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XBL Account:
Occupation:smug looking seal clubber
Join Date:25th January 2007, 8:36 pm
Last Seen: 19 hours, 14 mins ago
Referred by:Bunners2006
Kudos: 475
Achievements:43 (View all)
Awards: Site donation  10.00 thankyou!  Winner of MCS 59 Bolton v Blackburn,  Beating Aboosive 4-3 in the final.  Completed 1 Galatico Season  completed 2 euro seasons  Won euro league 3  Won Golf Tournament  Won Golf Tournament  Site donation  10.00 thankyou!  1st BOTN poker champion  Won the BOTN Cricket World Cup  Completed 2 UCL season  S7 Euro League 2 Playoff Winner  Season 6 - UCL2 Runner Up - Roda JC  Season 6 - Oper, 38 goals.
Community Level:Level 8 (83% to next level) (View Rankings)
Reputation: 45 vote(s), 5/5 (Play me to rate me)
Last Game: 2 days, 4 hours ago (BYE9 0 Vs. 1 Odvan)
Total time spent on site:50 days, 21 hours

Odvan says...
What's that comin' over the hill, is it Anelka, is it Aneelkaaaaa!!! (repeat until bored)

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International League 2 
Challenge Cup BB 
UCL League Cup 
International League Cup 

Game History PES 6

Games played: 1237
Games won: 512 (42%)
Games lost: 482 (39%)
Games drawn: 243 (20%)
Goals scored: 2158
Goals conceeded: 2176

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(119) Player Comments

entertaining stuff
as always, me and odvan had some quality games this time in the Challenge Cup.

Each player grabbed a win so no complaints. Top Notch As Usual

Posted by chrissy paul on 11:24pm 31/07/07 Level 10
La Liga
Played two La Liga matches against Odvan and just managed to sneak them both.

He plays the game very well and was just unlucky with finishing.

Good clean, fair games, top player! Cheers Odvan.

Posted by studlydemon on 11:03pm 11/07/07 Level 7
Euro 2
Played owd Odvan on Euro 2, managed to nick a draw and a 2-0 win off him, how i don't know, but the league points were very welcome!

Posted by motti82 on 10:49am 09/06/07 Level 5
what a player
played two excellent Non-Slag matches with Odvan. although I won both it doesn't reflect how well he played with the team that he had. First game 1v0 after a spectacular own goal from himself the rest of the game was spent camped in my penalty box, how he didn't score one of his headers i don't know. then the second 3v0 but the scoreline was again a bit unfair. If u want to learn how to cross the ball successfully watch this guy 10/10

Posted by teddy24yorks on 08:35am 04/06/07 Level 3
what a player
played two excellent Non-Slag matches with Odvan. although I won both it doesn't reflect how well he played with the team that he had. First game 1v0 after a spectacular own goal from himself the rest of the game was spent camped in my penalty box, how he didn't score one of his headers i don't know. then the second 3v0 but the scoreline was again a bit unfair. If u want to learn how to cross the ball successfully watch this guy 10/10

Posted by teddy24yorks on 08:34am 04/06/07 Level 3
what a player
played two excellent Non-Slag matches with Odvan. although I won both it doesn't reflect how well he played with the team that he had. First game 1v0 after a spectacular own goal from himself the rest of the game was spent camped in my penalty box, how he didn't score one of his headers i don't know. then the second 3v0 but the scoreline was again a bit unfair. If u want to learn how to cross the ball successfully watch this guy 10/10

Posted by teddy24yorks on 08:32am 04/06/07 Level 3
finally played odders after all this time. pity we had turd teams lolol

great player and bangs the mic on for a laugh at the shit players lol

well played pal

tell me what you do at work!!! lol

Posted by Boobiesaregreat on 06:50pm 02/06/07 Level 14
Glad odvans here, never have a bad game with him, always a pleasure to talk to on the mike and a really sound bloke. You wna learn how to header a ball watch this bloke uve never seen someone header it like him before LEGEND.

A great player and a great person to have on the site!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Bunners2006 on 10:31am 02/06/07 Level 12
Great game
well played there mate. 5 fantastic games all very exciting, all very open and attacking games, would love to do that again sometime mate, cheers 10/10

Posted by aaronc333 on 02:40pm 28/05/07 Level 7
top player
this guy is a top player proved it with lesser opposition credit to th esite

Posted by chester morris on 08:00pm 24/05/07 Level 6
odvan the star!
just played odvan after doin a dump which really did refresh me and it showed on the park with my boys lookin the lighter 11, think his boys were either half pissed or just up you can never tell with these frenchies!

honestly tho, odvan's a top bloke and one of the best members on this site. always a pleasure mate and look forward to another game with ya.

