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    LocationNorthern Ireland
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    Join Date4th August 2024, 11:24 pm

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    Name:scott macpherson
    XBL Account:
    Location:West Midlands
    Join Date:8th August 2024, 1:56 pm
    Last Seen: 5 hours, 45 mins ago
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    Kudos: 449
    Achievements:20 (View all)
    Awards: Completed 1 Galactico League Season  Winner of the 1st BoTn Snooker Tournament  Completed 2 Seasons  completed 1 euro season  Completed 1 UCL season
    Community Level:Level 10 (44% to next level) (View Rankings)
    Reputation: 34 vote(s), 5/5 (Play me to rate me)
    Last Game: 13 hours, 1 min ago (rudeboyMACKA 0 Vs. 3 lewimay)
    Total time spent on site:34 days, 16 hours

    rudeboyMACKA says...
    bring it on and lets rock mofo's

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    Game History PES 6

    Games played: 369
    Games won: 148 (41%)
    Games lost: 161 (44%)
    Games drawn: 60 (17%)
    Goals scored: 550
    Goals conceeded: 608

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    (74) Player Comments

    UCL Games
    Played 2 great games, shame they ended in draws, the games were very exciting on attack and defending basis. Found it hard to break his defence and most of the time his defenders were right up my guys arse. Good luck with the rest of the UCL bud!

    Posted by nbuk on 11:13pm 18/06/07 Level 9
    el3 games
    my fellow wolves skunk lovin friend.
    jus played in el3 both good games never gave up when down 2 10 men never a dirty tackle and had his fair share of chances very good player passes the ball very well from front to back defo reccomend as is top player cheers 4 games peace out

    oh p.s. hadnt had no weed for 4 days so was good to spark one up playin mite be why i enjoyed em so much lol

    Posted by HOLTE END ARMY2 on 11:34pm 15/06/07 Level 4
    Top Bloke.
    Macka is a top notch geeza. One of the soundest blokes on BOTN. Recent addition to the UCL and seems to settled in, right at home. Hes got a hell of alot better since the last time we played and im kinda regretting putting on a user challenge against him now! I think he will be the surprise package in UCL2 this season.

    Pleasure playing you mate, and look forward to more.

    Posted by Sam635 on 02:59pm 11/06/07 Level 11
    great games
    great games m8 , u absolutely got me in the first 10mins in 1st game but near end inzaghi shud of scored the open header
    u was unlucky in the 2nd game you deserved the win or maybe a point
    great games, u have wrecked my chances now in winning el3 now lol

    Posted by efcneilcawley on 02:42pm 09/06/07 Level 5
    Top Bloke
    Good close first game. I got beat easily in the second with some good finishing and me missing a few chances.

    Top bloke on the mic and a good player 10/10

    Will play again soon mate!

    Posted by Trent End Jim on 05:54pm 08/06/07 Level 3
    Won at Last
    Cracking fella Rudeboy usually beats me at anything we play Tiger Woods / Brian Lara i usually feel like trading games in after ive been battered by the Rudeboy, took 4 points form him in Euro 3 ! Mint player and no dirty tactics, play again soon matey

    Posted by blades71 on 06:15pm 07/06/07 Level 7
    Nice 1 geeza!!
    Played the legend that is Rudeboy in Seria A and was quite confident going into the games as I have quite a decent record against him, and the brummie stoner only went and beat me twice!!!!!

    1st game I was pissed cos losing to a goal in the 90th is hard to take (especially when I could hear the fooker cheeringt down the mic lol)!!, but the 2nd game was a cracker, end to end plenty of goals!!

    Always enjoy playing MACKA, whose a top guy, good crack on the mic, and loves his green. Whatt more can a guy ask for??!!

    Good luck 4 the rest of the season dude seen as you've fooked my chances right up!!


    Posted by MajorTurkish81 on 08:28am 04/06/07 Level 6
    This is whats its about ???
    Had yet 3 more superb games against the Rudeboy and at long last I won a bloody game am forever hitting the bar / post and then he goes down the other end and nearly always scores .
    Anyway this latest set of 3 ended with 2 wins for him and 1 to me .

    Playing against this guy is what the site is about he is BOTN legend bar none the rest just imposters .... me and him are not the best players but it aint about that on this site and if u disagree with me then go play Xbox Live with Barca or Real ....

