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    Information (897 views)

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    XBL Account:
    Location:Eastern England
    Join Date:13th July 2024, 12:00 am
    Last Seen: 3 days, 5 hours ago
    Referred by:Tomski
    Kudos: 755
    Achievements:11 (View all)
    Awards: Winning EL1 Season 1 - W23, D6, L5, GF70, GA16, GD+54, Pts81  Winning EL1 Season 2 - P22 W13, D7, L2, GF33, GA13, GD+20, Pts46  Won the 1st BoTn Champions League by beating SPR Mackem in the final. Agg result: Maradona86 (Juventus) 3 - 2 SPR Mackem (Liverpool)  Maradona86 1 - 1 Concho (Maradona86 wins 9-8 on pens). Victory in the Milan derby theme.  Winning the Man City vs Wigan FAC Themed Minicup on Sunday 28th Jan. Final result: Maradona86(Man City) 2 - 0 Jonboyo (Wigan)  Winning the All Italian minicup on Sunday 26th March 2024. Juventus vs Roma. 23 players. Final result: Joker (Juventus) 0 - 1 Maradona86 (Roma)  Golden Gloves Award - EL1 Season 1. Total goals conceded: 16  Golden Gloves Award - EL1 Season 2. Total goals conceded: 13  Completed 8 Euro League Seasons  Completed 2 Galactico League Seasons  Runner Up EL4 season 3 - P26 W19 D3 L4 GF37 GA12 GD+25 Pts 60  Golden glove EL4 season 3. Goals conceded: 12  Golden boot G1 Season 3. Goals scored: 39  S4 G1 runnerup: P14 W8 D3 L3 GF24 GA15 GD+9 Pts27  S4 Euro3 winner: P26 W17 D3 L5 GF48 GA22 GD+26 Pts57  S4 Euro3 Golden Glove. Goals conceded: 22  S5 EL2 Runner Up . P26 W17 D3 L6 GF47 GA28 GD+19 Pts 54  £5 Donation Thanks  S6 World Cup Winner. Final result: Maradona 2 - 1 randomnamez  Consecutive promotion 3 seasons running. WOW  EL1 winner season 6. WELL DONE!  Golden glove EL1 season 6 - conceded 23!  EPL prediction league winner 06/07 1  	Maradona86  	163  	167  	49.4%  	447 	319
    Community Level:Level 8 (51% to next level) (View Rankings)
    Reputation: 26 vote(s), 5/5 (Play me to rate me)
    Last Game: 9 hours, 49 mins ago (Lally Bhoy67 6 Vs. 5 Maradona86)
    Total time spent on site:39 days, 57 mins

    Maradona86 says...

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    Maradona86 is currently taking part in the following events
    Non league player
    Euro League Cup S7 
    Non Slag Cup 

    Game History PES 6

    Games played: 152
    Games won: 84 (56%)
    Games lost: 39 (26%)
    Games drawn: 29 (20%)
    Goals scored: 318
    Goals conceeded: 230

    Game History Chart & Graph

    No games played

    (26) Player Comments

    one of the best
    ive played all the best players on this site and mara is surely one of them. he is without any doubt the best shooter ive ever seen. apply good pressure on midfield the only little problem he had a bit was in defence (he still is awesome even there),
    never got so pissed in my life though during our 2nd match. was 3-2 for me and already my "great" liverpool defenders already scored an own goal and as that wasnt enough they score another to make it 3-3 and in the 80th min Mara had an opportunity with Villa (valencia) in front of goal, my keeper saves it and Villa trips and the referee gives him a penalty!!!
    Not Mara's fault really great player and really fair but thats enough PES6 for me for a while.
    Keep it up Mara hope u win the cup

    Posted by Mladen86 on 08:47pm 09/07/07 Level 7
    top player is mara. been on here for donkeys and i think thats he's won everything there is to win. never uses the mic tho the batty lol

    top lad

    Posted by Boobiesaregreat on 08:00pm 04/06/07 Level 14
    Quality Player
    great PES player. excellent going forward and deadly in the box. great games and good connection. highly recommmend a game with this guy

    Posted by MingeMuncher on 10:24am 01/06/07 Level 11
    Class player
    top quality player, plays very clever football, disguises his passes well and come forwards quickly with short passes. Very enjoyable games, good connection and very fair player.

    Posted by Diddley on 10:56pm 20/05/07 Level 8
    by my strikers!!!

    feared the worst after viewing your awards!! lol.

    2 good games in the ELC. chelsea's strikers seem to do it for me whereas forlan and nihat struggled to put the gloss on some good moves.

    i'm sure i caught ya cold mate, sure you'll get revenge next time we meet!!

