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    Mini Cup sunday Poll

    M.C.S Poll 8:30 Kick-Off (64 total votes)
    This weeks mini cup theme
    Liverpool vs Tottenham (45.3%)
    Sevilla vs Valencia (23.4%)
    Wales vs Scotland (23.4%)
    Wigan vs Blackburn (7.8%)

    Site Poll

    BOTN Poll (81 total votes)
    Should we introduce the La Liga (Spanish Prem) to the simulation leagues
    Yes (85.2%)
    No (14.8%)

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    Home Leagues

    Welcome to the Backofthenet Pro Evo Soccer league pages.
    Within these pages you will find all the current PES league tables currently hosted on backofthenet. Previous league tables can be accessed through player profiles, on the game history link, this will be updated soon.

    All leagues have the following rules, with a few noted exceptions

    • League games must be completed within 2-3 days of fixtures being released
    • Any games unplayed will be pooled in the favour of the more active party
    • The home player hosts the match and chooses the conditions
      • The home player MUST avoid lag at any cost
      • This means turn off rain and crowd effect where possible
      • Both players must turn off all programs on their PC, including this site
    • Normal BOTN rules for matches apply: 10min, pens and extra time off
    • All our leagues are club team only, unless otherwise specified [i.e. World Cup groups]

    Here is a list of our currently active PES5 leagues:
  • Euro Leagues
  • UC Leagues
  • Other Leagues

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