    3 Great games always a great connection and an even better chat


    Posted by romeo1969 on 05:51pm 03/06/07 Level 6
    Top player
    Very hard to create chances against this guy and he makes space VERY well with his forwards in possession.
    Unlucky not to get more from our games.

    Posted by GortexTrousers on 02:35pm 02/06/07 Level 9
    top player
    shud be higher in euro 3 and in the kudos chart, 1st game i was beaten comfortably without even getting a proper chance, 2nd i knew id hav 2 get the 1st goal or nerves wud get 2 me lol

    ps give holte a hiding..... please!!! lol

    10/10 highly recommended

    Posted by UnloadedZulu on 07:06pm 01/06/07 Level 6
    Cracka macca
    Another two great games against Macca who I played last season in EL. Same result, one game each again..not much between us its probably fair to say! Looking forward to our next game m8

    Posted by Dazzerrazzer on 02:22pm 01/06/07 Level 4
    great player
    scored a bloody scorching goal, a good player.

    thanks 4 the matches

    Posted by neoghio on 01:28am 30/05/07 Level 4
    nicccccceeee one!
    two absolute monster games! both got a 5-2 win each! and both fully deserved! top chat on the mic and few laughs thrown in! some great goals and some great skills nice one mate best of luck with the rest of the season!

    deffo have to rematch to decide the clash of the spanish giants! woop! :)


    copius out!

    Posted by copius on 10:38pm 22/05/07 Level 7
    always enjoyable!
    me and macka finally resolved our connection problem :) !

    playin macka is always enjoyable and always a match i look forward to just cause the guy's down to earth on the mic and plays good football.

    10 outa 10 for macka once again, look forward to another meeting m8!

    Posted by chrissy paul on 07:33pm 20/05/07 Level 9
    Gd plyr
    Just played Macka in a few games were all end to end he was a bit unlucky with his finishing and i got a bit lucky with mine top bloke i reccomend u play this guy for a gd pes session gd chat and challenging games well done fella enjoyed then will have to play some more another time peace

    Posted by Mackem77 on 05:17pm 18/05/07 Level 6
    top player
    Played Macka in the UCL invitational and what a pleasure this was. The games were extremely close and i must say i stole them but we had a bit of a laugh on the mics and Macka is a top bloke!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by andy989 on 11:49am 13/05/07 Level 3
    Ringer Alert
    Played the Rudeboy 4 times and every game was quality ,, first drew 1 each but then he choose his UCL team and said that they were pants and only had a guy called Baldie up front Well dont believe him he is quality and the team aint bad either he won the next 3 and only the last was a bit close and even then he was 3 up but pulled it back to 3 - 2 and had 1 chance to level but I skied it .

    Not played the Rudeboy for a bit but its always a great game and an even better chat on the mic .. cheeers mate u is one of the good guys


    Posted by romeo1969 on 10:29am 07/05/07 Level 6
    His UCL spot never played him before but quality bloke!, sound on the mic great connection. Great addition to the UCL in my eyes.
    Welcome dude I hope ur stay is a long one

    5* Player!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Bunners2006 on 01:23am 28/04/07 Level 11
    FINALLY got into the UCL. He shoulda been in it long time ago, but hey-ho. Quality geezer, and gave a great couple games with Messina.. it being first time he used them aswell!

    Macka and the UCL? Start of a beautiful friendship x

    Posted by lil hunter7 on 12:09am 28/04/07 Level 12
    top geeza
    known this guy for quite a long time now, even b4 BoTn and just had a 7-5 thriller in daves cup, a quality player and deadly finisher, and a good laugh on the mic aswell


    Posted by Jobi Juan on 07:50pm 11/04/07 Level 7
    And he smashed me 3 nil n went to extra time n i scraped it 5 4 in total absolutley smashin bloke fkin awesome player and a LEGEND in his own right they should name a stamp afetr him he is THAT good nuff respect rooood


    Posted by DONBEAN XL on 10:54pm 10/04/07 Level 6
    Not much else i can say man!!! el4 playoff match 1st game i was immense 3 nil deserved winner n sittin here gettin all cocky with TRIGG TRIGGER

    Posted by DONBEAN XL on 10:52pm 10/04/07 Level 6
    Awesome bloke, had a good few hours playing golf and pes with this guy, very close all round. Good solid Pes player with some cheeky goals and a strange, unnerving desire to keep blatting the ball against the woodwork rather than score a goal.
    Good connecion, good skill, good chat, all round top Geezah!

