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    Player Statements

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    Welcome all...
    Here is what some of our membrs have to say about this site. You can leave a statement each week if you wish.

    Player Statements

    68. Can this site get any better?

    Posted by unitedkid on 01:20pm 15/05/07
    67. Yes. Im Back!

    Posted by unitedkid on 04:14pm 02/05/07

    Top quality website, the absolute dogs bollocks!!! Now that I've finally escaped the evil clutches of the Darw3n Massiv3 and have my own gamer tag, I can just sit at home all day eating KFC and bathing with those little hand wipes they give you never straying from the wonders of BOTN. And now they've designed man size huggies I really don't have to move off the settee.QUALITY!!!!

    Keep up the good work!!

    Posted by MajorTurkish81 on 08:50am 11/04/07
    65. Well .. now the champs leauge has started on here, the site remains the best par of my life for a while. ... Looks like the UCL had a goos season but also everyone esle is. I tryed to get in the UCL but didnt make it ... always time for next season AND ES GET MIC!!

    thanks BotN

    Posted by unitedkid on 12:18pm 16/03/07

    Come on people, the whole idea is to have a crack with each other whilst enjoying the splendors of PES6. you might as well be playing the computer. Some of the comedy moments you get when your playing and having a chat with someone are priceless!!!

    As Bob Hoskins once said "ITS GOOD TO TALK!!!!!"

    Posted by Darw3n Massiv3 on 09:10am 16/03/07
    63. BOTN is only going to get better and better and better!

    Posted by Tomski on 09:18am 15/03/07
    62. \Well .... the site keeps getting better and better this weeks been a good week and NEW FEATURES!! Amazing, i really can't belive how far this site is going. im trying to get the name out a bit more but just not qorking .

    Thanks BOTN, you have helped me with loads

    Posted by unitedkid on 06:51pm 08/03/07
    61. Thanks for the idea of mini cup. im looking to win it still and still have got no where close. Need to get of this losing steak.

    Thanks to all the admins that keep this running

    Posted by unitedkid on 05:24pm 28/02/07
    60. This is a brilliant site, especially if you are a pro evo addict like myself. Since joining the site it has basically been the first thing I log onto when I've got spare time and the last thing I log out of when that time is up. Everyone is friendly, the competitions are played in a fair manner and if you are ever stuck with anything there are plenty of people at hand to help you out. Let's just say i'm a BOTN addict. Win, lose or draw it's always a good time.

    Posted by chrissy paul on 02:35am 22/02/07
    59. This site rules for more then one reason. Leauges, cups and all of that. The people on here make you time great aswell. Theres always new people on here. Its all rouund fun and games.

    Posted by unitedkid on 03:47pm 21/02/07
    58. Top quality website. First played round at my mates house and my bird warned me if I joined I'd be on allocated time slots which I disagreed with! So we sat down had a chat and realised I was right all along!! Besides I can always just knock one off!!! LOL BOTN RULES!!!!!!!

    Posted by Darw3n Massiv3 on 04:40pm 02/02/07
    57. Was in Pes 360, Then found BOTN this site is hands down the best site on the net for PES. Nothing can compete with this games are great, people are sound and everyone has a rite laugh long live BOTN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Bunners2006 on 03:10pm 25/01/07
    56. BOTN has to be the the best Pro Evo site ever made! (and thanks to Eric Shawn 360 for letting me know about it lol). Great community, great admins and the layout and features of the website are top notch. It can only get bigger and better!


    Posted by Jay 360 UK on 04:46pm 09/01/07
    55. mint website, bewarned though, if u have a bird u will be single within 1 month...lol. Its an absolutely mint website, im on it at worktime and in the evening playing rank up and league games, as well as just viewing the website which is brilliantly designed, hats off to you admin lads, you have a belter in BOTN

    Posted by beanos25 on 05:06pm 18/12/06
    54. Been a while since the last statement so here we go. Site is THE best PES6 league site in the world, other sites are where we offload the members we don't want anymore. All the admins are the greatest except Argo whos a right tit (joking) They have done a great job with the running of the site and should be very proud of themselves for bringing so many gay people onto one site (again joke). Met a lot of great guys on the site who you can have a right good laugh with. Really if you play PES6 and aren't apart of this site your right tossers cause you dont know what you missing!

