Hill".
Its a simple concept, if your king, you receive challenges, if you win you stay on top! Lose a single game and your crown will be passed to your successor!! After huge sucess with KOTH we decided to make two hills a Red and Blue hill you will find all information relating to each hill in their section. Good luck!

Red Hill | Blue Hill | UCL Hill

Rules of King of the Hill

  • Winner stays on
  • The current King hosts the game, the challenger submits the result
  • Any club team may be used
  • You may only challenge the current King
  • Normal game settings apply for matches
    • 10 minute matches
    • Normal Extra time Penalties on *King Of The Hill must Remeber these settings
  • Arranging!
    • All games must be organised in the forum as the challenger you would have been given the link in a PM you have 3 days from becoming the challenger to get the game played! If you fail to arrange the game within the given period you will booted from the challenger position and another member given the opportunity to be the King!

Euro League 1

# Player Pts
1 FC Porto Seraphs21
2 Liverpool SprMackem
3 Inter Stueyg87
4 F.C Barcelona Blue Dragon PT
5 Arsenal Connon
6 Man Utd west7
7 A.C. Milan Simoi
8 Bayern Munich joeyuk
9 FC Shakhtar D franticbozman
10 Valencia S1R CH0CAL0T
11 Real Madrid neil363
12 Juventus Indiana Dave
13 Lyon GlejsSWE
14 Chelsea PimpRock1

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