5 stars!

Posted by chrissy paul on 11:41pm 22/05/07 Level 10
Top man
cheers for the game odvan, great player this guys, very sporting.

Posted by TEDDSY on 10:41pm 22/05/07 Level 5
Tough Playa
what a couple of tough games we had. very clever with his bolton side. never gives u space, always pressing me back had to be at my very best to beat him.
well played m8

Posted by whitey9 scouser on 11:20pm 21/05/07 Level 7
Fantastic with his Bolton side, knows where and how to utilize his players best. Great offside trap and I had a few quality matches against him as always. Brilliant member.

Cheers mate.

Posted by RossiH on 03:33pm 20/05/07 Level 11
Oddy Oddy Oddy Od Od Od
A pleasure to play against and have a chat in the SB, glad this guy is in UCL! Was my vote cause he knows i think hes a top lad and uses the site to its full potential, you show me a guy that deserves credit more and i'll chop your fingers off!!

Posted by beanos25 on 02:41pm 20/05/07 Level 11
Good player....
....good clean fun, very attacking, fast play down the wings. Had 4 great games, no problems at all, look forwards to playing again next season.

Posted by Diddley on 11:47pm 13/05/07 Level 8
played this guy loads and he is getting better and better and better . he walked all over me and not much to say other than this guy is PURE CLASS

cheers m8 u are in a dfferent league


Posted by romeo1969 on 01:17am 12/05/07 Level 6
Extremely hard to break down his hardworking Bolton side, had about 6 quality games, as always.

Cheers mate.

Posted by RossiH on 04:55pm 07/05/07 Level 11
good game
like a dog with a f***ing bone really good player who just comes back at u again and again awsome use of the offside trap and three really good games although felt really guilty about winning the second as he pummelled me.10/10

Posted by pompeybuster on 05:29pm 06/05/07 Level 6
Good games
Good games well played

Posted by I Keto I on 06:46pm 05/05/07 Level 4
I have played well over 1,000 ranked games whilst I have been a BOTN member... and I've never played anyone who uses (successfully) the offside trap strategy as well as this chap. Gets right on yer tits it does!!

Great passer of the ball, gets the ball wide for great crosses.


Posted by Beck21941 on 05:07pm 05/05/07 Level 12
Hes a gggggggggggreat player ment to leave him this comment ages ago but its been broken hes is nothing like the player he was when he first started!!!! Personally I put it down to performance enhancing drugs but who knows.
Sounnd as fook great player and a great player to have on the site and its all thanks to me!!! lol

Posted by Bunners2006 on 11:58am 05/05/07 Level 12
Good Games
Bloody hell mate those were three cracking games. I managed to win the first against odvan but the second I only just levelled it for a draw. The last game was incredible...odvan was 10 men for the whole game and was winning 5-1 at one point...I dont know how but I managed to get it back to 5-4! A well deserved victory for odvan! Great games mate will play you again soon!

Posted by mozla on 04:53pm 28/04/07 Level 7
on a high
played this guy after he found out he was the new member of UCL and boy was he on a high , he played with his new team Sochaux and he battered me with ease in all games

Its always a pleasure to play this guy great chat and a top player will be a UCL LEGEND in no time .

Well done Mate

Posted by romeo1969 on 10:01am 28/04/07 Level 6
He finally got in and Im chuffed to bits for him. Bunners=BOTN talent scout, great player great on the mic 5* player.
Definately give you a good game never a slag!!!
NICE 1 dude UCL woooopa

Posted by Bunners2006 on 12:05am 28/04/07 Level 12
ha ha the green is a mug
oddy oddy oddy oi oi oi ha ha what a load of old shite he talks init never mind bruv been talkin with admin man n they all know the score so dont worry bout stoopin down to his level.
everyone includin u kno what im about n that these problems im havin that are all my fault are all the truth and im a bad and sore loser and bad for the site im sorry darlin i love you xxxxxxxxxx

Posted by DONBEAN XL on 03:27pm 27/04/07 Level 6
meddling fool
Odball, stay out of matters that are not to do with you.If you did know what went on in the mini cup that sunday then you might have had a genuine opinion bout it.Fact is, you don't like me and i don't like you and once again you jump on the bandwagon with any dispute involving me.Let me and Donbean sort this out between ourselves and you try and keep your own house in order.

