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    LocationEast Midlands
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    Join Date3rd February 2024, 5:15 pm

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    Location:North West
    Join Date:15th January 2024, 2:17 pm
    Last Seen: 1 hour, 18 mins ago
    Referred by:Gilberto69
    Kudos: 277
    Achievements:11 (View all)
    Awards: Site donation 20 thanyou  Completed 1 Galatico Season  Completed 1 Premiership Season
    Community Level:Level 6 (58% to next level) (View Rankings)
    Reputation: 21 vote(s), 5/5 (Play me to rate me)
    Last Game: 1 day, 10 hours ago (romeo1969 1 Vs. 4 jonboyo)
    Total time spent on site:26 days, 5 hours

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    Game History PES 6

    Games played: 450
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    Games lost: 339 (76%)
    Games drawn: 58 (13%)
    Goals scored: 429
    Goals conceeded: 1228

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    (70) Player Comments

    Non Slag Cup
    Very tidy player loves to use the wings and bombs crosses in won one each very fair player great connection will deff play again

    cheers mate

    Posted by blades71 on 11:48pm 22/06/07 Level 7
    I have said previously this guy is a legend of BOTN but his talents expand far and wide he has now become a Forza Motorsport 2 Legend although does need to work on his driving as dont think he has yet finished a race but legend at taking people out!!!! lol

    Posted by Gilberto69 on 10:53am 17/06/07 Level 5
    top bloke
    takes defeat like a man, had me worried in 1st game, a few wee things to improve but if youcan you'll get better m8

    gd luck

    Posted by EmotionalWorm on 11:00am 16/06/07 Level 5
    Good games
    Had 2 very good games with him. The quality of the teams was awful (non slag teams lol) but hte game itself was satisfying. sorry about not using the mic m8 but i am from Greece and a) i have difficulties understanding what you are saying and b) my English are not fluent enough to talk

    Posted by ka1972 on 09:14am 16/06/07 Level 2
    Good games
    2 class games against Romeo, everything was good about these games, no hacks, no cutbacks a great connection, pure football and no messing. Really enjoyed them mate, looking forwards to playing u in the UCL

    Posted by Diddley on 11:12pm 14/06/07 Level 8
    Top Geezer
    i said in my previous message this guy is one for UCL and low and behold he is up here with the high and mighty. good games in sam pre season cup. look forward to playing you in the UCL sometime m8

    Posted by MingeMuncher on 09:36pm 12/06/07 Level 10
    Lots of fun
    thats what we had on our games. Best part must've been my owngoal from 40 yards or so. Was gonna clear the ball but instead I shot it right into my own net! :) My goalie didnt even bother to stretch himself and just let it pass over his head, buuuuu! Two fun games and a win each

    Posted by lusse on 07:47am 12/06/07 Level 6
    Top Bloke
    This guy plays for the fun and doesnt bother with slaggy tactics etc, he is one of the good guys of pes online and is what botn should really be about

    Il have my mic next time mate

    Posted by andy989 on 12:12am 08/06/07 Level 3
    int league 2 games
    scores didnt reflect the match, jst had my shooting boots on 2day, defends really well and its a real threat from crosses and corners.

    sry about that sub thing, honestly thought i had jst ushered u out with the ball, maybe it was cos nobody ive played is sound enough 2 put the ball out of play for an injured player!!! lol

    highly recommended

    Posted by UnloadedZulu on 11:16pm 31/05/07 Level 6
    1 of the good guys!!!!
    3 more crackin games with me pal. and he was unlucky in em all. he always seems 2 have bad luck against me, but he keeps fighting no matter what. top dude as ever. 10/10.

    Posted by rudeboyMACKA on 01:29am 30/05/07 Level 10
    Great Games
    Nice games amazing at headers!!! Watch out when he goes on the wings ^^
    Great pressure at midfield and intercepts many balls. Only lack he has is a bit in defence. Very nice games though.

    Posted by Mladen86 on 12:52am 29/05/07 Level 4
    Good games
    Had some good games against him he thinks i last man hacked him but i swear i never it was the AI keeps doing it to me GG bro :) pay again soon.

