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Home JimmyWelsh9

Information (597 views)

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XBL Account:
Occupation:Systems Development Consultant
Join Date:12th March 2006, 1:27 pm
Last Seen: 3 hours, 55 mins ago
Referred by:neil363
Kudos: 246
Achievements:8 (View all)
Awards: Completed 2 Euro League Seasons  Completed 1 International Season   	Completed 2 UCL Seasons
Community Level:Level 6 (98% to next level) (View Rankings)
Reputation: 45 vote(s), 5/5 (Play me to rate me)
Last Game: 3 days, 14 hours ago (Stueyg87 3 Vs. 0 JimmyWelsh9)
Total time spent on site:35 days, 14 hours

JimmyWelsh9 says...
I'm back !!

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JimmyWelsh9 is currently taking part in the following events
Euro League 2 
JimmyWelsh4s RPS Cup 
Euro League Cup 

Game History PES 6

Games played: 111
Games won: 14 (13%)
Games lost: 82 (74%)
Games drawn: 15 (14%)
Goals scored: 69
Goals conceeded: 248

Game History Chart & Graph

(23) Player Comments

hi, m8 can u play our gamz or wat time r u free

Posted by konami1980 on 09:30pm 24/06/07 Level 4
tidy player
yeah good player, nice smooth connection, good game, cheers mate, play again sometime, and try and get that country in too !

Posted by Gelastico on 10:09pm 21/06/07 Level 1


nah hes gettin better at PES plays a decent game of football none of this pass to 1 player and run liek sum ppl!

keep it up fella

Posted by Stueyg87 on 12:14am 30/05/07 Level 7
Propa Ponce lol
he's A:WAYS talking to me lololol

offereed to take me out and evedryhting lol shows wat a queer he is lol

wudnt survive a nite in sudnerland lololololololololol

luv ya jimmy

Posted by Stueyg87 on 08:00pm 09/02/07 Level 7
Another Neil smash and grab job!
God damn I should have lost. As usual, JW4 has ALL the possession but cant find the net.

How many times should he have beaten me? Alot more than he has!!

Still, always great games tho!

Posted by neil363 on 08:44am 02/12/06 Level 11
My Old Botn Buddy!!
Legend, great guy, great games and he is the only scouser that i can talk to


Posted by H3AVY on 09:47pm 27/11/06 Level 7
top one
excellent games ,and good connection , nice one mate , good luck with the rest of the season :)

Posted by copius on 09:23pm 27/11/06 Level 7
Sound as a pound
This guy is pretty fly for a welsh guy, lol neway good laugh n gives a good game. Althought my england just too much for his brasil :D

Posted by BC PimpDaddy on 09:57pm 27/10/06 Level 12
great player
had 2 good games against this guy, VERY good at keeping the ball so getting any chances against him will be hard.. well played mate


Posted by Stucowie on 10:18pm 18/10/06 Level 8
great player
had 2 good games against this guy, VERY good at keeping the ball so getting any chances against him will be hard.. well played mate


Posted by Stucowie on 10:18pm 18/10/06 Level 8
He better be back!!
He reckons hes off to a new job and new house, I reckon its just hes crap at PES5 and waiting for PES6, lol Anyways, we dont wanna lose this dude, should always be welcome here and in our leagues!! In fact, I dont think anyone will let him leave!!

Posted by neil363 on 09:52pm 21/08/06 Level 11
JIMMY JIMMY OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH JIMMYWELSH! from paris to berlin u gay bummer!

top geezer!

Posted by Boobiesaregreat on 11:26am 09/08/06 Level 14
Grear Final!
Just like to add that I had one hell of an internation leageu cup final with this dude we both hit the woodwork my palms were sweating bought back to me why i decided ti make this wonderful place with my partener in crim m0nkeymafia :) greeat stuff!

Posted by Tomski on 08:46pm 20/07/06 Level 14
Top bloke
The sort of chap that you know would be right there with you if you got in a fight! A good PES player too great addition to BOTN :)

Posted by Tomski on 11:20pm 10/07/06 Level 14
top bloke!
Always around for a game or just a chat. Not very good at shooting, Doesnt know which button to press I dont think (dont tell him tho, cos once hes figured it out he'll be deadly!!).
One for the longterm!!

Posted by neil363 on 11:33pm 06/07/06 Level 11
Good lad
This gut is always friendly, and give u a good game of PES, beleive me I should know! Asset to the site.

Posted by Beck21941 on 12:32am 02/07/06 Level 12
good evo player

Posted by airmax69 on 04:56pm 25/06/06 Level 5
Ultimate BOTN legend
Man, this guy is da dogs balls. Helped me massivly in his own spare time and is also a good laugh!!
Almost ruined my record in EL3 also.

Posted by lil hunter7 on 08:24pm 22/06/06 Level 12
Ma Welsh Connection



Posted by H3AVY on 02:46am 14/06/06 Level 7
Cool guy
Cool guy, clean player, good player and good connection. What more can you ask for?

Posted by PimpRock1 on 01:54am 05/06/06 Level 7
The man
Free-kick specialist

Posted by phat flapps on 12:02am 19/04/06 Level 1
welsh lad
great cos he's welsh need i say more

Posted by A HERO EMERGES on 09:03pm 12/03/06 Level 8
a great guy and very funny a credit to botn also great pro evo player

Posted by manc 4 life on 07:03pm 12/03/06 Level 3

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