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Information (730 views)

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XBL Account:
Occupation:Finshed school
Join Date:18th January 2007, 4:00 pm
Last Seen: 10 days, 4 hours ago
Referred by:No one
Kudos: 373
Warnings: Quit EL3  Quit Galactico 3  Abusive to admins and members  game arranging
Achievements:9 (View all)
Awards: Site donation � 2.50 thankyou!  completed 1 euro season
Community Level:Level 9 (49% to next level) (View Rankings)
Reputation: 20 vote(s), 5/5 (Play me to rate me)
Last Game: 49 days, 2 hours ago (Boobiesaregreat 4 Vs. 2 unitedkid)
Total time spent on site:25 days, 9 hours

unitedkid says...
there's only one way and that way is up

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Game History PES 6

Games played: 173
Games won: 41 (24%)
Games lost: 105 (61%)
Games drawn: 27 (16%)
Goals scored: 236
Goals conceeded: 410

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(42) Player Comments

great bloke
very sound bloke, good allround player, great banter and very fair.
cheers 4 the game mate.

be lucky.

Posted by TEDDSY on 10:01pm 25/05/07 Level 5
sound as a pound!
this kid is a decent player, getting better each time we play!

unitedkid is a really top member of BotN and will be here for the long run i think.

Respect m8, all the best!

Posted by chrissy paul on 07:47pm 25/05/07 Level 9
no hard feelings
hav always thought u were sound and yesterday jst came outta nowhere, didnt know wat the fook i did wrong lol

was gonna comment on the match anyway that uv improved loads since the last time we played, found u very hard 2 break down and ul give ur next el3 opponents alot of trouble

Posted by UnloadedZulu on 06:35pm 25/05/07 Level 7
Bad Boy
Told me to leave a bad comment, so here you go. NAUGHTY BOY!

Posted by nbuk on 03:01pm 24/05/07 Level 9
Good Game
Good player probably the youngest i have played. uses his mic and we played 2 great games hammered him 4-0 then dont ask me what happened in the second he won 3-2 but fair play he had a pants team where his striker missed a open GOAL!!! lol good times good games

Posted by ScS 93 on 10:36pm 23/05/07 Level 4
Rank ups
Had three good games. The ref wasn't on my side in the last game but I managed to scrap for a 2-2 draw.

Top bloke and good chat


Posted by Trent End Jim on 01:25pm 20/05/07 Level 4
This guy knows his swear words anyway reff dont like him he had shit team i had inter i won on he won one good game great win with some unkown team good games great player

Posted by ScS 93 on 09:50pm 17/05/07 Level 4
Poor . . .
playd this kid before and he played well and if i remember i enjoyed r games, however the most recent 2 games were a different story, one game the decisions didnt go his way so he snapped and hacked every player he could, then sent me a nasty message askin me to put scores in myself.... like its a big effort to put in to sets of scores?? maybe because you lost it was so hard...anyway its a shame cos i thought u were decent lad, will be avoiding you in future

Posted by truplaya86 on 05:33pm 17/05/07 Level 6
yh this kids just wot the site wanted and a ryt laugh on the mic. the refs hate him aswell lol

play agen def

Posted by daviesb on 02:46pm 15/05/07 Level 4
Top Bloke!
Nice lad to chat to and a couple of good games, good connection as well.

Look forward to playing again in the future.

Posted by RossiH on 08:17pm 22/03/07 Level 10
gud player
like i said before dusnt look like he knows how 2 use liverpool (neither do i got them in the champ league and think im fookeddd!!) but u can c he has potential, jst wish u wudnt go sliding around so much when ur behind by abit, altogether i think it was like 6 players sent off in the 3 games weve had!! lol

definitely worth a game tho

Posted by UnloadedZulu on 03:26pm 20/03/07 Level 7
top man
had 2 good games, decent player and gr8 connection, and another mic user. well played m8. 10/10.

and also cheers 4 the game of golf, made a nice change. reeeespec!!!!!

Posted by rudeboyMACKA on 05:23pm 15/03/07 Level 10
don't be liverpool
don't play your goalkeepers next time try playing a striker in goal you might have better luck maybe Crouch because he can reach far ^^ anwyas good laugh good game

Posted by Jonoridge on 07:52pm 14/03/07 Level 3
Top man
Plays a good open attacking game and makes a nuisance of himself. Despite losing 5-1, he praised my performance...big respect to you m8! Keep practising, you'll get as flukey as me in time lol

Posted by Dazzerrazzer on 07:24pm 12/03/07 Level 4
sound lad
gud player, dusnt seem 2 hav gotten 2 grips with liverpool probs cos hes a red devil at heart lol, but gud game and hope 2 play u again

Posted by UnloadedZulu on 05:21pm 11/03/07 Level 7
Me and unitedkid have played each other many oftimes.. and theyve only been close. a really good lad.

Posted by SupaJ Rehab on 03:28pm 11/03/07 Level 6
looks like hunter is working his magic, outplayed me in both games.....

Posted by superden360 on 10:47pm 07/03/07 Level 5
Top props
Im gonna make this geez the best player on the site.. mark my words!!