Posted by END OF GREEN on 12:32am 27/04/07 Level 4
great games
thought i had commented about odvan after our first meeting but obviously not. great player who certainly knows how to use bolton to their best abilities. knows where his players will be and what they are capable of doing when they get the ball. great wing player with excellent close ball control.
a pleasure to play, never boring and always challenging.

cheers snappa

Posted by wellsnappa on 06:44pm 26/04/07 Level 5
My pellin adn gramma is luvlee
oi oi fukin OI theres only one super odvan one sooooper oooooooooooddddddvannnn theres only oooooneeeeeeee super odvan.


thats right this man here has just summed it all up... im a nice bloke,,,i play nice,,, i never give anyone grief, apart from green mmm actually i love green END OF GREEN thats the one yep yep yep, im here for the love, harmony and football and people like me and odvan to mention only a few (u all kno who u are) enjoy gettin together appreciating good football no matter waht side of it ur on even whoopins iv taken and given and neither time have i complained.

ODVAN ur simply a legend for ur kudos wen u let me practice aginst u with russia ur a legend for lettin everyone that reads my comments kno what im about n what other people think of me instead of one sort of scottish twat, i think hes scottish i only herad gabber from him when i was spewin obsenities down the mic to him.

my record and gamesman ship is second to none n thank you for lettin everyone know but i do now feel there is a new candidate for president, SORRY BOOSY BUT ITS THE WAY HES MADE IT



Posted by DONBEAN XL on 06:59pm 25/04/07 Level 6
Smashin Player
me and odvan havent played in a while but i do enjoy the games when we do. he deserved a win i would say in our first match and employed a few suicidal defenders in the last one lol. smashin games as usual, highly recommended. also, odvan is a great member of the site - 10 outa 10!

Posted by chrissy paul on 11:26pm 24/04/07 Level 10

Posted by DONBEAN XL on 11:47pm 23/04/07 Level 6

Posted by DONBEAN XL on 11:46pm 23/04/07 Level 6

Posted by DONBEAN XL on 11:45pm 23/04/07 Level 6
what a top top m8
how many people do you know will sacrifice there kudos for you well not give em away but play as a team that i have to play as and against and be the big underdog team wise n yet do it all for the reason to help me in my aim to make it out of a sticky situation in the euros.....................


Posted by DONBEAN XL on 11:41pm 23/04/07 Level 6
crackin game as usual wiv mr od but he got the 2 most audacious offside decisions i was so so in offside mode thats how badly they were but its a funny ol game n i didnt get the decision like he did but take nothin away from this fella he is a great player and i enjoy him so much more when he doesnt try a cross EVERY TIME lol its worse than the cut back but hey its worked against me so if it aint broke why try fix it........ i turned up once i changed my fromation n was so so close to bringin it back i thought i was offside and was left with a pauletta open goal n he hit the bar n it would have been tighter but class players always hang on n this one did fair play dude



BEAN :o)

Posted by DONBEAN XL on 07:08pm 23/04/07 Level 6
Top Bloke!
Good games mate, really enjoyed it, look forward to playing again, maybe with a bit of a chat on the mic next time.

Cheers fella.

Posted by RossiH on 11:14pm 22/04/07 Level 11
good player
played him in the mini cup a tough guy to break down good game mate

Posted by trw1979 on 09:06pm 22/04/07 Level 6
who is this guy?
yet again i have to say what a top player this guy is! an absoloute fooker with bolton and anelka.but does anybody else suspect that he's actually the real big sam? lol.play you again soon pal when i've finished going through this terrible run of form.

ill be back.......

Posted by Darw3n Massiv3 on 09:37am 20/04/07 Level 6
good game
well played mate, two close games there, very solid at attacking & defending, cheers 10/10

Posted by aaronc333 on 12:12pm 19/04/07 Level 7
I love Odvan when I'm beating him but he leaves a real sour taste in my mouth when I'm losing too him lol!! Odvans a geezer, I never have a bad game against him and know that every game it could go either way. We have some epics with Spurs vs Bolton and even though he claims Dioufs a nice guy I still hate the tw*t as he scores against me every game!!

