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    TagPedro Le Guern
    LocationSouth West
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    Join Date1st March 2024, 7:53 pm

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    Mini Cup sunday Poll

    M.C.S Poll 8:30 Kick-Off (21 total votes)
    This weeks mini cup theme
    Villareal v Tottenham (42.9%)
    Aston Villa v West Ham (28.6%)
    Palermo v Sevilla (19%)
    Middlesbrough v Sporting Lisbon (9.5%)

    Site Poll

    BOTN Poll (73 total votes)
    Who in your view is the admin of season 6 please vote
    neil363 (38.4%)
    SupaJ Rehab (21.9%)
    Boobiesaregreat (12.3%)
    Stueyg87 (9.6%)
    Willstev (6.8%)
    BC PimpDaddy (5.5%)
    Argo0 (4.1%)
    ruud10b0y (1.4%)

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    Pro Evo Tournaments

    Home Tournaments

    Welcome to the Backofthenet PES tournaments!
    All our tournaments are held here, from official Pro Evolution Soccer Cups to user made Pro Evolution Soccer tournaments, both for PES5 and PES6 on xbox live.

    The tournament system is easy to use. Simply submit your games, and the winner will automatically go through on the tournament tables. Please check the rules and comments below for more information.

    Tournament Rules and Information

    • Tournament matches must be played within the time limit set, or in the case of the minicup ASAP
    • Matches must be submitted as soon as the game is played, if they are not they may be pooled!
    • As always the home team MUST do everything to avoid lag, such as turning off PC equipment and putting on favourable match settings, i.e. no rain etc
    • You must play two matches in a row, home and away, and then submit the aggregate score ONLY!
    • In the event of a tie then a 5 minute game with ET and Penalties must be played, with the away player from the previous match hosting.

    Here is a list of our currently active PES tournaments
  • League Cups
  • Mini Cups
  • Other
  • User Cups

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