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    Home thegame983

    Information (152 views)

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    XBL Account:
    Occupation:Chilled out Entertainer
    Join Date:3rd May 2024, 3:45 pm
    Last Seen: 29 mins, 18 secs ago
    Referred by:No one
    Kudos: 535
    Warnings: Non return
    Achievements:12 (View all)
    Community Level:Level 4 (32% to next level) (View Rankings)
    Reputation: 3 vote(s), 3.3/5 (Play me to rate me)
    Last Game: 1 day, 22 hours ago (aaronc333 3 Vs. 1 thegame983)
    Total time spent on site:3 days, 12 hours

    thegame983 says...
    "Reality is Kaka. Hype is Ronaldo. Don't believe the hype"

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    Non league player
    Not currently in a tournament

    Game History PES 6

    Games played: 128
    Games won: 56 (44%)
    Games lost: 57 (45%)
    Games drawn: 15 (12%)
    Goals scored: 226
    Goals conceeded: 232

    Game History Chart & Graph

    (14) Player Comments

    tough Player
    tough to brake down n plays some sweet football good passer of the ball n a clean tackler, Didnt much like hes choice of shooting with 90% of his shots were in my box n with 1 on 1s he'd try a dummy n pass it into ur net. But a goals a goal n i lost both times ur style of football in my opion deserves a better selection of shots and goals.

    Posted by hill16gav on 12:06am 20/07/07 Level 3

    good game m8 nice 1

    Posted by Ste Lewy 10 on 04:45pm 12/07/07 Level 4

    4 good games with toss teams. keeps the ball well, good composure always lookin for the killer pass.

    enjoyed em

    Posted by Odvan on 09:40pm 03/07/07 Level 8

    a few good series against game..he is a class act..hardly misses a chance...i took it close a few times but just cant seem to get a draw never mind a win
    look forward to challengin him again

    Posted by agabamboo1 on 08:13pm 26/06/07 Level 2
    as far as picking teams went you took so long the time ran out so i wasnt gonna use a team i didnt pick. your injury was down to an ai tackle as u well know seeing as i was controlling the central defender, your tackle however was deliberate. statistically sweden are as good, if not better than germany so grow up, i think ibrahimavic and larson are far superior up front. and if you set the gameplay without extra time from the start, like all rank ups are supposed to be i woul;dnt need to quit. tut tut. didnt think u were a winger.. how wrong i was.

    Posted by wellsnappa on 05:43pm 26/06/07 Level 5
    gud game
    gud game m8 thanks

    Posted by pe6 on 12:35am 25/06/07 Level 2
    Good Player
    2 x rank ups with this fella excellent clean connection and 2 x very good games with 1 x win each this lad will be stealing some kudos takes his chances well. play again soon matey

    Posted by blades71 on 10:42pm 24/06/07 Level 9
    mcs cup
    I met thegame983 in the first round of my first msc cup.

    I just got the better of him 2-1 but he was putting me under so much pressure i thought i would crack, the game was fun but so intense i was lucky to sneak the win.

    He is a really good player and dangerous on the attack, you have been warned...

    Will definately be seeking rank-up matches in future.

    Posted by studlydemon on 10:30pm 24/06/07 Level 5
    This guy is very tough to break down but when you do brake him down make sure your put away your chances, unlike me lol. Well played mate, good games.

    We'll play again sometime



    Posted by Aboosive on 06:35pm 24/06/07 Level 5
    defence defence
    read somebody elses comment about this guy being able to defend and they werent kidding either. good all round player who has ability in front of goal . he gives you very little time on the ball and manages to deal with two on one situations well too. good game bud.

    Posted by wellsnappa on 02:10pm 24/06/07 Level 5
    so hard to break down showed me a thing or too bout defending had to resort to crossing the ball cause through the middle had no chance deserved the win nice to meet u

    Posted by chester morris on 10:06pm 20/06/07 Level 5
    Re:great player
    All to prove that this guy plays fair and will do great on BOTN. He was new to the site and didnt know about the cutbacks. its great to see that u adapt yourself so quickly m8!!!

    P.S. even without the cutbacks he played 10 times better than me so dont really care. would have been unfair him drawing that first game. : )

    Cheers m8 and hope to play u soon.

    Posted by Mladen86 on 04:35pm 20/06/07 Level 7
    great player
    this boy keeps the ball all day closes down space well and generally makes u chase and and chase a great player and top addition to the site.One other thing regarding the previous comment about cutbacks he had every opportunity to cutback me on several occasions and didnt including in the last minute of a game that was end to end and tied at 1-1so a top sportsman as well.10/10

    Posted by pompeybuster on 12:17pm 20/06/07 Level 5
    wanted to welcome thegame to the site but maybe i should have left it for tomorrow loool. this guy is a amazing player and most of all unlucky!!! he hitted like 6 posts in 3 games. He won 2 and i won 1 but it was a hell. he intercepted 90%of my passes nearly impossible to break down in defence.
    My tiredness contributed to his domination but i doubt even if i would have been fresher that it would have made a big difference.
    keep it up m8 try to play some more rank ups and ask to enter some leagues. im sure u are a great addition to this site.

    P.S. do a bit less cutbacks. i dont personally care for them but most of the people get really annoyed when it happens!! : )

    Posted by Mladen86 on 04:16am 20/06/07 Level 7

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