Great guy, great game 10/10

Posted by MajorTurkish81 on 08:55am 19/04/07 Level 6
Top guy
Odvan is one of the best guys on this site. always quality chat and talks common sense. excellent pes player, great connection and mic on. what more does a minge need;)
this guy IS UCL material
cheers for the games m8

Posted by MingeMuncher on 09:07pm 18/04/07 Level 11
kill kill kill.........
............the rat!!!!! arrggrhgrhgrhrhrghrghgrhrghrghrghr. great games again, that fuckin rat faced bastard, i hate him!!!! arrgrghghrhgrhr. i hope i never bump into him with his gay black gloves on. ill say "Oi Anelka you fookin rat, fook off pes6, naaaaaaa!!!!"
Anyway, great games against the old odvan, still think he's a nice guy, even though he tried to cop for my bird in the poker room the other night. Bloody Boltoners can't trust them, don't turn your back on em.
'by eck, those were some cracking games tonight, didn't think any of us was going to win one. happen i'm off to race whippets now lad'
Cheers oddy,you bloody rat lover........

Posted by justme ctid on 11:30pm 16/04/07 Level 10
its finally broken give this geeza bolton he will tear anyone to pieces but i jus well i say jus he only had 4 shots to my 15 but i finally beat this mo fo lol good game fella and its my turn to suffer with germany now lol take care fella

Posted by DONBEAN XL on 09:44pm 15/04/07 Level 6
The bolton boyo
Odvan is a quality lad to play, enjoyed some end to end games that tested me, a joy to play and i would deffo play him again, him and his Middlebrook Shopping Centre team...

Posted by motti82 on 09:09pm 13/04/07 Level 5
excellent player
this guy is definately one of the best players ive played

Posted by neoghio on 01:30am 12/04/07 Level 5
good games
Have had some good games against odvan top player fair no hacking plays the game how it should be played,just watch him on the crosses likes to do it a lot but if u can defend against this hes easy lol only jokinfg m8 top player cheers for the games

Posted by dazzler24 on 11:26pm 06/04/07 Level 5
great games
Odvan came out on top in our cup tie, but football was the real winner lol

If only i had finished off that slick passing move. i would have died a happy man.

great games mate, well played.

Posted by Maradona86 on 12:59am 05/04/07 Level 8
I get to write a comment on the legend that is Odvan on my own gamertag!! This guy is without doubt one of the greatest additions to this site!! We played 5 storming games all crackers, even though I cant believe you didn't get fookin sent off lol!! Great player of the game especially with his beloved Bolton. Even though I know what he's gonna do I still can't stop the fooker, I think he's been to a special school of crossing and heading cos it's like my players are cemented to the ground when he whips em in.

10/10 mate looking forward to more classics!!

Posted by MajorTurkish81 on 10:00pm 04/04/07 Level 6
Everyones loves him and I bought him here LEGEND plain and simple and thank fook i bought him with me when i left PES360, soon to be mr botn lol lol lol im wiv sam365 on this one too i reckon he is Sam Allardyce lol lol lol

Posted by Bunners2006 on 01:01pm 28/03/07 Level 12
Everyones loves him and I bought him here LEGEND plain and simple and thank fook i bought him with me when i left PES360, soon to be mr botn lol lol lol im wiv sam365 on this one too i reckon he is Sam Allardyce lol lol lol

Posted by Bunners2006 on 01:01pm 28/03/07 Level 12
Had some more great games against Odvan tuther night, which he won (the bstard!!!), always a top crack on the mic. One game I was playing with the wrong buttons and scored a fookin own goal, pulled it back to 1-1 and then he scored a cut back esque goal which no doubt he'll deny, but then again he couldnt stop laughing, so you do the math!!

Don't mind though cos Odvans one of the boys, and favours are always returned, so BEWARE lol!!


Posted by Darw3n Massiv3 on 02:32pm 26/03/07 Level 6
........Anelka that is (we named him Ratty when at city from wind in the willows) the baine of my life. His clinical finishing was the difference between us. Odvan is a great player and a nice guy, always say;s hello in the ol sb, fair player and good connection.
Apart from the fact he bribed the ref in a couple of games, all was good.
Play him, but beware the RAT!!!!!!

Posted by justme ctid on 11:41am 25/03/07 Level 10
I always enjoy playing against Odvan, the games are always fast flowing attacking football!!