    Posted by Tomski on 11:39pm 23/05/07 Level 14
    Just had the best game Ive ever played on BOTN.. this game had everything. Romeo went up 2-0 in the first 10 mins.. within 20 mins it was 2-2 and within 45 mins it was 4-2 to me. Within 65 mins it was 4-4 and I got a late winner in the 80th (I think). Never ever gives up and we'll be waiting for the DVD of that game to hit the shops!

    Posted by SupaJ Rehab on 10:45pm 21/05/07 Level 6
    Fantastic geezer
    I've said it before and I'll say it again, Romeo is the most unlucky player on PES, his keepers are constantly shit, the ball rebounds all over the show and to my strikers feet with an open goal and he even scores goals that are given as corners lol. Fantastic chat, loves his sport and I'll always look forward to a good few games with him

    Cheers fella.

    Posted by RossiH on 12:37am 20/05/07 Level 10
    How unlucky??!!
    I think I've found a bit of a bogey player here!!

    He's got a low kudos and his win ratio isn't the best, but this guy always gives me a fright!! I've played him 4 times now, winning 2 without too much pressure but 2 where I've been fighting for my life. He was winning 1-0 until about the 75th in our Int league match, when I bagged and then in the 92nd I whipped in a low cross and it hit his player on the arse and went in.

    I felt for ya dude honest, cos you'd played well all game and should have sealed it when you skinned me with Drogba but just couldn't get your shot in.

    Look forward to our next installment. 10/10

    Posted by MajorTurkish81 on 12:36pm 16/05/07 Level 6
    we got the prem games done in the end, and they were two good games. 3-2 & 3-1 to me, but he played really well in both, give this guy a chance on goal and 9/10 times he'll deliver the goods!

    well played m8 and good luck with the rest of your prem and galictico games!!

    Posted by beats210 on 11:46pm 14/05/07 Level 5
    top guy
    had two great galactico games with romeo, was meant to play more but the new update put a stop to that! the first game i went 3 up, but romeo put the pressure on and brought it back to 3-2 and almost taking the draw. in the second game it was more one sided with me winning 7-1, but fair play to him he never stopped putting the pressure on.
    this guy is a top player. highly recommended. look forward to our prem games m8(if we can get them done, lol)

    Posted by beats210 on 09:53pm 13/05/07 Level 5
    Top man!
    Lovin' romeo!

    Ain't the best pes6 player for sure and i know he won't mind me sayin' that but i'll tell y'all something...he's got the best heart on pes6, never gives up, loves playin the game and will never throw his toys out of the preverbial pram!!!

    Top top bloke.

    Posted by Odvan on 05:43pm 12/05/07 Level 8
    International League
    I had two cracking games with Romeo! Both could have gone either way...I have to admit my team were trembling in there boots when they saw drogba! Looking forward to playing you again soon mate...great games good luck in the rest of the league!

    Posted by mozla on 09:43am 12/05/07 Level 6
    Top guy!!
    Had 2 barnstormers against this dude in the UCL cup!! 1st game I was bricking myself he played some great attacking football and deservedly took the lead. Game ended 3-2 in my favour but you were unlucky m8.2nd game I played a wee bit better and came away with the win.

    Good fair player no last man hacks or cutbacks.


    Posted by MajorTurkish81 on 10:09pm 10/05/07 Level 6
    Great Lad
    This guy got invited to the UCL Invitational. Why? Because hes one of the best new members on the site. Plays LOADS of rank ups... good fair player, doesnt hack... gives it his all every game.

    Keep up the good work romeo...... 10/10

    Posted by Beck21941 on 09:23am 10/05/07 Level 12
    Great Games
    Really enjoyable games against this guy, his finishing is very dangerous!!

    Posted by Stevanya on 10:03pm 08/05/07 Level 3
    aint played romeo for a while, but the last couple of nights we have some rank-ups. we used UCL teams as we both need the practice lolol. crackin games tho as always,u was unlucky a couple of times, and u scored a few beltin goals m8. top bloke all round, deffo an asset 2 the site. gr8 chat, gr8 connection. 10/10.

    Posted by rudeboyMACKA on 11:27pm 07/05/07 Level 10
    3 great games (nearly 4 :S). Top bloke on the mic and I will definitely play again.

    Cheers mate!

