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XBL Account:
Location:North West
Join Date:23rd October 2006, 4:52 pm
Last Seen: 3 days, 19 hours ago
Referred by:No one
Kudos: 646
Achievements:24 (View all)
Awards: Completed 3 Euro League Seasons  S6 EL4 Winner . P26 W22 D2 L2 GF67 GA24 GD+43 Pts68  S6 EL4. Top Scorer- 67  Completed 2 Galactico League Season  Winner of the 50th mini cup, Iran V Saudi Arabia Beating Dalva Empire 2-0 in the final  MCS 55 Winner of Juventus v Valencia beating Gilberto69 2-0 in the final.  Site donation � 1.50 thankyou!  completed 2 international seasons  Joint top goal scored in el3  Winning International Cup  S7 Galactico 1 League Winner  S7 Galactico 1 Conceded Least Goals  S7 Euro League 2 Runner up  S7 Euro League 2 Top Scorer  Completed 1 Galactico Season
Community Level:Level 7 (25% to next level) (View Rankings)
Reputation: 21 vote(s), 4.9/5 (Play me to rate me)
Last Game: 5 days, 35 mins ago (Aboosive 4 Vs. 1 truplaya86)
Total time spent on site:61 days, 7 hours

truplaya86 says...
tru playa 4 real

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Games played: 676
Games won: 368 (55%)
Games lost: 199 (30%)
Games drawn: 109 (17%)
Goals scored: 1484
Goals conceeded: 1076

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(44) Player Comments

gud game
gud player soz i cunt play more games 2 tired after that 1 5-5 i think lol play again soon

Posted by pe6 on 05:03pm 09/07/07 Level 2
Easy pickings
until he sticks his lady on the mic to distract, insult and generally mentally screw you!
What a Cracker!

Posted by jonboyo on 01:40pm 15/06/07 Level 11
amazing player
just destroyed my confidence twice!!! lol 2 la liga games him with racing santander and me with barca, and from the start he owned me i never got a look in with his defence..... i really am speechless at the moment lol fair play m8

Posted by UnloadedZulu on 05:38pm 08/06/07 Level 7
Quality Playa
had 3 tough games against him. I came out on top but by the the skin of my teeth. this lad is a match 4 any one and if ur not at ur best he will slaughter u. to top it all off hes a fellow scouser
keep doing ur thing lad

Posted by whitey9 scouser on 01:22am 06/06/07 Level 6
Good player
Just scrapped through against this guy in all of our three games. All close matches and very entertaining. Look forward to playing you again in the future! Cheers

Posted by rattenbury on 04:37pm 04/06/07 Level 4
Mics on for the boys!
and great laugh...
nothing better than late night banter and footy :)

Posted by jonboyo on 03:44am 01/06/07 Level 11
euro 2
trueplaya....Spot on lad, and a cracking finisher, he took all his chances well, cannot fault him at all.

Posted by motti82 on 10:47pm 28/05/07 Level 5
Good Game
Very good game mate hoefully we will play and talk again 1 day

10/10 play again

Posted by SECRETxboxGAMER on 02:09pm 26/05/07 Level 2
gd plyr
this guy is a gd plyr uses the wings very well gd chat 2 wp fella

Posted by Mackem77 on 11:19am 26/05/07 Level 6
Played me in la liga and battered me!!!!!!!!. Every goal he scored was and absolute belter hes fookin Racing as well lol. Great player and very difficult to play against!!!!

Defo one to play if you want to improve!
Well played mate

Posted by Bunners2006 on 01:07pm 24/05/07 Level 11
good game
good honest game of football, it took us a while due to dcd.s?? but we got there in the end. i only beat him with a 30 yard screamer ha ha lol sorry pal i'm sure you'll get your own back..

Posted by pete mushroom76 on 10:04pm 20/05/07 Level 3
Good player
Good player. ... amzing skill . .. not the best of players no here tho ... im sorry i got dirty i had to as the ref was being a ........ and you got away with everything ....

Posted by unitedkid on 05:13pm 17/05/07 Level 9
good player
had 2 tough games with this fellow then the 3rd was bit one way still he tough to get past and quite strong on the attack good games m8 look foward to playin again

Posted by HOLTE END ARMY2 on 07:01pm 15/05/07 Level 5
quality playa
Lol like wot i did with the title. God I'm funny...........

Anyways, played a couple of league games with the guy and made life very hard work for me. Always on the attack and very skillful with the ball.

Top matches, play u again soon

Posted by Darth Carp on 08:33pm 14/05/07 Level 8
Euro Games!
Had two games against truplaya in the euro league...although its my first time in the euro league after winning both my first premiership and international league games I felt quietly confident. Truplaya was a class above today though and I lost both 4-1! Great player, great connection good luck in euro league 2!

Posted by mozla on 06:40pm 14/05/07 Level 7
good player
real good player has you under pressure all the time passes and moves the ball brilliantly extremely hard to break down as well.

Posted by pompeybuster on 09:49pm 06/05/07 Level 5
Well Played
Great game mate, well played, cheers 10/10

Posted by aaronc333 on 06:07pm 24/04/07 Level 7
Great few games, was unlucky to lose on 2 occasions, top lad to chat to on mic and he's a fellow scouser - deadly combo :D

Cya again hopefully mate.

Posted by RossiH on 12:13am 09/04/07 Level 10
good guy
sound guy when he takes his mic off he clinical he was lyon but didnt make ne differnce made it very tough nice one

Posted by chester morris on 02:08pm 06/04/07 Level 5
Superb finisher
If you play this guy, you HAVE GOT TO stop him from having shots. Sounds obvious but he is a class finisher.. and this is proved by how high up the rankings he is.