The guy is a absolute asset to this site!!

Cheers mate!!

Posted by Woody83 on 03:35pm 23/03/07 Level 7
my rank up buddy
Man this guy is getting better everytime i play him. Good old Odvan, is always there when i need him the most for games.

We both have no life, we just play evo all day and collect dead butterflys and stuff. Then we arrange them and pass notes to each other, then play some more rankups!! LOL

Seriously tho, Odvans a great guy, superb player and my closest thing to what i would call a friend lol!!!

Posted by beanos25 on 08:42pm 22/03/07 Level 11
Fantastic Gamezz!!
We had three frickin quality, end to end, high paced football matches. First one he beat me but still was very close and could of gone either way. Second game was 3-3 draw, he conceded an early penalty and got a man sent off, i scored then he scored more or less straight after with a cracking volley then the rest of the game was back and forth. Third game also ended up 3-3, i was up 2-0 with about 20mins to go and i gifted the ball to big daft Kollor and from there he came back to make it 3-2. I should of won the last game and even he'll confirm that but never the less I enjoyed them all thoroughly.

Well played mate they were all ace games and next time your free you know what to do...... hit that invite button!!

Peace out........


Posted by Aboosive on 07:02pm 22/03/07 Level 7
Rank Ups
Good games mate. Knocked it around well. 10/10 - don't know what happened in the 3rd game??

Posted by effort111 on 01:11pm 22/03/07 Level 4
Top player
Hard to break down, good wing play and knows how to score goals.
Great games.

Posted by GortexTrousers on 02:32am 22/03/07 Level 10
Top man
Played Odvan in the CL with the mighty Besiktas! I completely dominated a poor Ajax side over the two games and my keeper scored six own goals, two of which he scored with a triple backflip roundhouse kick thingy move! I WAS ROBBED DAMNIT! lol Nottt.... gg m8! well trounced me

Posted by Dazzerrazzer on 09:22pm 21/03/07 Level 4
More great
More great game with odvan never have a bad one he just seems to be gettin better and better LEGEND. Well played mate probs play again soon.
Definately one to play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Bunners2006 on 09:04am 19/03/07 Level 12
found it very hard to break his defence down...(as tight as a camels arse in a sand storm) even though i was chelsea and he was ajax....shame on me! ...thank fk he didnt get bacalona in the champions league .

Posted by Pedro Le Guern on 05:46pm 18/03/07 Level 5
Good Player
Well played mate deserved the 2 wins in EL3 Mint connection and tough to break down good banter in the shoutbox top fella will give you an enjoyable game, play again soon mate

Posted by blades71 on 06:02pm 17/03/07 Level 9
Top Geeza
had 2 quality games with this guy and he scored a peach of a chip, made my keeper look a riiiiiight cvnt lol, good player and good laugh


Posted by Jobi Juan on 05:13pm 17/03/07 Level 8
good match
Great player who i think will probably win euro 3 league .good game play deadly in front of goal....recommened opponent to challenge your game skill's to the max!..

Posted by Pedro Le Guern on 04:23pm 17/03/07 Level 5
Respect most high!!!

This guys the absolute bollocks, one of the few who can be bothered to get on the mic which is the only thing this sites missing!! Plays a great game of PES6, knows his footy and an all round pleaseure to know!!

Your only at Bolton mate we'll have to have a pint or 8!!


Posted by Darw3n Massiv3 on 08:53am 16/03/07 Level 6
Wing Play !
This Guy Speaks Sense ! Had To Good Game's Against This Guy Looking Forward To Many More Games
Good Luck In The League !

Posted by B79Tag on 06:40pm 13/03/07 Level 3
Great guy
Good player was always coming back at me,plays good attacking football top connection,top bloke and no sore loser

Posted by dazzler24 on 09:44pm 12/03/07 Level 5
End Of Green Slander
Ignore everything EOG says he is absolutely talking rubbish odvan barring me is the best player on this site lol odvan ignore it son your quality even better after i beat you in the Minicup son

Posted by Gilberto69 on 07:40pm 12/03/07 Level 5
I agree with END OF GREEN, this guys a big cry baby!!!!!!

LOL Sorry pal couldn't resist, we love your fat Bolton arse really!!!!!!

Posted by Darw3n Massiv3 on 03:04pm 12/03/07 Level 6
Ignore Comment Below!
End of Green doesnt know what hes on about! Odvan is a superb player and enjoys the game wether winning or losing...bad games = go to end of green good games= go to odvan!