    Posted by nbuk on 07:33pm 27/11/06
    53. Shabba
    site is an excellent way of relievin boredom coz theres always sum1 2 av a laff wiv in the shoutbox. well played guys. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!

    Posted by Tall Paul 24 on 08:07pm 20/10/06
    52. Warning : If you join this site you will find yourself saying the word Woooooooooooooop!

    I still don't know what it means but I kinda like saying it! :-)


    Posted by Sam635 on 03:21pm 17/10/06
    51. what else can i write in this? A lot of great new features are being developed (my open window shoutbox idea hasnt been made =@) and I hope they keep coming =) Great site to join!

    Posted by nbuk on 10:22pm 15/10/06
    50. I like women with big boobs and pert bums. I also like my recent run of actually not losing on pro evo 5. woop!

    Posted by JimmyWelsh9 on 03:14pm 15/10/06
    49. BOTN is an awesome site and it will only get better mark my words bitches!

    Posted by Tomski on 09:55pm 08/10/06
    48. I like the site because I find a lot of great people I can talk to and have a great laugh with. I can get really good games and at the end we can talk about how shit I was during the whole match and the amount of chances i messed up =P. The owners have did a great job on settings everything up, giving up their own free time to do these things and they all should be proud of themselves.


    Posted by nbuk on 08:48pm 08/10/06
    47. I Think im going to break into song


    Monkey, Tomo, Neil top blokes keep this site running

    Major Cred to Neil he dont get alot of credit for his part in this site he is always around to help a major assit and a major part in the botn chain.

    Posted by H3AVY on 08:39pm 02/10/06
    46. Officially the 2nd best site on the net (after pnefc.net of course).
    Brilliant site, very happy I stumbled across it and met some proper sound geeza's since joining.
    Tomski and Mafia have done a great job and are always willing to listen to members if they have any new ideas for the site and will even i mplement them if they are good enough.
    Site only seems to be getting bigger and better, keep it up lads and I will be here playing
    PES 26.

    Posted by Sam635 on 12:17pm 30/09/06
    45. Officially the 2nd best site on the net (after pnefc.net of course).
    Brilliant site, very happy I stumbled across it and met some proper sound geeza's since joining.
    Tomski and Mafia have done a great job and are always willing to listen to members if they have any new ideas for the site and will even i mplement them if they are good enough.
    Site only seems to be getting bigger and better, keep it up lads and I will be here playing
    PES 26.

    Posted by Sam635 on 12:17pm 30/09/06
    44. well for me this site has really been a great place to find people I can share my hobby with, I love playin games (Pro evo bein the favourite of course) and this has helped me improve myself in this area. Thanks to all the players I have played so far and hopefully I'll get into a league when Pro evo 6 comes out.

    Posted by Darth Carp on 11:33pm 28/09/06
    43. The all new BOTN. Well done to all the "admins" you have done us proud as usual.

    Faster, more slimline feel to the site can only be a step in the right direction.


    Posted by Beck21941 on 08:08pm 28/09/06
    42. I got out of my bed and turned my pc on, i then logged in and opened Firefox. I then typed in backofthenet.info in the web address bar and this website came up. I then logged in and saw I had a message, it said something about Player Statements and thought it was a stupid idea, i then saw this cool new option in Site Info and went to latest info and went to something i can't remember but i ended up on this thing. I'm not waiting till 10.45pm for Damo to come online so i can kick his ass and keep my hopes alive of getting through to the knockout stages of the Other Cup. I'm waiting on my dinner (pizza yum!) being cooked in the oven. So far thats what I have done so far that in some way involves this site =P

    Posted by nbuk on 06:14pm 28/09/06
    41. What can i say, other than what everyone else has said before me, Top top site, brilliantly run by a great admin team. Before i found this site i had a girlfriend not sure if i still have after spending much quality time with BOTN, we were made for each other! Great bunch of members too!!