Great games... top player.

Nice one

Posted by Beck21941 on 11:49pm 31/03/07 Level 12
great player
had a euro league game and was beaten comprehensively, if that 1 off the crossbar in the 1st went in it might hav bn a different game but very fair result in the end and hope u do well in the latter stages 10/10

Posted by UnloadedZulu on 07:31pm 18/03/07 Level 7
Great games!!
This guys a very good Pro Evo player, fair in the tackle and tactically aware. 4-0 in the first game flattered me as my keeper made some top notch saves, and lets be honest Adriano's always gonna bag the SLAG!! Second game much tighter and then the big fat Brazilian popped up again to score in the 85th min to give me a squeaky bum time 1-0 win. Really enjoyed the games mate good luck with the rest of the league.

No mic??

Posted by Darw3n Massiv3 on 08:50am 12/03/07 Level 6
good player........
........whipped my arse in the first, closer in the second but he scored an utter bullshit goal. likes to play of the keeper for rebounds also, so be careful. good connection and fair player as far as i can see. cheers mate

Posted by justme ctid on 04:46pm 01/03/07 Level 10
go on then
Lol....i suppose its time i left my mate truplaya a comment. Weve had our differences in the past but its all a laugh at the end of the day and to be honest i prefer playing guys like playa, gets the best out of ya. Well played mate in our WC game, look forward to more matches against ya.

Posted by beanos25 on 03:26pm 27/02/07 Level 11
very good player
beat me fair and square. he does hack but i think we shouldnt moan about hacking as it is a tactic and there are consequences 4 hacking such as red cards so its all fair play. he ended up with 9 men and still beat me and it was fair . very good passer of the ball with an eye for goal. cheers mate great game

Posted by speightman on 03:07pm 25/02/07 Level 6
Had to games against this guy there and was struggling to keep up with him for most of the matches. great connection and a great player.

Posted by wintz on 11:59pm 19/02/07 Level 8
Top Player
had 2 good world cup games gainst this guy. always top games. good luck for the rest of the tournament m8

Posted by MingeMuncher on 03:51pm 18/02/07 Level 11
Top Stuff!
Good lad, I beat him in first game (just) but he worked me out and stuffed me in the second.

No lag & very good player. Will play again.

Posted by Woody83 on 09:29pm 13/02/07 Level 7
good player
he is a very good player, connection very good.

Could of beaten him with a different team.


Posted by The Predator 6 on 05:22pm 30/01/07 Level 4
Great Player
took a beating last night in mini cup . hes the best ive played against on xbox live

Posted by aaronc333 on 03:19pm 29/01/07 Level 7
Great player
Gives a 100 % all the time. The team he choose was a shock for me but he nearly came out on top. Great 5 **

Posted by unitedkid on 10:47pm 20/01/07 Level 9
tough as!
2 crackin league games, really close especially the 2nd, top connection too, and you deffo deserve your el4 championship! this player will go far! nice one :)

Posted by copius on 06:51pm 09/01/07 Level 7
Excellent player.
what a pme.layer this guy is. I have to work like mad to keep him out. Always a good game.

Top lad


Posted by Beck21941 on 07:49pm 02/01/07 Level 12
Sheer Class
this is a truly good player, very quick, lots of counters and cuts inside u like ur not even there. Really shoulda wooped me good but was gentleman enough to miss an open goal :)

Posted by Diddley on 04:58pm 30/12/06 Level 8
good player but snapped me from behind when i was clean thru. Expect that from cheating foriegn fucks on live but not from folk on the site

Posted by ILLEG4L on 10:12pm 19/12/06 Level 2
Tough cookie
lol Hes got a physical style but when you get used to it its turns into a really enjoyable game. Even understanding when i messed up a cup result :)

Posted by rabona on 09:21pm 18/12/06 Level 11
Top Player
Great player and great connection. 1st game i played him we scored 4 goals in 1st 15mins. Both games were end to end none stop. Great finsher. Look forward to playing again

Posted by joeyuk on 01:09am 15/12/06 Level 5
The jacksons bored cup Champ, Beating Sanderson 2-1 in the final

Posted by rabona on 11:52pm 14/12/06 Level 11
just signed up tru was my first, broke me in gently 2-2 then not so gently second time 3-1

Posted by spenny31 on 05:44pm 25/11/06 Level 3
Top Class Player
Just had an absolute cracker of a session with tru, 2-2, 1-1, 0-0, 3-3, then i just managed to win the final game 3-1. Every match was end to end stuff tho, basketball style - tru shoots, i run down other end and shoot, he runs down other and shoots........etc.

Best pes6 session ive had for a long time mate, thanks alot and look forward to our next.

Posted by Sam635 on 01:46am 19/11/06 Level 11
whooped me 3-0 and 3-0 this boy is too good and my finishing is [email protected]!! great connection and a very very good player

Posted by paulus123 on 11:36pm 16/11/06 Level 3
good player
Great pro player with good connection who taught me a lesson.

hope to play you again when i get perform and get revenge!!! woohaa

cheers for the games

Posted by ChiefJedi on 07:08pm 07/11/06 Level 5
Top man
Good connection and slaughtered me 2-0 4-1 and 3-0!! well played mate

Posted by paulus123 on 03:35pm 05/11/06 Level 3
Top Bloke
Good guy to play. good player, no lag definatly recommend a game with true
cheers for the games mate

Posted by MingeMuncher on 08:15pm 31/10/06 Level 11

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