Top Player Top Bloke

Posted by RossoneriStella on 08:45pm 11/03/07 Level 4
Very sore loser
Only person ive come across so far on this site that can't handle getting hammered on PES.A very bad loser indeed.

Posted by END OF GREEN on 08:32pm 11/03/07 Level 4
top guy
a good pes player and a good laugh on the shoutbox and has a good connection, had some great games aswell BORO vs bolton and yes Mr 90 minute has returned........sorry m8 lol


Posted by Jobi Juan on 12:45am 11/03/07 Level 8
Top Player
good geezer on the mic and a very good pes player. good games m8. think i got lucky though

Posted by MingeMuncher on 10:46pm 09/03/07 Level 11
Good player
Is usually a very hard player to play against.. I dont know what happened to him today. A very good player on his day, and a sound lad.

Posted by SupaJ Rehab on 05:59pm 09/03/07 Level 7
3 games
Played 3 great games, losing 2 and drwaing 1, defensive mix ups from titus bumble blamed, jkn, but i woed missed chances. Will b looking for my revenge

Posted by Il tormented lI on 12:29am 09/03/07 Level 2
cross cross very cross
great player watch the wings he likes to whil it in (and out) he shakes it all about, he does a pokey smokey and wins two nil, thats what its all about.

cheers for the game add me on ur friends list n bean will always post the results

Posted by TRIGG TRIGGER on 08:08pm 08/03/07 Level 4
well well well
if it aint mr winky
yes im fine what u bein doin???
hi mr winky how are you??


Posted by DONBEAN XL on 08:03pm 08/03/07 Level 6
Top Bloke
Had a good laugh with Odvan. Guy is a top guy and good player to boot!!! Great connection will play you again soon mate without the slag pool team!!

Posted by randomnamez on 05:46pm 07/03/07 Level 8
good player
Very good player this guy, and like the other comments say deadly with Anelka! Well played in our games mate, fair player as well. Great addition to this site

Posted by beanos25 on 11:05pm 02/03/07 Level 11
good player

Hes a top player, hard to beat beat me twice narrowly but you have to play your best to beat him

Posted by EmotionalWorm on 03:32pm 02/03/07 Level 6
Loves Bolton to death and is lethal with Anelka!!

Always a great game against him and is a top lad on the site!!

Highly recommend!!

Posted by Woody83 on 10:12pm 01/03/07 Level 7
played odvan on a few occasions now and they are really good games,very close encounters,very good with his team the wanderers.

overall odvan is a very good player who can hurt u when ur not expecting it.


Posted by oony7 on 10:21pm 28/02/07 Level 5
bloody crosses
ha ha well played fella got smashed dunno where my footy head was it wernt with me but i had some good chances especially in the first game had a smashin game n jus couldnt put it away n somehow lost 4 1 n then 3 1 but i wernt as good in that game but u played well fella, anyone who reads this should beware this dude is lethal with the crosses and hel do ya like he did me. the only thing that makes me feel better is i wernt playin n amatuer n i wont lose silly ammounts of kudos, played odd see yal gen soon

Posted by DONBEAN XL on 09:29pm 28/02/07 Level 6
thanx m8
enjoy that game m8 lookin forword to the next one

Posted by lummy987 on 07:04pm 27/02/07 Level 4
good guy
played this guy twice...got me arse smacked twice...i aint that good meself...but this guy will go far on botn..thanx for the lessons m8

Posted by jordoe on 05:24pm 26/02/07 Level 5
Great Player
You will not beat this guy unless you are on the ball. Plays with non slag, which is always good.

2 good games against this guy, 1 win a piece.

Savage. 10/10 ;-)

Posted by Beck21941 on 03:08pm 26/02/07 Level 12
FOOK ME!!!!!!
LOL What can you say about our 2 leg cup tie, prob the best of all time??????????!!!!!!!! Beat us the first game 4-3, 2nd leg we won 4-3, the decider was 1-1 and went to the longest and and funniest penalty shootout of all time which he won the FOOKER. And I didn't go down the middle with my last 1, I went top right but Eboue the tosser hit it right at his keeper!!! You've improved since the last time I played you m8, you've proper sussed Bolton, playing those 2 wide forwards, I'm gonna have to have a little think about that next time we play. And now were even after that horrendous last man hack you nailed Gerrard with when I was clean through AND DIDN'T EVEN GET BOOKED, I bet you were laughing ur cock off (like I was when I nailed you lol)!!!!! Well pal I hope you win in the final cos then at least we got beat off the champ. No mic though?