    Posted by topgunnergoose on 05:53pm 28/09/06
    40. All hail the new and improved BOTN... just when you think it cant get any better BAM. tomski and maf hit you with the new design and forum. Website is full of some of the nicest and funniest people you will meet.. and is defs better then all of the other in-personal sites out there. here, every1 gets to know you.. kinda like 'Cheers'.
    Much love and gratitude to the guys who made this site possible.. and thanks for gettin me thru many boring times :)

    Posted by lil hunter7 on 05:38pm 28/09/06
    39. UCL-Its where its at!
    Bookies/Lottery is great.
    A reliable user group and quality admins is what makes this league site the best, unless you hate PES in which case piss off!

    Posted by jonboyo on 05:35pm 28/09/06
    38. best pro evo site about... id even got to say its better than the pes rankings site

    canny wack a mini cup or the fact you are made to play with the lesser teams in the leagues thats something i love about here they make you test yourself rather than allowing you to go the top teams and stroll thru games


    Posted by ar1fbr on 05:27pm 28/09/06
    37. As im a lazy cint ill second everything Lil hunter has said in statement 33.

    An amazing amount of work goes into the site from all involved.

    Here's to the future of this great site :-)

    Posted by fizzlewizzle83 on 05:27pm 28/09/06
    36. woop, cool site, loads of good lads on here glad i joined, ill get round 2 playing a game again soon aswell

    Posted by gingerneo on 05:17pm 28/09/06
    35. what a cracking site this is! Love it love it love it!

    Posted by Tomski on 04:59pm 28/09/06
    34. Hey!. I love this site damnit :) The [Vs you] feature is wonderful for any fan of statistics! Wonder if well see more different kinds of statistics in new upgrades?? Perhaps a total +/- of scored goals? Would be neat :) Cheers!

    Posted by GlejsSWE on 12:00am 13/07/05
    33. Statement! Been a member for around 3months, and it seems that the site is ever growing. I went away for 10days, came back to find an assorted range of new features to play around with. The admins are always there to help and support but also add to the humour supplied in the shoutbox and forums. The site is simply amazing, the work put into it is simply amazing and if you are interested in stats then BOTN is defs the place to be. I felt welcome from the very first minute of my arrival, and urge anyone who may be considering joining to do so. Big shout out to all the admins!!!

    Posted by lil hunter7 on 12:00am 13/07/05
    32. Great site, great people and if you want to play the best people this is the site to join.

    Posted by ProRobbo on 12:00am 13/07/05
    31. DO NOT LOOK ANY FURTHER FOR AN XBOX PES SITE!!! I have been a member of BOTN for only 6/7 weeks now and I feel like I have been here for ages. All members are friendy are welcoming and soon make you feel part of the site. BOTN boasts leagues, cups and awards for people of all capabilties, all you have to do is sign up which takes minutes. Take it from me, join this site and you WILL NOT regret it. P.S, round of applause to all the Admins who run the site in their own time, keep up the good work P.P.S BOTN can seriously damage your relationship

    Posted by Beck21941 on 12:00am 13/07/05
    30. Been here 8 months, In the time i have been here, i have seen it go from a solid competitive league with a few nice touches, Now its easily the best on the net! The community is second to none! games always get played, No trouble makers! just people here who like to play Pes. This site isnt going in the right direction, i think its already there! sorry! i forgot to put WoooP lol would you put it at the end for me! Cheers

    Posted by S1R CH0CAL0T on 12:00am 13/07/05
    29. i would say any one whos thinkin of joining to do so i joined 2months ago and its the best thing i ever did u meet sum good chaps in shoutbox the games are tough but played fair if u lucky to get in a league they are fantastic so cum and join us so we can take sum easy kudos

    Posted by trw1979 on 12:00am 13/07/05
    28. I have been wanting to join a competitive league for some time.There are quite a few kicking about but this is by far the most comprehensive and professionally run out there.It is always a good laugh via the innovative shout box and all members want the system to work.With this in mind you have got yourself the greatest footy game, on the greatest console via the the number one Web site.BRILLIANT!