    Posted by Diddley on 03:57pm 10/04/07 Level 8
    Great BOTN guy
    about 10 million quality games in about 2 hours lol this guy is a really good player defo play again and will play tiger woods 2 would love to get him out on a real course though lol 10/10

    Posted by Gilberto69 on 08:21pm 08/04/07 Level 5
    Love plaing MACKA, he's a great bloke, we always have great games, end to end action, and a top chat on the mic!! How you hit the bar with that rebound I'll never know, but I wasn't complaining lolol!!! Defo need to polish up on my golf though, he fookin pasted me!!!!

    Sound as a pound!!!

    Posted by MajorTurkish81 on 07:14pm 08/04/07 Level 6
    top bloke
    had 3 top games against the rudeboy and every one was close he won the first 3 nil then we drew the others 0 nil and 2 all ..

    alwasy a great connection and and even better chat . played golf to end the sports night and he beat me by the odd stroke in 16 ??????

    cheers m8


    Posted by romeo1969 on 04:04pm 07/04/07 Level 6
    I was going to say played Macka in the Cricket however i didnt give him a game he battered me well and truly no excuses top draw and first time ive played online with no lag mint connection and mint player. I just hope he wins it so i feel better well played dude !!

    Posted by blades71 on 09:00am 05/04/07 Level 7
    A few nice games again mate. Little unlucky with Ferdinand....lol Play you again soon....
    10/10 as always a good connec.

    Posted by effort111 on 02:45pm 02/04/07 Level 4
    Top Fella
    Had the pleasure of playing this Guy in the Cup and League this season and is quality guy,who plays some good football and you can have a good laugh with

    Posted by ruud10b0y on 04:20pm 01/04/07 Level 3
    well done m8
    congratulations and well im soo gutted lol! I will have to play you again soon so I'll let you know sometime. Great snooker player so must be good at footie as well lol

    Posted by Jay 360 UK on 03:04pm 31/03/07 Level 6
    Great Guy
    had 3 great games against the rudeboy and as ever top notch connection until the 80th min of the last game when he was 4 up lost connection and he played a different game to me but didnt alter the result . This guy is lethal in and around the box dont give him a sniff cos he wont need asking twice . Top player know's his football inside out and supports the Wolves ( some one has two )

    Great chat on mic as ever really is a top geezer

    cheers m8 and play again soon and whom know's might even beat you LOL

    Posted by romeo1969 on 08:54am 20/03/07 Level 6
    A man on the same wave length as me its phatty, top geeza top on the mic and a solid player all over the pitch great 3 games defo play again take it easy bruv speak soon

    Posted by DONBEAN XL on 06:17pm 19/03/07 Level 6
    top player
    great player and a nice guy, has mic, he is a fighter never give up in a game untill the fat lady sinbgs.. 10/10 mate

    yeah good game of golf

    Posted by unitedkid on 07:12pm 15/03/07 Level 9
    Dungeon Dug-out
    well I seem to have all the bad luck against these guys on BOTN. one touch passing, dribble, turn, score. Just need to do more of it lol. Rudeboy you showed me a thing or two -patients.... and deserved to win our games. Great player, Great games

    360 baby!! 10/10

    Posted by effort111 on 11:00pm 13/03/07 Level 4
    quality player , always a good match with him .top bloke to have the crack with on the mic .fantastic connection never a lag in sight. i swear as Steve Bull is my witness i will beat him one day

    Posted by Ultrawesty on 11:08pm 12/03/07 Level 4
    Top Geezer
    Very good player, tough to play. Beat me in the first league game 2-1, thanks to a cruel injury time winner. I returned the favour winning 3-0 in the second ;) Two belting matches and plenty of goals. Ta m8, was a pleasure!

    Posted by Dazzerrazzer on 09:20pm 12/03/07 Level 4
    Top matches
    Again great matches matey! Very close games! Hope to play you again soon, i want another revanche!