Good friendly lad, good pro player and great connection. Plays for fun and uses mic

Wo0p to unitedkid

Posted by lil hunter7 on 03:17pm 07/03/07 Level 12
Well Played
Good player.... He hit back twice in the 90th minute to win 2 games against me... typical United!
Good games, have to play u again sometime mate

Posted by cozzzie on 09:44pm 06/03/07 Level 0
Top Man
Jus played in mini cup close game i jus scraped it bt cudnt get out mi half in 2nd half
Defo play im agen

Posted by liverpoolfchris on 09:07pm 04/03/07 Level 4
good player
good player and definately knows what he is doing. will defnately play agen

Posted by micah 1990 on 01:33pm 02/03/07 Level 2
Good solid player
This guys on a bad run at the moment, and when u are on a bad run you dont get any luck. Had 2 games against him and had a few lucky decisions.

Actually went 1-0 down in boths game but I managed to come back.

Nice one m8 ;-)

Posted by Beck21941 on 06:08pm 01/03/07 Level 12
made me

a mini cup meet was to be had, salvaged by a last minute wiiner by myself.

good game, no hacks, no crap, just a good, honest straightforward game of PES.

top player

Posted by Odvan on 09:16pm 25/02/07 Level 8
good Koth game, when it went 2-1 i was getting a bit anxious, a fortunate defelcted goal killed the game of, well played m8

Posted by mikehicks08 on 07:46pm 21/02/07 Level 4
Very Enthusiastic
good passer of the ball and extremely enthusiastic on the mic and the pitch! refreshin to play against someone that puts 110% effort in for the full 90 minutes - fantastic connection - look forward to another game pal

Posted by chrissy paul on 07:09pm 21/02/07 Level 9
Quality Player
Palyed well, scored good goals and had a very good connection. Will definately try and olay again

Posted by CAFCmatt on 10:02pm 18/02/07 Level 2
Top Geezer
good player and a nice really nice guy on the mic. he is a asset to the site

Posted by MingeMuncher on 09:26pm 18/02/07 Level 10
good guy
two really good games wi this guy well enjoyed m8 cheers good player n good on the mic to will defo play again

Posted by ronnie1976 on 07:20pm 17/02/07 Level 4
ggod guy

Posted by ronnie1976 on 07:19pm 17/02/07 Level 4
Good fighter
He fought well and maybe the score shouldnt of been so great! good player and he seems sound as a pound! soz i wasnt on the mic mate.. i couldnt find it haha!

Posted by SupaJ Rehab on 11:52pm 16/02/07 Level 6
great player + match
well united kid is a very good player this was my 1st match on botn it was 1-1 last 5mins the goals were i went 1-0 then last min he scored final score 1-1 well i think hes a good player and hard to beat in the defence so i had to do some long shots
well played :)

Posted by efcneilcawley on 03:48pm 16/02/07 Level 5
great match
2 brilliant matches.
Good at crossing the ball.
Great connection.
Good Player

Posted by The Predator 6 on 08:34pm 10/02/07 Level 4
Sound geeza
Had a couple of games against him decent player, god ver the mic too, welcome to botn mate

Posted by BC PimpDaddy on 07:31pm 05/02/07 Level 12
Lucky Fecker!!!
Sound lad, good pes player but a lucky little fecker!!! lol. Played my first match against unitedkid in the Mini Cup. I somehow missed about 8 sitters! and the match finished with me having 18 shots (8 sitters) compared to his 4 shots - with the matching ending 2-1 to unitedkid! But still really enjoyed the game, very entertaining. I think that unitedkid will become a top botn member and is a great addition to the site.
Cheers mate, looking forward to getting my revenge!

Posted by Sam635 on 09:47pm 04/02/07 Level 11
graet games, top player
gave me too good games, really unlucky i n the 2nd. good skills good connection, deffo play again.

Posted by fatnose2 on 11:02am 04/02/07 Level 5

A very,very good player all he needs is to keep is calm n the rest will follow.very hot edded but a right laff.......lol

Posted by mboulton on 12:01am 31/01/07 Level 0
gud player if only he could finish lol

top lad and gud banter on the mic!

sound connection aswell! defo recommend for a league!

Posted by Boobiesaregreat on 07:20pm 30/01/07 Level 14
top man
had a scorcher of a game with him, i came out on top 6-5. great player, no lag and no hacks. highly recommended player

Posted by beats210 on 05:55pm 30/01/07 Level 5
Good Man
cant finish his supper.. but atleast hes a good sport lol

Posted by FTA x TaRtaN on 05:37pm 30/01/07 Level 4
Well played
Just played him and he's a top lad, Top chap over the mic and I am sure with the more games he play's the better he will become.
Thanks for the games dude and good luck in the rest of your games!

Posted by Indiana Dave on 09:06pm 29/01/07 Level 11
New Kid On da block
first game with this guy, must b a nu kid on da block but he earnt his place on BoTn , by beating me!! Will look forward 2 our next clash !! well done mate

Posted by truplaya86 on 08:17pm 21/01/07 Level 6
good player
very good attacking player like's to hit u on the break should do well on botn

Posted by spenny31 on 05:03pm 18/01/07 Level 3

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