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    Information (2938 views)

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    XBL Account:
    Occupation:The Glue
    Join Date:13th July 2024, 12:00 am
    Last Seen: 18 hours, 29 mins ago
    Referred by:Tomski
    Kudos: 780
    Achievements:75 (View all)
    Awards: Site Donator  Completed 7 Euro League Seasons!  Completed 3 Galactico League Seasons  Completed 5 International League Seasons  Golden Glove Season 4 IL1: Goals conceded - 8  S4 G2 runnerup: P14 W9 D2 L3 GF22 GA11 GD+11 Pts29  Golden Glove Season 4 G2: Goals conceded - 11   	Completed 5 UCL Seasons  S4 UCL League Cup Winner: Neil363 (MSV Duisburg) 4 - 3 (AC Sparta Praha) Smokey657  Season 5 Admin of the Season as voted for by the entire site.  Xmas 2024 Admin Cup winner.  Season 6 Admin of the Season as voted for by the entire site.  Completed 2 Premiership season  joint top scorer IL1  UCL S5 UCL1 Runnerup. P18 W11 D3 L4 GF47 GA26 GD+21 Pts36  Admin of season for season 7 as voted for by the memebrs  Season 7 International League 1 Runner up  Season 7 International League 1 Golden Boot Winner
    Community Level:Level 11 (61% to next level) (View Rankings)
    Reputation: 255 vote(s), 4.9/5 (Play me to rate me)
    Last Game: 18 hours, 42 mins ago (MingeMuncher 2 Vs. 3 neil363)
    Total time spent on site:110 days, 19 hours

    neil363 says...
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    UCL League Cup 
    Non Slag Cup 

    Game History PES 6

    Games played: 838
    Games won: 376 (45%)
    Games lost: 278 (34%)
    Games drawn: 184 (22%)
    Goals scored: 1489
    Goals conceeded: 1235

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    (97) Player Comments

    What a guy
    just had 2 great prem games against neil. 2 close to call in both. one of those sweaty palm moments. well played m8. great connection

    5 star rating

    Posted by MingeMuncher on 08:51pm 04/07/07 Level 10
    Very Good player
    Just played neil in the non slag cup and he was very good and thrashed me both times six nil.....considering I am without doubt the shittest side on pro evo 6 I was surprised he felt the need to watch the highlights of every single goal he scored in both games even if they werent that good. On games where I have thrashed players I try to think how pissed they might be and dont put them through a replay of all my goals. Having said that neil is a top bloke and great player...very good through his communication in setting up the games and a nice guy! Great connection and good luck in the rest of the competition!

    Posted by mozla on 10:40pm 03/06/07 Level 6
    Hello again
    I'm back and this dude didn't do anything to get me back, what's that all about? He's usually the one to get me playing! haha.

    He wont play me though since I bought PES again, I think he's scared. I always used to give him good games, so after my lengthy break, he must think I'm going to show him a thing or two!

    See you soon bitch! :-)

    Posted by JimmyWelsh9 on 08:38pm 29/05/07 Level 6
    prem games and ucl games
    just played 4 matches with neil and they were really close and tense, especially the UCL ones. Man U v Pompy was always gonna be a good battle and neil spanked me in the last game.

    Neil is a quality player, a sound bloke and a BotN legend.


    Posted by chrissy paul on 11:19pm 20/05/07 Level 9
    Great games in which it was 4-3 to me after he equalised in the 88th min, I took the lead back in injury time. Chiesa got a hat-trick.. what a player.

    Posted by SupaJ Rehab on 11:45pm 15/05/07 Level 6

    Posted by Tomski on 09:28pm 10/05/07 Level 14
    well played
    well played mate, 3 good games, especially the last one lol, cheers mate 10/10

    Posted by aaronc333 on 02:08pm 26/04/07 Level 7
    had two really close games with neil fantastic passer and holder oner is that a word? of the ball lol
    great games mate get me in that ucl you keep talkin aboot

    10 outta 10 m8

    Posted by Gonzothompson on 11:15pm 25/04/07 Level 4
    Good games.. not!
    Lol me and neil are good pals.. hes a BOTN legend and a man I'll always look up to. But we both had two of the most boring games about lol! Our group will go down to the wire though!

