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    Occupation:Cutback coonts contract killer!!!!
    Join Date:3rd April 2024, 9:12 pm
    Last Seen: 6 hours, 13 mins ago
    Referred by:Darw3n Massiv3
    Kudos: 614
    Achievements:16 (View all)
    Awards: Site donation  5.00 thankyou!  Won Champions League Special Mini Cup  Winner of International League 2  S7 Galactico League 3 Runner up
    Community Level:Level 6 (67% to next level) (View Rankings)
    Reputation: 10 vote(s), 5/5 (Play me to rate me)
    Last Game: 2 hours, 10 mins ago (MajorTurkish81 0 Vs. 1 Lally Bhoy67)
    Total time spent on site:22 days, 17 hours

    MajorTurkish81 says...
    We've got some half price cracked ice and miles and miles of carpet tiles, T.V.s, deep freeze and David Bowie L.P.s, Ball games, gold chains, whassa-names, and at a push, Some Trevor Francis track suits from a mush in Shepherds Bush, Bush, bush, bush,

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    Game History PES 6

    Games played: 326
    Games won: 172 (53%)
    Games lost: 90 (28%)
    Games drawn: 64 (20%)
    Goals scored: 661
    Goals conceeded: 462

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    (40) Player Comments

    Had two games against him, fist was 2-2, second was a 13 goal thriller, he beat me 7-6 coming from behing 6 TIMES to win. ONe of the best games i have ever player, well done mate, good player, good connection :)

    Posted by gingerneo on 06:10pm 30/06/07 Level 4
    Top Player,Top guy
    had 2 important leagues games with him,ih he won he was virtually a cert 4 the title, so the pressure was on him.............. he was 4-0 afta 30 mins lol managed to make it 4-4 in the 88th min when he popped up with the winner the coont :)
    great games m8 well played

    Posted by whitey9 scouser on 01:23pm 26/06/07 Level 4
    forgot ton say
    10/10 connection mate

    Posted by jacksonz2 on 10:35pm 21/06/07 Level 5
    good games
    apart from a few cheeky last man hacks form both sides in the games great enjoyable open stuff thoroughly enjoyed it its why i glad i joined the site unlucky to lose in the second game two draws would off benn fairer nice to meet good player hope to play again

    Posted by jacksonz2 on 10:33pm 21/06/07 Level 5
    top geezer is turkish spesh after he stopped bein batty and put the mic in. super benni ran thru 50 tackles and secured him the win. good games and a good laugh.

    not goin fooking wigan next time tho lol

    well player pal

    Posted by Boobiesaregreat on 01:11pm 21/06/07 Level 14
    The Major is a quality player.
    Very varied going forward and excellent at creating space, definately one of the better players on the site.

    Hope to play again soon.

    Posted by GortexTrousers on 07:29pm 19/06/07 Level 9
    Top player
    Good player, very good attacker and finisher.

    Posted by neoghio on 01:20pm 18/06/07 Level 4
    man turkish them games were class, altho u was robbed in the 1st. and in the 2nd it was see who could score a hat-trick 1st lol. top player tho dude and a pleasure as always bud. great connection. 10/10.

    phatty 2 celebrate i think cuz i dont usually beat u!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by rudeboyMACKA on 05:21pm 03/06/07 Level 10
    Great bloke, great player.

    Played Turkish for the first time. Non slag group. He was Awesome in the first game, was 3-0 up after 30 mins. I had to change my formation. Not blowing my trumpet or owt but not many players make me change my formation. It kinda worked and I lessened the embarrassment but still lost.

    Second game I won 4-2, but poor Turkish had an AI moment and had a man sent off and conceeded a pen. Was always going to be tough after that.

    Great chap... this guy is here to stay, I can tell. Certainly hope so.

    Make sure when u play this guy your at the top of your game or he WILL beat you.

    10/10 ;-)

    Posted by Beck21941 on 09:24am 01/06/07 Level 12
    top player, top bloke!
    played our eagerly anticipated international games and won a game a piece which wasn't so bad! the games were superb a end to end 3-2 win for myself and a proper scrappy battle which got turkish his 1-0 win!