    Posted by Dr Force on 12:00am 13/07/05
    27. One word....... FANTASTIC! This site has totally engulfed my life. With some of the greatest PES players the world has ever seen, coupled with the wonderful community spirit amongst the members, no other site can compare. The admin staff are Very dedicated and accomodating, with new features and concepts being added daily. The leagues are competitive and always interesting. The regular cup competitions ensure that things never get repetitive. The forums are very active with many subjects to get involved in. In short, this site has something for anyone who loves football, Pro Evo, XBOX or just general fun.

    Posted by Argo0 on 12:00am 13/07/05
    26. This site its well organized and everything runs smoothly, i play since the beggining PES online on my xbox/360 and i can say that this is by far the best league site. Keep up the good work ;)

    Posted by Blue Dragon PT on 12:00am 13/07/05
    25. This site (BOTN), has exceeded my expectation, its is well presented, organised and the admin team is excellent their response to enquiries has be tremendous and they have dedicated all their time effort , energy and knowlegde in making this site what it is today and their work is still continues , as every day there are added bonuses they are putting to this site. The registered users of this site r unbelieveable, their attidude to each other is superb and it is simply stand for good soccer in a fair, just and tolerant manner . My only regret though, is that i did not joined earlier. however, good people are hard to find likewise excellent site like BOTN thats why it was hard for me to get here but am very please that i become part of the wonderful footballing experince. special compliments to the entire admin especially tomski, neil, monkey and the rest

    Posted by oj4y on 12:00am 13/07/05

    Posted by A HERO EMERGES on 12:00am 13/07/05
    23. This site is the nuts. Class community, good lads, well organised and friendly and efficient admin make this the place to be for all your PES needs.

    Posted by PimpRock1 on 12:00am 13/07/05
    22. Wat can i say, apart from this site is amazin!! all the hard work the admins to do keep us guys happy is tremendous!! made quality friends hu r also aponents!! well done guys, this site is the BEST!!

    Posted by Stueyg87 on 12:00am 13/07/05
    21. This site is amazing the people who run it deserve a medal.many thanks

    Posted by west7 on 12:00am 13/07/05
    20. The greatest PES site ever made? Quite possibly!! Been actively involved in the site for a long old time and although there has been ups and downs, the overall site is greater for it. Plenty of new features being added each and every day. IMO the only place to be if you are slightly interested in PES, football or life in general. All other sites fade away in comparision. A MASSIVE HIT!!

    Posted by neil363 on 12:00am 13/07/05
    19. As 1 of 2 that found this site and created it I am very proud to say the least. This site continues to grow in strength, m0nkeymafia has just implemented a new Kudos system and it promises to be awesome, the site has some fantastic players taking part in its leagues and cups it also has many activites day to day including Rank Ups, Late night cups and Mini cups. This site is definately the best one out there I am ver proud to be a part of it and have my name engraved above the directors office door lol.

    Posted by Tomski on 12:00am 13/07/05
    18. This site is the dogs bs and is very competitive with loads of great players.

    Posted by CRA1GY BOY on 12:00am 13/07/05
    17. Nice intuitive features. On the down side there is a bit of bickering, but lets face it PES is the only game where you get this amount of passion (yes even beating halo), after wining/losing the game after a deflected own goal in the third minute of injury time. Another problem at the moment- though only a small gripe- is having to log in twice, but that pales into insignificance compared to stats and features available and a good laugh in comparison to other leagues… “It was so good, in the words of Victor Kiam, I almost bought the company!”

