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    Home liverpoolfchris

    Information (402 views)

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    XBL Account:
    Join Date:1st March 2024, 8:57 pm
    Last Seen: 2 mins, 49 secs ago
    Referred by:rudeboyMACKA
    Kudos: 543
    Achievements:24 (View all)
    Awards: Completed 2 Seasons In Euro League  Beating SupaJ Rehab 9-5 in the Champions League Final  Winning The Champions League
    Community Level:Level 4 (25% to next level) (View Rankings)
    Reputation: 8 vote(s), 5/5 (Play me to rate me)
    Last Game: 17 hours, 46 mins ago (liverpoolfchris 2 Vs. 1 GiantJagz)
    Total time spent on site:36 days, 16 hours

    liverpoolfchris says...
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    La Liga 
    Euro League 1 
    Euro League Cup 
    International League Cup 
    Simulation League Cup 

    Game History PES 6

    Games played: 289
    Games won: 134 (47%)
    Games lost: 110 (39%)
    Games drawn: 45 (16%)
    Goals scored: 705
    Goals conceeded: 583

    Game History Chart & Graph

    (23) Player Comments

    high pressure
    a great player never gives u a moments peace 4 great games all as tight as hell defends magnificently is a deadly finisher just make sure u aint tired when u play this guy as it is a truly exhausting experience.Also a very fair player plays the game the right way highly recommended10/10

    Posted by pompeybuster on 01:25pm 05/08/07 Level 6
    proper player
    Had 4 class games against this guy. he beat me in d first on pens and i managed 2 sneak d other 3. quality opponent worth playin. cheers bud

    p.s. wat a goal from Risse

    Posted by Niall Bennis on 01:48am 03/08/07 Level 2
    hes a proper beast lurd

    Posted by Leary1402 on 09:30pm 19/07/07 Level 0
    Great player
    first game i dominated 6-0 second and third game were totally different they were a tight 4-3, 4-3. very good player

    Posted by Ste Lewy 10 on 03:10pm 18/07/07 Level 4
    very good player
    Mint player, plays it fair, never gives up and is deadly in attack!! Watch out for him playing with betis, odonkor is fooking hard to stop!! Will be one of the best on this website for sure!! 10/10

    Posted by beanos25 on 11:22pm 05/07/07 Level 11
    6 rank ups
    I played 6 rank ups with Chris, he is very hard to defend against, his movement keeps you on your toes and he nicks the ball off you if you even give him a sight of it.

    Chris won 4, drew 1 and i finally got a win at the end.

    In the 1st game he destroyed me 5-0 and he turned my defenders inside out with his attacking trickery. He always seems to get there if there is a rebound...

    Really good fun to play, very fair player.

    Cheers Chris.

    Posted by studlydemon on 11:29pm 03/07/07 Level 7
    Top PES Player
    first time ive played chris and it was in the non-slag cup. deadly going forward and good passer. well played m8. great games
    hope to play again soon

    Posted by MingeMuncher on 12:12pm 10/06/07 Level 11
    Good player
    had a couple of enjoyable La Liga matches with this guy, plays a good clean game, clever thru balls and tricky dribbling skills, loves to go forward. great games, hope to play again soon

    Posted by Diddley on 10:57pm 29/05/07 Level 8
    pure class
    beat me to a pulp over two games..he's my bet for the champ league.....pure class

    Posted by Pedro Le Guern on 11:10pm 10/04/07 Level 5
    Good games
    Just had 2 gret attacking games vs this guy, although wasnt much defending going on by either of us lol. Good games mate defo play again sumtime

    Posted by BC PimpDaddy on 10:26pm 05/04/07 Level 12
    awesome game thought i played quite well but ol boy ere turned it up a notch in the last 20 minutes and tore me to pieces, well played bruv good luck for the rest of it

    Posted by DONBEAN XL on 10:01pm 18/03/07 Level 6
    Top player
    Likes to attack directly with pace making for games with loads of chances at both ends.
    A decent finisher also.

    Posted by GortexTrousers on 09:35pm 18/03/07 Level 10
    top player
    he gets better and better everytime i play him, he has learnt very fast on botn how to become the top, i think tonights his minicup

    Posted by unitedkid on 08:58pm 18/03/07 Level 9
    sound guy
    played chris in two non slag rankups and well enjoyed the both..good connection and vgood player..av to av a couple of slag rankups next time mate...will deffo recomend this guy and hope to play him again soon......cheers bud

    Posted by jordoe on 10:18pm 12/03/07 Level 5
    I played a game earlier n went 3 nil down in 19 minutes n that was the game over fair play to this fella i went 3 nil up in 10? yes 10 minutes n he still managed to pull it back but i managed to get it done 5 3 but he done me 2 1 in the 2nd game fair played great games look forward to playin again


    Posted by DONBEAN XL on 06:25pm 11/03/07 Level 6
    good player
    had a couple of rankups with this guy. He is a top player and very good on the attack. Excellent finisher and good connection.

    Thanks m8

    Posted by ja030590 on 04:00pm 11/03/07 Level 4
    great player
    had 4 very good games , he won 3 and battered me in the last but i got lucky and won it .

    one of the best finishes I have come up against lately and scored some great goals against me

    clean player and good connection good chat on mic


    Posted by romeo1969 on 12:51am 11/03/07 Level 6
    2nd place?
    Are you going for the 2nd spot reserve ladder tonight :) ?

    Time to join a league!

    Posted by ChiefQuotient on 07:32pm 09/03/07 Level 4
    Chris is a great player and all our games are full of banter. Always a close match and whatever the outcome they're always fun to play in. He's a great acquisition for the site and will be up there in no time.

    Posted by RossiH on 06:52pm 07/03/07 Level 11
    Good player
    Good player ... he knows what he is doing and will make a big big shoot to stardom

    Posted by unitedkid on 09:04pm 04/03/07 Level 9
    Good player
    Just unlucky he played me at a time where everything seems to be goin my way, Good connection, clean player....a good one at that. Seems to be gettin through some rank ups and wont be long before he's seen in the leagues if he sticks around.

    Just a pity he's a Liverpool fan, well i suppose someone's got too. (I'm just a bitter Everton fan, lol)

    Good addition to the site, Good luck on here mate!

    Posted by topgunnergoose on 06:09pm 03/03/07 Level 7
    My style player
    We played 5 games in a row, all of them were topmatches!
    I'll play Chris any time!

    Posted by ChiefQuotient on 04:45pm 03/03/07 Level 4
    top notch
    couldnt get near this guy, he used owen and martins well. get him in the lge's he will do well me thinks. gg m8 well played.

    Posted by rudeboyMACKA on 07:35pm 02/03/07 Level 11

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