Top bloke play u again soon.

Posted by Darw3n Massiv3 on 08:57am 26/02/07 Level 6
ace bloke
had a 2 leg thrilla with him. plays pes very well, his wing play is tremendous, never seen any1 cross the ball with as much precision and frequency as that, leading 2 a goal nearly every time. well played m8 n good luck 4 the future.

Posted by rudeboyMACKA on 12:33am 26/02/07 Level 11
Top Gezzer
Excellent playa, good knowledge of PES, scored a last minute goal, but stilled try hard and won , top bloke

Posted by unitedkid on 09:14pm 25/02/07 Level 9
top player
really top class player, especially with bolton, havnt been using boro 4 too long and cudnt control anelka 4 the 1st 2 games getting a battering in both, got 2 grips abit in the last 2 tho and was happy when i finally got a win lol, 2 stoppage time goals when there was 0 added time, wtf!!

great player tho 10/10

Posted by UnloadedZulu on 02:51am 25/02/07 Level 7
Great games..............AGAIN!
Great games again with odvan times have changed since I battered him when he was Poland, personally I think hes been taking performance enhancing drugs lol, well played mate AGAIN I dont no when Im guna beat u again u fooker, and dont worry I will soon be purchasing a new mike so I dont sound like a Robot lol

Well played Bunners

Posted by Bunners2006 on 08:53am 23/02/07 Level 12
had 4 great games against this guy he could of won by a lot more than the scores he did but think he had off night in front of goal and some lucky defending .
this guy can pass you off the park and its just cross after cross after cross on another day he would have scored double figures against me
well played m8 and great to have a chat on mic with a top guy


Posted by romeo1969 on 11:46pm 22/02/07 Level 6
great talk on the mic this guy is an absolute botn legend great player beat me 3 times i will be back had a very bad night freat games though mate

Posted by Gilberto69 on 10:39pm 22/02/07 Level 5
top game
sorry bout the connection last night mate!
its usually a lot better, but i was havin problems last night, hopefully sorted now tho!

sorry bout the slag team, but then agen u were barcelona, so u can barely complain :D lol

we'll have to play agen sometime, non slag, i bugsie newcastle :D

anyways, another time mate xxx

Posted by MagicMurray74 on 05:41pm 22/02/07 Level 0
Top Bloke
Sound bloke and a Good PES player. Odvans already proving himself to be a good botn member and I can see him sticking round for a while.
For some reason his job is top secret but intrigues me and one day I shall find out what he does!
Cheers mate, top games which were very even (Bolton Vs Everton). Im looking forward to more.

Posted by Sam635 on 12:20am 22/02/07 Level 11
good games
good games m8

Posted by lummy987 on 05:02pm 21/02/07 Level 4
Certainly knows how to play the PES angles. Difficult to defend against his wide strikers. Makes you scream at the stupid AI aswell

Posted by Argo0 on 09:38pm 18/02/07 Level 12
brilliant game
had a great game with this guy, even tho i picked the wrong team, still nicked tho.

Posted by robmoore666 on 04:40pm 18/02/07 Level 2
havent played him yet but cool to talk to

Posted by SKAMPSTER 06 on 12:09pm 17/02/07 Level 2
2 games
gone 2 nil down in both n managed to scrape a 3 2 win in first but that forlan goal was a screamer sorry bout the replay had to send it to my mate by fone,,, this guy is a good little player does all the right things even had me on the ropes twice dunno what his language is like as he didnt use his mic but maybe he has tourettes and dont want people to thinkthe worst WA**ERS C***S LMFAO take care bud play again soon


Posted by DONBEAN XL on 09:50pm 15/02/07 Level 6
ting tong????????
dunno y i put that but hey od geeza that was a good game man u had me worried wiv the 2 early goals but i managed to pull it back il have to remember to log off here while playin, west ham aint that bad really apart from set peices bgi urself up mate game again any time!!!!

Posted by DONBEAN XL on 09:07pm 15/02/07 Level 6
NEW IT!!!!!
I new he lost to me so badly last time coz poland are shite. Thats better amte showed ur true game today even tho u did nok me out of MY own cup in the first round no worries good luck in the rest of the cup and hope u enjoy it.

