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Join Date19th March 2006, 1:36 pm

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Occupation:Builder / Plasterer
Location:West Midlands
Join Date:22nd January 2007, 9:55 pm
Last Seen: 6 days, 15 hours ago
Referred by:No one
Kudos: 261
Awards: Completed 1 Galatico Season
Fixture Arranging: 9 original post(s)
Community Level:Level 4 (70% to next level) (View Rankings)
Reputation: 11 vote(s), 4.9/5 (Play me to rate me)
Last Game: 3 days, 19 hours ago (lil hunter7 13 Vs. 0 Ultrawesty)
Total time spent on site:24 days, 7 hours

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Games played: 187
Games won: 23 (13%)
Games lost: 135 (73%)
Games drawn: 29 (16%)
Goals scored: 148
Goals conceeded: 459

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Player Comments

30. hmm
Never came on to accept result after our game...waited 4+ days now

Posted by lil hunter7 on 04:25pm 27/04/07 Level 12
29. Good lad!!
Had three great games against Westy, whose probably the fairest player I've come up against on here. Mate if you had your shooting boots on you'd bag loads, really enjoyed the games.

Highly recommend!!

Posted by MajorTurkish81 on 07:08pm 05/04/07 Level 6
28. Well Played
Played 2 x rank ups won one each tidy player had to revert to inter to beat him good solid connection play again soon mate

Posted by blades71 on 08:44pm 17/03/07 Level 7
27. top notch
2 class games with him, end 2 end stuff. quality pro evo m8. this 1's a fighter never say die attitude. well played geeza. chat on the mic and a decent chap 2 boot. 10/10.

Posted by rudeboyMACKA on 11:03pm 12/03/07 Level 8
26. quality player
this guy is such a good player he is good in attack but like he said probably focuses to much on defending definitely a top player and is brilliant site member

Posted by Gilberto69 on 09:50pm 12/03/07 Level 5
25. spot on lad
good lad this guy, plays the game in a FAIR spirit, dosent give up or lose his head on any game. Played mate, good addition to the site

Posted by beanos25 on 10:05pm 10/03/07 Level 11
24. good player
thanks for the games m8. Played 3 and won two against this guy. Drew the other but he deserved to win that one. Good player, very clean and has superb connection.

thanks m8

Posted by ja030590 on 10:18pm 08/03/07 Level 4
23. 4 gr8 games
won 1 lost 1 drew 1 lost in decider!! Gr8 player-both of us are learning-but him quicker than me!!

Well played m8, wil play again sn

Posted by romeo1969 on 11:52pm 02/03/07 Level 5
22. at last
scored b4 I even touched the ball !!!!!!!!! and ended up beating me 2 nil then we drew the 2nd game 1 all and no I wont be buying the videos as we were both that bad .

would play this guy everytime as like me is on the site to play and thats what counts

great chat on the mic aswell and sounds a top guy cheers mate

Posted by romeo1969 on 12:48am 25/02/07 Level 5
21. gettting better
got a draw against me this time probably played this guy about 6 times and he keeps getting closer and closer i at first loved playing him but now i'm scared of the guy he can sure play lol

Posted by Jonoridge on 11:45pm 11/02/07 Level 3
20. unlucky
in both our games i think his formaiton was to blame. nice guy thanks for the games.

Posted by justme ctid on 10:10pm 11/02/07 Level 10
19. top man
decent enough chap and hes a local lad, plays a fair game and was a tad unlucky in our mini-cup game. had some banter on the mic also.

Posted by rudeboyMACKA on 09:34pm 11/02/07 Level 8
18. Good game
had a great game with him, good player will play again soon

Posted by SurefireDANIEL on 09:19pm 11/02/07 Level 3
17. top bloke
played six games with this bloke
played good good conection good laff on the mic.
play soon boss

Posted by onefootball on 06:08pm 11/02/07 Level 3
16. Great game!!!
2 great games, really good player thought I had come back in the 2nd game to equalise but no such look, as soon as I scored this guy replies with another in the bag.
Great game dude.

Posted by Zcrisis2 on 10:47pm 08/02/07 Level 3
15. World Cup
Just played this fella won one lost one in the world cup good fair player excellent connection well played mate will play again soon

Posted by blades71 on 09:52pm 08/02/07 Level 7
14. fair player
well played no hacking ,no lag .

Posted by zorbus1 on 09:21pm 04/02/07 Level 3
13. another close game
another good game mate could of gone your way missed a right chance lol you will get the better of me next time no dare say

Posted by Jonoridge on 08:21pm 03/02/07 Level 3
12. quality..
good guy, doesnt give up easily.. i really had 2 dig deep 2 grab the winner in the first 2 matches unlucky bout the last one, all the best mate :D

Posted by FTA x TaRtaN on 06:14pm 03/02/07 Level 4
11. Played Mate
proper scrappy player always looking to feed in those overhead through balls can be a right handfull at times, he is the gary lineker at pro evo...hes always in the places the opposition hates!.... give me a right scare a couple of lol cheers mate

Posted by RossoneriStella on 12:11am 31/01/07 Level 4
10. Good Match
Just Had A Few Games Good Player Hard Workin Never Give's Up And Very Fair !

Posted by B79Tag on 10:15pm 30/01/07 Level 3
9. Top Player
Good player. keeps the ball well and plays the game clean. they way it should be. good connection. will defo plays again. cheers for the games fella

Posted by MingeMuncher on 11:36pm 28/01/07 Level 9
8. top man
great player with a great connection, you played a good game. hope to play u again soon

Posted by beats210 on 08:53pm 28/01/07 Level 5
7. Good Little Player
despite me whooping him 6-0...(whoops mistaken identity) ... 2 games we played both came out as draws, frantic fast paced with smaller clubs, quite enjoyable recommend playing, cheers mate

Posted by RossoneriStella on 04:02pm 28/01/07 Level 4
6. sorry, my mistake
i have to appologise for my earlier comments, it was a case of mistaken identity. once again sorry soccerbox!!

Posted by fatnose2 on 03:02pm 28/01/07 Level 5
had 2 games we drew the fisrt 1-1, was a good game. the second i beat him fair enough 5-1. he did play really well. he has let himself down by not submitting his 5-1 defeat. c'mon m8. if you dont like losing piss off!!

Posted by fatnose2 on 02:22pm 28/01/07 Level 5
4. top guy
this gut is a good player - i had a poor second game and he made sure he finished me off - well in mate!

Deffo play ya again mate!

Posted by FEXT on 10:08pm 25/01/07 Level 10
3. Sly player lol
Very good at not letting you get ahead of him with a large margin and will not normally waste a chance scored in the last minute with me form a penalty lol good game though, got the win second game yay lol (btw send me the result of that ocnsidering you was at home cheers) good luck mate play you again some time

Posted by Jonoridge on 05:58pm 25/01/07 Level 3
2. Good player
Plays with non slag teams and was a pretty hard player to beat. Unlucky to lose a couple of games but none the less will be a top player on the site!
Cheers again

Posted by Indiana Dave on 10:20pm 23/01/07 Level 10
1. Good game
Good game mate enjoyable match without slag teams lol play again soon and great connection

Posted by Bucko92 on 10:50pm 22/01/07 Level 3

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