    Posted by SupaJ Rehab on 12:05am 23/04/07 Level 6
    UCL games
    CHIESA IS SICK, THATS ALL I NEED TO SAY!!! Lol, nah seriously u are a quality player mate, had 2 cracking ucl games with neil and so far is by far the toughest opponent! Good player, fella and a cracking admin on this site! Class act!

    Posted by beanos25 on 10:54pm 14/04/07 Level 11
    had two really hard games against this guy. he beat me twice. his corners are unstoppable and he has an excelent grasp of the game a way ahead of myself

    10 outta 10 mate great games

    Posted by Gonzothompson on 11:37pm 10/04/07 Level 4
    had 2 prem games against this guy .... it was billed as a basement clash and it turned out to be a a total whitwash if both games , coudnt get near him at all . he played with blackburn but it might as well as been Barca he was that good . second game was 4 - 1 to him but had a few chances in the 2nd half but as ever I cant finish and he wont need asking twice .




    Posted by romeo1969 on 12:27am 08/04/07 Level 6
    About time
    Finally got to play against neil after all this time hes a great player and u can tell he's a player that can play with any team and play to there strengths thought i had him with the slags of Arsenal but just kept coming back but LUCKILY I got a point in the first game lol lol well played bud.

    Posted by Bunners2006 on 08:09am 30/03/07 Level 11
    i'll get you..........
    ......penelope pitstop, one day ill get you!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha (evil laugh)!!!!!

    Posted by justme ctid on 10:06pm 29/03/07 Level 10
    champ league
    enjoyed the matches mate even although i understand ur screen was a bit on the dodgy side in the first match lol. honestly though, this guys a legend and makes the site what it is! BOTN LEGEND

    Posted by chrissy paul on 11:05pm 21/03/07 Level 9
    ass kicking
    neil was the sort of guy pes is all about a fair game with no lag and no pauseing thanx for the ass kicking m8

    Posted by bcfcdeano on 11:02am 21/03/07 Level 1
    I harrassed a harrassed neil for a premier league spot now i have one its brilliant played neil twice he should have really beat me twice had a really off day but scholes 2 in 1st game and 1 int he 2nd got me out of the mess great games neil m8 will look forward to doing battle again

    Posted by Gilberto69 on 08:54am 20/03/07 Level 5
    Usual good games
    As usual some great games, you got your own back with Shev for last season. As Mr Timberlake new song says "what goes around, comes back around" lol

    Posted by joeyuk on 10:47pm 15/03/07 Level 5
    close games again!!
    Hey mate well played Close games like usual!!

    Posted by randomnamez on 12:12pm 12/03/07 Level 8
    He Neil,

    I was wondering if you could put me in a league? I'm ready for it!


    Posted by ChiefQuotient on 06:12pm 11/03/07 Level 4
    A few great games, played in brilliant spirit and he was a pleasure to play against.

    Neil is the sort of person I love to play on PES6 :)

    Good luck mate, take the mighty Siena to the top!

    Posted by RossiH on 10:21pm 10/03/07 Level 10
    Top Player
    Great player, got unlucky with a few shots against me, can really open your defence up. Recommended

    Posted by nbuk on 11:03pm 06/03/07 Level 9
    good player he will punish you given the chance good sportsmenship hope to play him again soon.

    Posted by Pedro Le Guern on 01:51pm 06/03/07 Level 5
    Havent played him yet but he is a true admin LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Bunners2006 on 09:18am 28/02/07 Level 11
    great admin
    played 2 good league games, very good player and a top admin!