    Posted by RossiH on 11:47am 07/05/07 Level 10
    great sport
    friendly guy, just what we need on this game, cheers for the game mate

    Posted by TEDDSY on 06:02pm 04/05/07 Level 5

    doesn't give a monkeys cuss about ability - loves the game 110%. Legend to chat to, passionate about the game and adores all that BOTN stands for.

    Just wish he'd get on the sb more and frequented the forums as he'd contribute well.

    One of the best guys i've had the pleasure of chatting to on ere.

    Wholeheartedly recommend.


    Posted by Odvan on 01:16am 28/04/07 Level 8
    played quite a few with this guy and he's a good already around player. gutted i couldnt use mic.

    class at slide tackling and has some mint through balls

    well played m8

    Posted by Boobiesaregreat on 12:54am 20/04/07 Level 14
    big player
    played a couple wit da romero, had great laugh, and a v bad game. he will punish u if ya dont take ur chances, good luck fella, play again soon

    Posted by TRIGG TRIGGER on 08:22pm 17/04/07 Level 4
    Has potential!
    Sound as a pound.. just needs to finish better and he would be one of the best. Never quits no matter how much hes losing.. a real quality lad. Respect.

    Posted by SupaJ Rehab on 11:15am 17/04/07 Level 6
    Top Geezer
    great pes player and a top guy on the mic. Deffo a future UCL candidate;) good games m8. defs play again

    Posted by MingeMuncher on 10:50pm 16/04/07 Level 10
    oh and i forgot to say....
    ....I don't mic on the first date ;-)

    Posted by justme ctid on 10:42am 15/04/07 Level 10
    MAD AS FOOK......
    .....HE'S CITY, HE'S BARMY, HE'S OFF HIS FOOKIN 'EAD!!!!! Great to play against a fellow blue, think he let me win when we played city and the hammers cause he was stryuggling with his morals, ha ha!!!!
    Great games, fair player, no last minute hacking, no time wasting, great connection and an all round good player. Was very unlucky in 2 of our games and the 6-1 was just a case of him having to go all out attack.
    Cheers for the games, stay blue
    justme City Till I Die!!!!!

    Posted by justme ctid on 10:40am 15/04/07 Level 10
    Good battler
    Played 2 Prem games against this chap. First one everthing went my way. Second game was close. He says I went easy on him... I didnt. He scored 2 class goals, wish you would have replayed the second one mate, the flick over the head.

    No mic... was nearly midnight m8.. dont wanna wake people!

    Posted by Beck21941 on 12:21am 09/04/07 Level 12
    cheers again
    another 3 ace games m8. enjoyable 2 the max. and a crackin goal savin slidin block or 2 was the highlight, even tho it was my goal u stopped. we even managed a game of golf, but the less said about that the better lolol. gr8 bloke, gr8 chat as always. 10/10.

    Posted by rudeboyMACKA on 12:40pm 07/04/07 Level 10
    Good Player
    As he said we finally got these games bet you wish u took a win each way lol , but two classics and tht mascherano goal was somethin else wit any other team wit a fight bk lik he gave me he cud put a serious fight im sure ..

    unlucky fella , good games in all :)

    Posted by Willstev on 11:26am 05/04/07 Level 12
    Good player
    Played very well in the mini cup and if he took his chances he would of beaten me. keep at it boyo.

    Posted by SupaJ Rehab on 11:45pm 02/04/07 Level 6
    Top Bloke
    Romeos a top bloke and was very very unlucky to loose the games he battled and battled and if I hadn't had Henry on my team then I wouldn't have beaten him fact. Sorry about the mic dude its not work very well at the mo. Great games and defo play him again.
    Well played mate

    Posted by Bunners2006 on 10:27pm 01/04/07 Level 11
    Two great games second was two close to call ending in a draw...fair game play from this lad ...nice bloke....I will play Romeo anytime ,without question one of the best users on this site for communication ,organising games ,chat etc...Whatch out this lad never gives up and will get better and better with time....