Posted by Bunners2006 on 05:07pm 15/02/07 Level 12
Hard player
This guy is gunna be giving everybody a hard game on this site, plays the game well and is always looking to break.

Top guy on the shoutbox, all in all great addition to the site

Posted by Darth Carp on 11:42pm 13/02/07 Level 8
Despite the score line this fella is a legend quality bloke, great connection, good laugh, everything u could want apart from the team. POLAND are officially the shittest team on the game! and considering the players he had he made up for the fact they are all useless with his skill well played and unlucky mate.

Definately a person to play tho!!!!!!

Posted by Bunners2006 on 11:41pm 12/02/07 Level 12
good games
3 good games enjoyed them mate well played. good guy, good games, good connection - reccomended!

Posted by chrissy paul on 05:56pm 10/02/07 Level 10
Good Games
Always a pleasure to play against, doesnt always pick Slag teams, we had a couple of cracking Bolton v Everton games.

Will def play again

Posted by Woody83 on 10:31pm 08/02/07 Level 7
Fookin Diouf!!
The latest member of the Darw3n Massiv3 to play this guy and what a top bloke. We had a 3-2 BBurn vs Bolton, Lancs derby thriller in which I scored 2 in the last 10mins 1 of them in stoppage time!! I feel 4 ya man lol. Good laugh over the Mic and looking forward to play you again mate!! Next time Neils goin straight through the back of that cheating Senagalese tit lol!!

Top Bloke!!

Posted by Darw3n Massiv3 on 08:41am 07/02/07 Level 6
good games
top notch player, caught me on a bad night but probably wudve beaten me anyway lol

Posted by UnloadedZulu on 10:57pm 04/02/07 Level 7
Cracking Games
Had 3 x rankups with this fella class games very close 1 win each and one draw good pressing player gives u no time on the ball. Mint connection welcome addition to the site !! Play again soon mate

Posted by blades71 on 10:12pm 04/02/07 Level 9
well played, dodgy ref ruined an otherwise good couple of games AI went in for some bad tackles and got him a couple sent off, on the whole a good player with good movement. reccomend playing

Posted by RossoneriStella on 09:01pm 01/02/07 Level 4

top bloke! had a good laugh and some cracking games, seems to know his football too.
just a shame he supports bolton lol!

Posted by Darw3n Massiv3 on 11:00am 31/01/07 Level 6
Cant beat it!!
Great games, not alot of goals but some class football on display.

Top quality conenction too!

Nice one!

Posted by neil363 on 10:25pm 30/01/07 Level 11
Top Geezer
Played couple good games, second was a 3-3 thriller (me scoring equalizer in last min of extra time! Get in!!!) Good connection and good fair player. Hope to play again!

Posted by Rockybullet on 01:05pm 28/01/07 Level 4
great game...........
.........his keeper played a blinder and i enjoyed playing with non-slag teams. USA USA!!!!!
good connection and fair player no cut backs or last man hacks

Posted by justme ctid on 07:58pm 27/01/07 Level 10
great game
good game m8, great player with a great connection, i got stuffed 6-3. i can only hope 4 REVENGE

Posted by beats210 on 02:07pm 27/01/07 Level 7
good game!
good defence!! good player overall with no lag problems!! you owe me one game m8 :-)

Posted by ka1972 on 01:03pm 27/01/07 Level 2
Good game m8
first game with odvan. top connection no lag at all.
good addition to the site. would of had a good chat but me wife is pissing me off tonight.
plays with non slag teams as well cheers m8.
defo playing again.

Posted by omes2032 on 01:47am 27/01/07 Level 5
sound fella
even though hes a trotter he's alright. really top guy to have a chat with over the microphone and a proper football fan. very good pes player aswell. a great addition to the site and here to stay i think

Posted by speightman on 01:14am 27/01/07 Level 6
friendly guy and good player
friendly guy and knows his stuff about football so good convo's with him. he's also good at pes and likes to score a goal or two with Anelka! cyi again soon m8 !

Posted by chrissy paul on 12:05am 26/01/07 Level 10
Good Game
Friendly chap (for a northerner! lol), good game, no foul play and bagged two in extra time against me... :-(

I will have my revenge

Posted by Woody83 on 10:34pm 25/01/07 Level 7

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