    Posted by Jay 360 UK on 09:45am 08/02/07 Level 6
    2 great league games, didnt deserve to get beat twice well played m8

    Posted by mikehicks08 on 04:31pm 07/02/07 Level 4
    WC SC2 World Cup
    When do the fixtures for those in the second half of the draw start? because I can see that the other prelim is nearly finished.

    Cheers M8

    Posted by giantbigtings on 09:26am 07/02/07 Level 3
    U r Helpful Obviously Good at PES and a nice guy aswell

    Really good player was difficult to beat him!!!

    C ya soon

    Posted by MaRkO1878 on 07:36am 03/02/07 Level 3
    great player
    great in attack, great in defense, 2 fantastic games both 1-1. well played m8

    Posted by aaronc333 on 10:49am 02/02/07 Level 7
    top top games against a very organised player. good connection.

    5 games 3 goals!!! but great games to play in.

    look forward to our next sponsored defendathon!!

    Posted by Odvan on 10:23pm 30/01/07 Level 8
    great guy
    this guy is great very very helpful and always there to answer questions keep up the good work neil

    Posted by Gilberto69 on 01:45pm 29/01/07 Level 5
    i finally heard the voice of GOD lol

    2 gilardino chips :P

    and i know im the 1st to put this for def on here ''top banter on the MIC''

    yes thats MIC i did say MIC lol

    Posted by Boobiesaregreat on 01:10pm 26/01/07 Level 14
    Beaten again by the man and my own defender lol, always a pleasure, great games mate, one day I shall have my revenge!

    Posted by Diddley on 03:44pm 19/01/07 Level 8
    Prem League
    Top Player and good lad played 2 prem games and he plays newcastle very well great connection hope to play again soon cheers mate

    Posted by blades71 on 11:24pm 17/01/07 Level 8
    great games
    3 great games played, 2 of them was edge of the seat stuff, very hard player and well organised. Over all one of the better lads on this website

    Posted by beanos25 on 02:24pm 15/01/07 Level 11
    great player
    he was sienna after id picked man u. 1st game only managed a last minute winner. id hate to see him play as inter. thanks mate. next time u wanna be sienna ill be lazio as ive got them in italian cup

    Posted by speightman on 02:36pm 11/01/07 Level 6
    Great player
    One of the best players around....

    Posted by cmi300 on 10:00pm 28/12/06 Level 3
    Top Guy
    Played three matches against Neil and I probably had an unfair advantage Siena Vs Man Utd. Got a little tast of what he could do in the second match which he dominated. Good games mate. I will have you a more even contest at some point. Great work on the site as well mate, I am loving being part of it.

    Posted by M GARDNER on 11:41pm 20/12/06 Level 0
    Top Man
    Played a few times now and really enjoyed them all, top connection. I was a bit sneaky when i went as Real vs his Siena. Backed fired when he got a draw and out played me. :(

    Posted by joeyuk on 01:26pm 14/12/06 Level 5
    top geezzzza
    Well i just had two of the most enjoyable games against this guy.

    really good player and a top bloke

    Sound connection and will defo have to play this guy again

    Posted by Darth Carp on 12:13am 13/12/06 Level 8
    Top Bloke
    Had to EL1 league games against Neil last nite the first one was a close and nervy affair which could have went either way, end to end stuff. Very Good Games! Top Bloke , great connection BOTN legend.

    Posted by randomnamez on 11:30am 12/12/06 Level 8
    You Big Fairy
    He just will not let me win! I think he should give me a players player vote to compensate for all my losses to him :-) and also in sympathy for my bottom of the kudos situation.