    Maradona decided to dazzle me in the 2nd game with what must have been 25 passes without me getin near him and was unlucky with the finish

    Posted by Odvan on 11:44pm 03/04/07 Level 8
    My relegation scrap
    In E1 playin as boro.. was dreadin playin maradona.. he has a great defence and a good attack. very hard to breakdown.. lost 1 of my games, but grabbed a late comeback to beat him 2-1.. delighted.

    Posted by SupaJ Rehab on 11:42pm 12/03/07 Level 6
    tough player
    very good player just as i had heard, don't give him a chance in the box as he'll punish you even in last min. good games mate

    Posted by zorbus1 on 09:50pm 12/03/07 Level 3
    late night match
    my roma v his villarreal - tight match end to end i just sneaked it. good player really enjoyed the game mate - will defo play again !

    Posted by chrissy paul on 03:19am 22/02/07 Level 9
    ........he outclassed me, worthy of his gamertag name..

    Posted by justme ctid on 10:47pm 01/02/07 Level 10
    1 Word

    Posted by Gilberto69 on 09:32pm 25/01/07 Level 5
    Im Crapping Myself lol

    Posted by Gilberto69 on 01:59pm 25/01/07 Level 5
    1st class
    played me off the park in our italian cup fixture. 5-0 he really is a good player without any dirty tricks.
    im off to practice and then return to play you in italian cup final and beat you 5-0

    Posted by speightman on 12:07am 21/01/07 Level 6
    Great bloke
    Played maradona in final of the world cup it was a nervy affair at the end! I lost first leg 1 - 0 and drew second leg 1-1. Top player and great connection to boot.

    Posted by randomnamez on 10:26am 10/01/07 Level 8
    not suprising........
    .........he has so many awards. by far the best player i have come across to date on this site and i was pleased to go 1-0 up against him and satisfied with a draw. top connection, turns up for games. what more could you want?

    Posted by justme ctid on 05:00pm 04/01/07 Level 10
    Top player
    Excellent connection and a fair player.

    Posted by Connon on 08:05pm 28/12/06 Level 3
    Good games m8!
    You can play a bit like Maradona lol! Good luck in the league

    Posted by Jay 360 UK on 08:39pm 30/11/06 Level 6
    wicked player
    is this the real maradona, play's like it

    Posted by spenny31 on 11:17am 29/11/06 Level 3
    Top Player
    One of the best players i played on Pro Evo 5 and after playing him on Pro Evo 6 looks like he's a top player again. Great connection and great games.

    Posted by joeyuk on 11:50pm 09/11/06 Level 5
    Top Bloke
    Great Lad, Great on pes aswell, Good Laugh, Also Up l8, Always a bonus in my books!!

    Cheers m8.

    Posted by Eric Shaun 360 on 03:27am 26/09/06 Level 10
    His reputation is definately justified! quality player. Hope we will play again soon

    Posted by lil hunter7 on 07:31pm 05/07/06 Level 12
    great player
    this guy is a cracking player, and the two of us have had some cracking league and cup games over the seasons that have gone right down to the wire, look forward to some games in the future

    Posted by Cristiano007 on 06:19pm 27/05/06 Level 9
    Best History
    This guy has a great history winning most trophys including the 1st Champions leauge i belive he will Win world cup and Euro leauge 4 dont want 2 play him because i know he has my points but my comment is that he has the best history and if he builds it up he will be the best Player

    Posted by Android2O2 on 05:59pm 05/04/06 Level 0
    That Boy's on Speed
    He's a quality player definately up there on this site, gave him a couple of good games he still came out on top. Keep it up geez

    Posted by S1R CH0CAL0T on 06:53pm 16/02/06 Level 6
    Cracking Player!
    This guy is one hell of a player!! He was poached by someone from PEN I'm investiagting into how they managed to find out his E-mail address!!!

    Posted by Tomski on 03:07pm 02/02/06 Level 14
    Top Dog
    If not the best, Deffo one of. Recently all ive seen is maradona winning everything. You will feel a sence of achievement if ya beat this guy!

    Keep it up!!

    Posted by Bob88 on 02:08pm 31/01/06 Level 2
    Top fella!
    Mardona is a top fella, his a great pro evo player 1 of the best on the site. enjoy my games with him and his connections brilliant.

    so when he whoops ur ass dnt make excuses! lol

    If u think ur good play this fella!

    good games mara, look forward 2 more games.


    Posted by crazy gooner on 09:45pm 30/01/06 Level 5

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