    Posted by Pedro Le Guern on 11:00pm 22/03/07 Level 5
    Real player!
    Romeo1969 is top class. Fought until the end and played well. Add some ice to your defence and you'll be bagging them wins! :)

    Posted by lusse on 10:28pm 22/03/07 Level 6
    class games
    i had 2 wkd games withthis bloke even tho i won 3-1 and 9-1 i still feel it ws 2 gr8 games just nuffin went his way 2 og's and goalie sent off, overall gr8 play

    cheers m8

    Posted by daviesb on 07:58pm 22/03/07 Level 4
    Top Geezer
    Nice bloke, good player...beat me 2 nil in both CL games with Barca, total mismatch with Besiktas but enjoyed our games nonetheless! Cheers 4 da gmz m8

    Posted by Dazzerrazzer on 09:40pm 21/03/07 Level 4
    a pleasure
    as always m8, 3 beltin games. he had a player sent off in 2 games but still pestered me 2 death. the games were pretty tight till the ref stepped in. gr8 connection and chat on the mic. play him, and u will want more. cheers m8. 10/10.

    Posted by rudeboyMACKA on 11:50pm 19/03/07 Level 10
    star fella
    top guy. enjoys his pro evo and plays how it should be played. great guy to chat to on the mic even though he's a bitter blue. enjoyed the games mate cheers

    Posted by speightman on 11:02pm 18/03/07 Level 5
    A plreasure to play this guy someone who listens to my shite lol and general top geeza if only more romeos hed be laughin n wed have no women 3 awesom games 1 win 1 draw 1 loss the draw i was 3 nil down pulled it back 2 4 all n basicly they were all top draw im weighed off so im goin now


    Posted by DONBEAN XL on 02:03am 11/03/07 Level 6
    Top fella
    Ad 4 gd gamez wit im
    best game was togo vs angola
    Good chat on mic
    Shud defo get sum winz under hiz belt soon

    Posted by liverpoolfchris on 12:53am 11/03/07 Level 3
    top notch
    what can i say, 2 more really enjoyable games with romeo, he battles on and never gives up. keep up the good work m8. 10/10.

    Posted by rudeboyMACKA on 12:50am 08/03/07 Level 10
    keep it up
    same level as me so all games with him are great. 4 games tonight and i just had the edge great connection every time WE WILL GET THERE M8 i can see improvement our games r starting to flow look foward to our relagation battle in gal 3 lol

    Posted by Ultrawesty on 11:59pm 02/03/07 Level 4
    Nice fella
    Good honest player this guy, great connection as well. I had 3 games and i think if he sticks at it he will become a great player. Keep firing the rankups mate and playing the way u play, fair and honest. Good lad A+++

    Posted by beanos25 on 11:01pm 02/03/07 Level 11
    Top member
    Great addition to the site, just played 2 games and had a good laugh and played some good stuff too.

    Will definately play again.

    Posted by Darth Carp on 12:23am 02/03/07 Level 8
    Great Guy!!
    This was my first ever game with the Mic on, have a good little convo during our couple of games.

    Loves the game, plays it cleanly and really well... Doesnt give himself enough credit as he is certainly good enough!!

    Will play again for sure!

    Posted by Woody83 on 09:27pm 01/03/07 Level 7
    good addition to the site! Good luck m8y

    Posted by Tomski on 05:10pm 27/02/07 Level 14
    i love romeo jus the kind of easy goin laid back fella u would take home to meet ur mum so any young ladies lookin for a sugar daddy romeos ur man,, diamond geeza from the top of the tree, dont give himself enuff credit for what he does but he in more leagues so he gona get there with time. dont mind losin he loves the game n likes to play it how it should be played.



    Posted by DONBEAN XL on 11:45pm 26/02/07 Level 6
    had 2 great prem matches with romeo, won 1 drew 1 but they were very close and had to work very hard to cope with his relentless attacks! deffo play again....RESPECT!

    Posted by fatnose2 on 10:44pm 26/02/07 Level 5
    good sport
    played this guy 3 times all very close games 2 draws 1 win to me .like me is still striving to get better so we can compete on the site . plays the game with the right attitute and im sure in time our day will come .hope to play soon . non slag teams also cant fault .all the best and good luck.