    Posted by ChiefQuotient on 06:09pm 09/03/07 Level 4
    Good Player!
    I played 2 very tight games against RudeboyMacka. We both won one. So we need to play a rematch soon rudeboy. Good player, i was lucky to win the first match.

    Posted by ChiefQuotient on 02:26pm 09/03/07 Level 4
    Great PLayer
    Two awesome games against Milan, i really enjoyed playing those mate. Good Luck in the league

    Posted by thxaj23 on 11:48pm 08/03/07 Level 5
    top player
    had 2 gal cup games and final score was 2 - 1 to the rudeboy

    great games ,,,,, great player ,,,,, great chat ,,,,..

    one word LEGEND

    Posted by romeo1969 on 12:18am 08/03/07 Level 6
    Top fella
    Some quality cup games and someone that actually where's his mic

    Posted by ruud10b0y on 02:02am 07/03/07 Level 3
    well played, enjoyed the games. good laugh on the mic ( makes a change from non-mic people ), good banter, BUT U JAMMY SOD i should have scored in first game at the end and he goes up the other end and scores injury time winner, classic game!!!!!!! ROCK ON.top connection, lol

    Posted by konami1980 on 12:39am 06/03/07 Level 4
    good player
    slow starter but fights till the death. Took his goals extremely well. Nice 1 m8.

    well played

    Posted by ja030590 on 02:33pm 05/03/07 Level 4
    Quality fella
    I beat him 6-0 but that falttered me hugely and a 1-0 wuda bin mur realistic
    Carried on attckin evn wen six nil dwn
    Ope 2 play u agen soon

    Posted by liverpoolfchris on 07:42pm 02/03/07 Level 3
    gud player
    had 2 class league games with this lad, changed my formation in the 1st game and was really happy with the 4-0 scoreline, he turned it on in the 2nd tho and i only really got a look in in the last 20 mins

    great games tho hope u do well 10/10

    Posted by UnloadedZulu on 07:18pm 02/03/07 Level 6
    2 tough as hell games , hard as hell to break down jsut glad i nicked a phew points! top player pleasure mate nice one and good luck with the rest of the season :)

    Posted by copius on 04:40pm 26/02/07 Level 7
    great game
    our first meet and oh what a scorcher.

    2 great games, end to end attackin play throughout - great connection, and great to arrange with.

    look forward to the next games for sure

    Posted by Odvan on 10:40pm 25/02/07 Level 8
    Top Geezer.
    this guy is right laugh on the mic, top guy and cracking pes player. excellent going forward and deadly in front of goal.

    Posted by MingeMuncher on 09:41pm 21/02/07 Level 10
    Good fighter
    Always came at me no matter what the score was.. he scared me at the end, he hit the post and could have shocked me. Good player.. sound guy and a great connection.

    Posted by SupaJ Rehab on 02:43pm 20/02/07 Level 6
    Top Bloke
    had 3 great games won 1 lost 1 and drew 1 , scored 5 conceded 5

    scores dont reflect the game at all and he was unlucky in first 2 games as he battered me but lucky for me his twinn strikers of Owen and Martins woudnt hit water if they fell out of a boat.
    Great chat on mic as ever top bloke and yet another LEGEND

    cheers 4 games mate and all your advice

    Posted by romeo1969 on 12:40am 16/02/07 Level 6
    what a pick
    this guy is a cry baby and a top prick don't waist your time with him.

    dick head

    Posted by omes2032 on 10:34pm 15/02/07 Level 5
    HA HA
    This guys sound as a pound and had some great games against both members of the Massiv3!! Knows how to play the game, good attacking player, no cutbacks or owt like that. How his keeper never got sent off for hitting Fabregas that hard he did a somersault I'll never know, and then our keeper got sent off the next game. As Lemar once said, Is there any justice in the world lol!!! Top bloke good games, play u again soon pal!!!

    Posted by Darw3n Massiv3 on 08:51am 12/02/07 Level 6
    top player
    great to play against knocked me out of mini cup so i will be out for revenge lol

    Posted by Ultrawesty on 09:33pm 11/02/07 Level 4
    Euro League Games
    brilliant games again m8 close + well played! look forward to another few!