    Posted by JimmyWelsh9 on 11:31pm 07/12/06 Level 6
    Top Player
    had 2 good rank ups with neil. Top player and a nice guy as well. always helpful when you need it
    cheers m8

    Posted by MingeMuncher on 01:08pm 07/12/06 Level 10
    One luck s.o.b
    He as been lucky one day I will win two games on the trot lol!
    He beat me recently dude to the fact that my UCL defense is awful infact damn right atrocious.
    One day my brother you will be on the end of a Tomski thrashing and it will be displayed in your profile as your greatest loss other than all that he's a top bloke keep up the great work fella :)

    Posted by Tomski on 02:57pm 05/12/06 Level 14
    Top man!!
    When i first came to Botn, neil told me that it was rules to always let admin win.. so being the nice guy that i am i stick to these rules! 88mins gone 1-0 to me its only my duty to let him score 2!! Always happy an quick to help you out if you need it and not bad at Pes too. A top top man!!

    Posted by topgunnergoose on 10:38pm 30/11/06 Level 7
    class act
    this guy can play a bit. i like the way he play's the game.

    Posted by spenny31 on 11:12am 29/11/06 Level 3
    Top Player
    Gets better and better, well done mate


    Posted by H3AVY on 09:00pm 28/11/06 Level 7
    A1 organiser of BOTN
    and sound guy....
    Can also play PES and beat anyone on a good day (probably)

    Posted by jonboyo on 01:44am 28/11/06 Level 11
    Superb Admin
    This guy is great for BOTN! Not only is he a legend at Pro Evo but he's also your top man for organising events and keeping this site going. Keep up the good work Neil!

    Posted by Jay 360 UK on 09:53pm 27/11/06 Level 6
    Top Lad
    i havent yet had the pleasure of playing Neil, but so far he has helped with the site a lot and listenend to many of my moans, groans and ideas and taken them in. A very active admin, always willing to lend a helping hand. Keep up the good work

    Posted by tashaq on 09:10pm 27/11/06 Level 7
    Top Lad
    i havent yet had the pleasure of playing Neil, but so far he has helped with the site a lot and listenend to many of my moans, groans and ideas and taken them in. A very active admin, always willing to lend a helping hand. Keep up the good work

    Posted by tashaq on 09:10pm 27/11/06 Level 7
    .......................he will frustarte the hell out of you an d break you down into a raging pile of messy anger and hate......but he's a great player. Quality games and doesn't make many mistakes. Defends like a trooper so you better come prepared.
    Nice one mate

    Posted by justme ctid on 03:53pm 24/11/06 Level 10
    site legend!!!!
    this is third seson iv played in and third season this guys been in my league. Always close games between us and is a joy to play against. Also deserves big shout for devotion to site!!!

    Posted by ILLEG4L on 10:54pm 14/11/06 Level 2
    hard worker
    This guy is a good player and works very hard at keeping this site moving.

    Posted by Joker0074 on 11:19am 14/11/06 Level 4
    A Premier Gentlemen
    Have been on the site for a while now but never had the pleasure of playing Neil, until yesterday.
    An excellent player who in truth, should have beat me if not for the frame of the goal on more than one occasion.
    Superb connection and as per other comments, an essential part of the site whom without, we wouldn't have this superb site to keep us busy.

    Your a good lad Neil.


    Posted by Beck21941 on 06:04am 14/11/06 Level 12
    top guy
    Great games and great connection.

    also the site would fall apart without the effort he puts in.

    Posted by Maradona86 on 08:21pm 13/11/06 Level 8
    Top Man
    three good games with neil, hes a good player and a top guy to match

    keep up the good work an ill have ya next time as soon as i get the hang of 6!!


    Posted by ChiefJedi on 09:12pm 07/11/06 Level 5
    just had some more euro games with neil and they both class again. Unlucky to lose last game but hey they were both wicked anyway!
    Let the unbeaten record against neil continue!

    Posted by Indiana Dave on 10:58pm 06/11/06 Level 11
    just had a gruelling session with me ex bogey player!! KOTH was a match to remember, and still seem to struggle against this guy.
    Now imagine batman without the batmobile. Laurel without hardy. Pamela Anderson without huge tits. See you cant... and same goes for Neil and BOTN. Works his ass off for u miserable so and so's. Lets give the dude a loving pile on...