    Turkish is a crackin bloke aswell and it's a name thats goin to be on BotN for a very long time.

    5 stars!

    Posted by chrissy paul on 07:11pm 24/05/07 Level 9
    Top Bloke!
    Had many a game, still failed to win any :D My bogey player on PES but I'll beat him one day. Quality acquisition for the site and I look forward to our mic chats (no 3somes though).

    Posted by RossiH on 12:56pm 23/05/07 Level 10
    International League
    Cant believe those two games were the much better player in both of them...hardly had a shot at goal it felt like! Cant believe how good south korea were as well was excpecting my turkey to be much more skilful...well you showed me! My winnign streak comes to an end and I am very happy to lose to you! Im sure we will have to play each other again soon mate! So good luck and see you soon!

    Posted by mozla on 11:03am 22/05/07 Level 6
    Decent Bloke
    I had nothin but praise for this player until he questioned my style. Yes i need 1 point to qualify, but idont play to get a point, i play to WIN! i no i'm soundin like a bellend, but its true, wats the point in playing if u dont wanna win?????

    Posted by Stueyg87 on 12:22am 19/05/07 Level 7
    great one
    two games first one crashed second one 3-1 great connection good banter on the mic sound lad

    Posted by onefootball on 06:57pm 17/05/07 Level 3
    played this guy the other day and he beat me twice and played him twice in int league and he beat me twice , whats makes tonight worse is his winner was an own goal ...

    good player doesnt give u anything

    what do i have to do ?????

    Posted by romeo1969 on 08:55pm 15/05/07 Level 6
    Galactico League
    Two more cracking games with the Turkish! Was extremely lucky in both games...Turkish seemed to have shot after shot but I was finishing all my chances in the first game...the second was nailbiting right down to the wire I thought I had held onto a 0-0 draw but in the dying seconds turkish came up trumps! Well played mate look forward to some more games soon!

    Posted by mozla on 08:05pm 15/05/07 Level 6
    Turkish Delight.
    Not played this guy yet but I like him.

    We have a "lille" connection going on.


    Posted by Beck21941 on 03:54am 14/05/07 Level 12
    ucl cup
    had 2 games against this fella and he won both ,, first game 3 - 2 and was a close game and could of gone either way . The 2nd was a 3 nil win and the 3rd goal was a cracker worth the fee alone ...

    well played mate ..... great connection .... great palyer ....

    cheers mate ..... maybe he will mic up next time ?

    Posted by romeo1969 on 10:15pm 10/05/07 Level 6
    2 good games, first game u were gd but the second wasnt ur best.
    Gd games

    Posted by I Keto I on 05:57pm 05/05/07 Level 4



    Posted by DONBEAN XL on 10:36pm 27/04/07 Level 6

    Posted by DONBEAN XL on 10:35pm 27/04/07 Level 6
    Norvern laaaaaad
    Great laugh on the SB and after playing a few rank ups aint that bad at PES either.

    Another top addition to the site, hopefully get in a few leagues next season and go from strength to strength on the site.

    Need to get my revenge tho!!


    Posted by Darth Carp on 02:19pm 27/04/07 Level 8
    only had time for 1 match but what a tough match it was. ended up 2-2 but for majority of game my defence was what saved me. grabbed equaliser in dying seconds to save face. top player 10/10

    Posted by RFC 2024 on 07:22pm 26/04/07 Level 3

    Good player that Turkish, had no complaints about both games, except my poor finishing skills! I need to play you again and reclaim my beloved kudos!

    Posted by motti82 on 08:39am 24/04/07 Level 5
    Good Game
    Good game

    Posted by I Keto I on 02:49pm 22/04/07 Level 4
    gd games
    Tough player to beat, sorry about the chopping down, i do that wen im nervous,its a complement lol keep plying likethat you could go through

    Posted by EmotionalWorm on 07:41pm 21/04/07 Level 5
    and again
    great games with the man from the land of the wierd, stick to the roads and 3 sleeved jumpers.

    got mi revenge (with no headers) and look forward to the next installment.

    recommend for sure

    Posted by Odvan on 10:01pm 18/04/07 Level 8
    top player n geeza. what a laugh we had on mic, recomend if u want a decent fair n high scoring game, end 2 end stuff wit sum blinders scored by both partys, cnt wait 2 play again!!!!!!!!!!! nuff love

    Posted by TRIGG TRIGGER on 10:10am 18/04/07 Level 4
    Great Player
    Had a great couple of games with this guy tonight think PES was against me tonight couldnt finish! Great connection good games will defo play again for some revenge!