    Posted by neiltaffy on 12:00am 13/07/05
    16. Since joining up with BOTN i have met some great opposing gamers and it is a real chance to find out how good you are against other VERY GOOD OPPONENTS!

    I enjoy the games and the site and have also helped with certain aspects of the site - if you still are undecided i urged you to trial it out as you may like it and want more involvement!

    Posted by on 12:00am 13/07/05
    15. I think this site is the best Pro Evo League Site on the web. Its top class.

    Posted by GrownGooner on 12:00am 13/07/05
    14. Great ! Not only is this a superb site for pro evo ,there seems to be some good lads in the cummunity ,some r available to talk 24/7 strange ?

    Posted by Supreme Unseen on 12:00am 13/07/05
    13. Statement….

    This site has all the credentials to be the best Pro Evo Soccer league available, we currently have some of the best players on Xbox Live gracing our league with their skills. But we are a league for players of all abilities as we all just want to play Pro Evo Soccer on Live.

    But we do have the best Pro Evo community around with everyone having Fun in the Shout Box, Summit Strike and Champ Manager 01/02 have also added to the community feel of the site.

    Snipe you Later

    Posted by Rug22 on 12:00am 13/07/05
    12. This league has a huge and denveloping community, Most people get along and are really friendly. Its no longer just a pes league its a place to meet and play sound football fans and gamers

    Posted by Bob88 on 12:00am 13/07/05
    11. Excellent format and intuative design, giving easy access from the off.
    League system needs work to weedle out the non playing scum, but thats just teething problems, which will go with time.
    Well done Tomski and Monkey.
    Ps come on the pool

    Posted by Thuggie Bear on 12:00am 13/07/05
    10. BOTN offers players of all standards a great way to meet other players arrange games and to do it on a site that offers great features presented in a smart and easy to use way. Long Live BOTN!!!

    Posted by RiddleXtreme on 12:00am 13/07/05
    9. If u r looking 4 an easy to use, original and an all round action packed pro evo site, then look no further. its so easy to arrange games and the community base is varied and entertaining. lol. the site is well organised and user friendly. if u r mad about playing pro evo this is the place to b. if u r not then $*@k off.

    Posted by wellsnappa on 12:00am 13/07/05
    8. This site kicks ass, it made the xbox live experience so much better and fair play to Chris and Tom for making it so successful, well done lads great job ..

    Posted by Willstev on 12:00am 13/07/05
    7. Great Site, Im proud to be an admin for it! keep up the good work lads and cant wait till pro evo 5 !!!

    Posted by Masked R on 12:00am 13/07/05
    6. The site ace! loadsa peeps on here and more and more keep joinin! u kno tht ull all like the same stuff and evry1 up for a laff! Ace site!!! SHABBA!!.

    Posted by Boobiesaregreat on 12:00am 13/07/05
    5. This site is the best pes league site I have ever been a member of as the admins and owners are great and so are the other members. It is easy to get your games played as you can always catch someone on that you havent played and the site is set out very well and is easy to follow.

    Posted by BfcBoy on 12:00am 13/07/05
    4. I like BOTN because it offers a unique league system, different to others on offer elsewhere. The features such as Face Off and Game Stats are a big attractions and the self entering results. The site also offer s extras such as Summit Strike leauge and a Champ Man league. Highly recommended

    Posted by Cristiano007 on 12:00am 13/07/05
    3. This site has a great community and is an excellent place to meet new people and to play some of the best pro evo players around to improve your skills.

    Posted by Pertranadon on 12:00am 13/07/05
    2. This site is great for so many reasons, it has so much more than any other proevo sites. It also does mini-tournaments from time to time which is great. Best of all......its original!

    Posted by RedCloud91 on 12:00am 13/07/05
    1. I like this site becasue it lets me beat players who think they are good

    Posted by Maradona86 on 12:00am 13/07/05

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