    Posted by lil hunter7 on 10:33pm 15/10/06 Level 12
    Top person all round
    this dude is a top fella full stop!!!!!! he has wicked ideas which i lurve to twist and tuen into my ideas hence the ryder cup, which with work from both of us seems to be workin very well. he always sorts most of myu problems out weneva i have any and is jst a quality person to have on the site and as an admin. But watch ya legs wen u play agenst him, ur players will probly have none left buy the time he's finished!!!!!

    Posted by Stueyg87 on 11:16pm 11/10/06 Level 7

    alright mate, guyan here in leeds will play if it aint too late already.....let us know

    Posted by Guyan Galgoo on 10:04am 05/10/06 Level 4
    Great player
    I played his kid sister in the 1st leg and won, then the real Neil came on and spanked me for my insulance!! Great games, perfect connection, fair play, very enjoyable games.

    Posted by Diddley on 10:57am 04/10/06 Level 8
    bostin' geeza
    good game mate. u r pretty dam good. i am still pretty new 2 the site but its clear u put hard graft into the site. so BIG UP n nuff respec 2 de man neil. BOOYAKASHA!

    Posted by rudeboyMACKA on 10:07pm 03/10/06 Level 10
    woooooooop scored a freekick with anderlechts keeper!


    top games part from gay players lol

    Posted by Boobiesaregreat on 09:04pm 30/09/06 Level 14
    Top damin fine player and a damn fine admin, wouldn't be the same without Neil. Great job at running the events too!

    Posted by Indiana Dave on 12:09pm 30/09/06 Level 11
    Top damin fine player and a damn fine admin, wouldn't be the same without Neil. Great job at running the events too!

    Posted by Indiana Dave on 12:09pm 30/09/06 Level 11
    Top Bloke!
    Subject says it al thanks for all your help and participation over the past year fella :)

    Posted by Tomski on 08:50pm 28/09/06 Level 14
    Top Bloke
    nice guy, great evo player! TOP BLOKE!

    Neil for President!

    Posted by CS STEVE on 10:13am 27/09/06 Level 2
    Damn you neil. You are defo my ultimate bogey player.

    Great admin, rules with an iron fist (and a lovely pinny on)

    Posted by Argo0 on 09:23am 25/09/06 Level 12
    top guy and the one of the main guyz in computerizing on BOTN, also great player

    Posted by Jobi Juan on 09:33pm 24/09/06 Level 8
    Neil is a good player, great connection, and well hard to score against!!! will play again soon mate!! well in!

    Posted by Stucowie on 10:43pm 13/09/06 Level 8
    wont let me go
    Oh no he wont! lol. He brought me to botn and will keep me here!! As soon as I sign back onto msn in my new house I'll be on order to get onto the BOTN website :P anyways, good guy, does some hard work here. enjoy our random chats on msn and rank ups! I'll be back soon to kick his ass on pes6 :-) speak soon dude!

    Posted by JimmyWelsh9 on 11:28pm 29/08/06 Level 6
    Good Game
    thought it was gonna be easy man, he killed me. very good player watch out!!!

    Posted by chocolatebear80 on 12:04am 22/08/06 Level 5
    good game
    thanks for a gd game, stole my koth crown after only 15 minutes oh well

    enjoy :)

    Posted by Trav1s on 11:46pm 20/07/06 Level 3
    Neil is a ladgend
    Neil is a top bloke , helped me out wit some many of my ideas alwys there to lend a hand

    Posted by Willstev on 10:01am 19/07/06 Level 12
    good game
    good evo player likes a tackle but gd player

    Posted by airmax69 on 09:59pm 17/07/06 Level 5
    good bloke
    only played him a few times but seems to allways beat me good player though get u sum time neil

    Posted by trw1979 on 12:00am 09/07/06 Level 6
    top guy botn wont be were it is now if it wernt 4 dis guy also good player at evo

    Posted by airmax69 on 07:19pm 08/07/06 Level 5
    Mr Cool!
    Proven to be the best god damn admin any site as EVER had great stuff BoTn would most definately not be where it is without his hard work and patience wirth some of our members.

    this guy leave......