    Posted by mozla on 09:45pm 17/04/07 Level 6
    Good Player
    Had a good couple of games with this guy! Good player nice to use other teams instead of the usual chelsea, man u etc!

    Posted by mozla on 06:56pm 16/04/07 Level 6
    chinese chicken
    dunno y iv called it that suppose its 12 cans of stella and 5 spliffs in the sun ha ha but he caught me out did this boi ere i answered a text on acorner n forgot bout the gane free header then he gets another str8 after but i managed to gain a valient win against a very challengin opponent n now im just gabblin shit ha ha sorry lol love you all the bean is flickin babaay

    Posted by DONBEAN XL on 09:23pm 15/04/07 Level 6
    quality player
    we played twice , but ending in draws , but both games were awesome. both teams playing some really good stuff most of the time lol. 2 sum up major's style , stand off him and let him play at ur danger. will make sure we play again , looking 4ward 2 it mate.

    Posted by Lally Bhoy67 on 07:58pm 10/04/07 Level 3
    good game
    crackin semi final first time ive played the guy and he played some smashin football, pitty his goalie was complete garbage lol. look forward to another game mate!

    Posted by chrissy paul on 11:21pm 08/04/07 Level 9
    top games against half of the massiv3, nice 2 see he has gone on his own. now we got twice the trouble lolol. top player, top geeza and top chat on the mic, was even up 4 a game of golf. nice1 m8 well played. 10/10.

    Posted by rudeboyMACKA on 07:07pm 08/04/07 Level 10
    good player
    had 3 games against this guy lost all 3 too. he plays a good all round game, watch out for top quality passing and movement down the wings . also one of the best tackler [ standing] ive come across. just when i was getting a bit of joy on pes he puts me back to square one lol. hope to play again soon m8

    Posted by Ultrawesty on 08:38pm 05/04/07 Level 4
    At last this fella has sorted his poop out and got himself an account instead of having to fist darwen massive for a go of his!!! :)

    Top bloke, always love playin him, always love heading against him too, lol.

    Deserves quick, positive comments as he's been on ere for a while now but just got a new account.

    Highly recommend.

    Posted by Odvan on 01:03pm 05/04/07 Level 8
    you gotta play this dude! a top player and a diamond geezer on the mic as long as its before midnight, thats when he turns into a pumpkin!! lol

    Posted by Darw3n Massiv3 on 10:55am 04/04/07 Level 6
    You think I did these cutbacks on purpose? I dont even no what the hype about it is before you started saying I did it, I havent set out in any way to do this.

    I just play how I play all the way through the game so I didnt start to do "cutbacks" cos I was desperate to win and I didnt start doing anything from 80mins thanks.

    Whatever I did was through natural instinct with the way I play and I sharn't be changing the way I play because someone might spit their dummy out cos I used a "cutback".

    Thanks again for a nice complimentary profile for myself, favour returned.

    Posted by nabby1987 on 12:11am 04/04/07 Level 2
    very gud player
    nice addition 2 the site, keeps the ball well and cuts inside ur defenders really well, deserved of both victorys against me

    gud games and jst hope 4 abit of a redemption the next time we play lol

    Posted by UnloadedZulu on 11:57pm 03/04/07 Level 6
    In Response
    Firstly I picked Chelsea through frustration from the first game, understandable considering how crap Spuds were on a slow pitch.

    Secondly why moan about me cutting back? Im not trying to prove Im a good player to anyone, and if I wish to use these "cutbacks" not that I was intentionally doing it anyway, I will.

    Now thanks for that highly uncomplimentary comment but what a fucking welcome on to a site I only joined yesterday.

    Idiot, good to see people take losing gracefully...**rolleyes**

    Posted by nabby1987 on 11:22pm 03/04/07 Level 2

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