    Posted by Ultrawesty on 09:09am 25/02/07 Level 4
    Good games
    Thrashed him 5-0 in the first one, he played alright in the 2nd game and we drew 2-2

    Top Bloke

    Posted by AidanK93 on 01:13am 24/02/07 Level 1
    great games, great bloke to chat with, knows about footie in general. deffo recommend this chap for a good friendly game.

    ps: he's better than gilberto69, just unlucky with his kudos :)

    Posted by Odvan on 11:44pm 22/02/07 Level 8
    a very good game n player
    great game m8 you was unlucky that you lost ye u may f scored at end i shouldnt of slide n u got past but i was in the luck.
    will play again

    Posted by efcneilcawley on 01:05pm 17/02/07 Level 5
    ace bloke
    had 3 more top games with romeo, and hes definatley improving. he took advantage off my woefull finishing and my own goals lol. great chat on the mic and great 2 play a game with. keep it up geeza, deffo play again.

    Posted by rudeboyMACKA on 11:56am 16/02/07 Level 10
    i keep pressin enter on the bloody subject page ha ha what a plomker man, well romeo what can i say? top bloke is ar romeo, fantastic to chat to, dont mind playin with the lower teams, ie: we went dutch (indeeeed) ha ha randomed it up n got dealt *** rotterdam, (sumfin like that) and willem II and it was a great game n that is respect in itself that peeps dont mind playin as poopers,, PROVES THAT HES BETTER THAN ALL THESE MUGS THAT PLAY AS INTER AND BARCA, so nuff respect to ya romeo great chattin great games and a top bloke look forward to more evo sessions,,,, DO URSELF A FAVOUR MAN PUT THE AMERICAN FOOTBALL DOWN MAN,, REMEMBER YOU ARE NOT A YANK LMFAO,,,, take it easy bud...


    Posted by DONBEAN XL on 11:30pm 15/02/07 Level 6

    Posted by DONBEAN XL on 11:25pm 15/02/07 Level 6
    top man
    this guy is a good player. had 2 good games with him, the second game we played i just managed to sneak it in the 87th minute, he has a great defence.

    I definatley have to buy a new mic

    Posted by beats210 on 12:01pm 09/02/07 Level 5
    Wicked Player!!!!
    Played this guy many times now and still look forward to our games most fun player I've played so far, absolutely great games and great chat during gameplay.
    This guy gets better every game he plays.
    good luck to ya mate in your leagues.

    Posted by Zcrisis2 on 09:13pm 08/02/07 Level 3
    great bloke, good on the mic, good to talk to. hope to play again soon plays fair and keeps on trying for goals even at 4 0 down cheers pal!

    Posted by Darw3n Massiv3 on 11:08pm 07/02/07 Level 6
    Top Geezer
    Plays game well, very few fouls, good going forward and very unlucky in each of our 4 games, which were won by only a single goal in each! Great games mate.

    Posted by Rockybullet on 10:56pm 28/01/07 Level 4
    top bloke
    this dude is ok, chats on the mic and plays the game in the right manner, just needs to sharpen up his finishing and he will be laughing. hope 2 play again sum time.

    Posted by rudeboyMACKA on 09:54pm 28/01/07 Level 10
    Seriously!!!!! anyone who wants a good clean game play this guy.
    Great to chat to whilst playin.
    I know I've alrady left a comment but this guy has to probably one of the best players that actually play the game how football should be played.

    Posted by Zcrisis2 on 01:10am 27/01/07 Level 3
    great games
    great games m8. How did i not score. defense was to good and keeper was in the best form of his life.
    Good chat and good connection as well.
    got to play again soon.
    cheers mate

    Posted by omes2032 on 10:01pm 25/01/07 Level 5
    Top geezer
    great guy and plays the game the way its should do. clean and honest. great guy to talk to on the mic which is always a bonus. defs play again m8

    Posted by MingeMuncher on 11:49pm 24/01/07 Level 10
    Great Dude!!!!!
    This guy is really good, Great defence, either that or I cant shoot.... No really, a great guy well played just keeps coming at ya.
    Good game mate.

    Posted by Zcrisis2 on 11:17pm 22/01/07 Level 3
    Great Games
    This Guy is quality to play against good connection and never quits even when behind pure legend of Pro EVolution 6

    Posted by Gilberto69 on 01:51pm 17/01/07 Level 5

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