    Posted by Tomski on 12:10pm 25/06/06 Level 14
    The Great man Himself
    Neil, also helps me out always there when ya need something, he runs this site on his own, a great assit to the site

    and a Top bloke also

    2nd Biggest Legend after me of course

    ps - he cant play pro evo ;)

    Posted by H3AVY on 10:14pm 15/06/06 Level 7
    great pro player
    one word for this fella legend

    Posted by PELE 91 on 09:33pm 27/05/06 Level 4
    Hell of a pro player, good connection, gentleman and the Fixer of this site. if ever you in a jam, Neil's your man.

    Posted by PimpRock1 on 02:38pm 16/04/06 Level 7
    good player
    good man good on pro evo player

    Posted by manc 4 life on 09:34pm 05/03/06 Level 3
    Sheer Genius
    wot can i say!! this man is the boyo! eva a problem neil will sort it lol and he loves last minute goals agenst me lol

    Posted by Stueyg87 on 10:28pm 02/03/06 Level 7
    Kick Back N Chillax
    this guys off his stump never stops doin work on the site!

    sound enuff chap! crap at evo lol (jokin)


    Posted by Boobiesaregreat on 02:40pm 28/02/06 Level 14
    good lad
    Works very hard on and off the pitch. Great lad but watch out for his ability to concede with the last kick of the game... lol!

    Posted by usurper on 01:40pm 17/01/06 Level 2
    Great Asset
    Neil works his ass off for this site, good guy, and a good pes player, see you in EL1 m8y.

    Posted by Eric Shaun 360 on 12:08pm 16/01/06 Level 10
    top geezer
    always up for a game and a chat. sound lad.

    Posted by adzefc on 11:19am 14/01/06 Level 3
    hard working guy
    Neil does very well to sought out leagues and fixtures without him it would be a whole mess. Keep up the good work m8.

    Posted by Joker0074 on 09:37pm 13/01/06 Level 4
    One Of A Kind
    Neil here is just 1 of a kind! He runs this league so well!

    he is always dedicated with helping others, and doing anything to make the league a better place!

    Keep doin what ur doing bud cos it's ACE!

    Posted by crazy gooner on 07:16pm 12/01/06 Level 5
    Wat a great guy is our neil, always there to help out , tanx to him some of my ideas av been implemnted dood to hav u round neil, cheers m8 the domination lge is gonna kick ass.

    Posted by Willstev on 06:32pm 12/01/06 Level 12
    aslong as neil is alive i've always got someone to talk to on the shoutbox, maybe you should try and doing other things not work related lol good job keeping this site up and running though, jus keep reaching for the coffee neil

    Posted by S1R CH0CAL0T on 11:10pm 09/01/06 Level 6
    Top bloke
    Neil is a sound guy and is doing a fine job in running this site keep up the good work m8

    Posted by Mackem77 on 04:37pm 09/01/06 Level 6
    hard worker
    niel is totally commited to making this site work. we need more like him

    Posted by CRA1GY BOY on 07:54pm 07/01/06 Level 8
    Sound fella
    Sound fella devoted to the site.
    Always about if u need a friendly ear or want someone to complain to lol

    take it easy neil

    Posted by m0nkeymafia on 07:52pm 07/01/06 Level 10
    Top Banana
    Without this guy BOTN would not be the place it is today!

    Posted by damo833 on 09:06pm 06/01/06 Level 2
    Top Admin
    Recently promoted to Site Admin this guy is the main man at organising events such as, World Cup, Champions League, Uefa Cup and running the auction all by himself. All this takes alot of hard work well done m8y your a great asset to this site! The site would not be where it is without him.

    Posted by Tomski on 07:35pm 06/01/06 Level 14

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