    Posted by chrissy paul on 06:18pm 11/02/07 Level 9
    great world cup games m8....even though we had sh1t teams, good look
    good connection
    friendly over the mic to :)

    Posted by mikehicks08 on 06:06pm 11/02/07 Level 4

    it was not 1-1 it was 4-0. You did not score a goal. You're lying cause you dont want to play again cause i was 4-0 up when u pulled the plug. And there was no lag from my end. I did not have any other machine connected to the internet.

    Posted by C1ivey on 01:08am 08/02/07 Level 1
    heard he was a good lil player and thats what he was. 3-0 down he dint give up and made it 3-2. 10mins more and probs wudda scored a 3rd. Good attitude aswell, and plays the 'fair' way.

    Defs reccomend him

    Posted by lil hunter7 on 09:34pm 04/02/07 Level 12
    good games
    4 really good games look forward to playing again good player

    Posted by red army 05 on 07:06pm 04/02/07 Level 2
    Good Times
    Good laugh over the mic and a decent player, although cs sedan were too mcuh to handle :p

    Posted by BC PimpDaddy on 04:38pm 04/02/07 Level 11
    good game
    great games, very close look forward to playing again.

    Posted by theiny on 10:58pm 02/02/07 Level 1
    sound guy
    sound guy, talks on the mic and is a good player especially goin forward. look forward to another contest! all the best m8!

    Posted by chrissy paul on 09:10pm 02/02/07 Level 9
    top player
    couldnt get near this guy net in both games very little chances but top games this guy likes to play the passing game and he does it well hopefully play again soon good luck mate

    Posted by ronnie1976 on 05:24pm 02/02/07 Level 4
    beat this guy in cup 1-0 think he was stonned lol quality game though

    Posted by Gilberto69 on 01:42pm 29/01/07 Level 5
    top bloke
    the game was crap and none of us could string 3 passes together and I reckon with a better team he would have battered me .

    Great chat on mic even in a tournement and I bet is a top geezer

    defo play again and look forward to it

    Posted by romeo1969 on 09:37pm 28/01/07 Level 6
    got his lucky win against me last nite! what a pile of turd it was lol!

    top notch geeza tho and uses the mic like all players should!

    will play again at some point with even teams and smash him lol


    Posted by Boobiesaregreat on 09:58am 25/01/07 Level 14
    spot on
    first time i've played this guy...we seem well matched...two tight games, enjoyed both of them. Will deffo play again...ex connection, ex guy..thanx again bud

    Posted by jordoe on 06:15pm 18/01/07 Level 5
    Great games
    Well played man had two extremely tight games. Great connection and good to chat to.

    Hope to play ya some time soon again


    Posted by fizzlewizzle83 on 07:29pm 18/12/06 Level 9
    Top Bloke
    Top Bloke, Top Player had some really enjoyable games with macka

    assit to the site

    well done mate

    Posted by H3AVY on 02:54pm 01/12/06 Level 7
    Great gamer
    just had 2 good league games against this guy. no lag on his server and plays the game the way it should be played. fair and attacking. scored a great goal straight from kickoff as well. hope to play again soon

    Posted by MingeMuncher on 10:17pm 22/11/06 Level 10
    top bloke
    Had a great game against rudeboymacka, last nite a quality game which he won! End to End stuff quality pro evo.

    Posted by randomnamez on 10:13am 09/11/06 Level 8
    Top bloke
    What a great player with slag teams, i had to show him some UCL justice to bring him back down to earth! :D
    Look forward to some more battles soon (maybe with a bit of mic action next time?)

    Posted by Argo0 on 08:49am 10/10/06 Level 12
    Top Bloke
    Sound geeza, very good player.
    Had two very close games with macka, Battled till the end and was gracious in defeat, very nice bloke.
    Cheers Macka, look forward to more games.

    Posted by Sam635 on 01:50pm 08/10/06 Level 11
    Top geezer!
    Hope to get more games with this fella I was 3-0 up and with the l;ast 10 minutes to go he came full throttle at me making it 3-2 and event then he was still all over me talking about cacking me pantz lol Top geezer wish you luck for the future on BOTN :)

    Posted by Tomski on 08:32pm 04/10/06 Level 14
    good game
    good connection, played a great game, he let me kick lumbs out of his players lol

    Posted by chocolatebear80 on 05:33am 10/08/06 Level 5

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