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TagEric Shaun 360
Last Seen48 mins, 59 secs ago
Join Date16th October 2005, 3:04 pm

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Location:North West
Join Date:19th June 2006, 8:50 am
Last Seen: 8 hours, 6 mins ago
Referred by:No one
Kudos: 261
Awards: Completed 3 Euro League Seasons  Completed 1 International League Season
Fixture Arranging: 8 original post(s)
Community Level:Level 4 (91% to next level) (View Rankings)
Reputation: 11 vote(s), 5/5 (Play me to rate me)
Last Game: 5 days, 16 hours ago (jordoe 1 Vs. 7 SupaJ Rehab)
Total time spent on site:30 days, 20 hours

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Game History PES 6

Games played: 183
Games won: 33 (19%)
Games lost: 116 (64%)
Games drawn: 34 (19%)
Goals scored: 186
Goals conceeded: 433

Game History PES 5

Games played: 132
Games won: 25 (19%)
Games lost: 72 (55%)
Games drawn: 35 (27%)
Goals scored: 109
Goals conceeded: 207

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Player Comments

28. Unfortunate...
Very unfortunate to have been playing as Bulgaria.. dont worry mate - you'll get your chance to beat me.

Posted by SupaJ Rehab on 11:54pm 25/04/07 Level 6
27. euro disaster
had two good games against this guy in the euro cup it was a shame that he got stuck with bulgaria though. give you a re-match m8 with decent teams m8

10 outta 10 m8

Posted by Gonzothompson on 10:57pm 23/04/07 Level 4
26. Good fair player
Had 3 good games as Newcastle vs Liverpool Plays the game the way it should e played.No dirty tackles and scored a brilliant header with Garcia.Much respect m8!

Posted by END OF GREEN on 05:21pm 11/04/07 Level 3
25. excellent games....
had 3 ggs, even though i was man yoo slags he stuck with the scousers....great games, good goals, and perfect connection.....

Posted by superden360 on 10:12pm 05/04/07 Level 4
24. Fair play
Great couple of games, battled well and drew in the first, and I got seriously worried, when I was 3-0 up and you pulled to goals back, lucky I had a goal blitz all of a sudden.

You competed well, and the second games scoreline flattered me.

Posted by Delonge on 06:57pm 26/03/07 Level 4
23. Top Player
Played 2 non slag games
both very close and i got a luky goal in tha 1st one
good connection defo play im agen

Posted by liverpoolfchris on 10:21pm 12/03/07 Level 3
22. Fair Play
Good couple of games, very resiliant player who battled till the end, very awesome connection. Good guy.

Posted by Delonge on 07:44pm 11/03/07 Level 4
21. good second game
had a bad first game but in the second I think he read my game play well ....well played.....fair......end to end stuff.....good defending.

Posted by Pedro Le Guern on 11:09am 11/03/07 Level 5
20. el3
hard man to track down but once we got it on had to fine games.

plays with his heart on his sleeve, really enjoys the game. was unlucky with a couple of mi goals but carries on regardless - fair play.

great connection and deffo recommend

Posted by Odvan on 05:22pm 26/02/07 Level 8
19. EL3 Games
Good solid player very fair not a hacker like me!! well played mate

Posted by blades71 on 12:43pm 19/02/07 Level 7
18. hi

fair player

good member of botn

Posted by EmotionalWorm on 11:43pm 16/02/07 Level 4
17. played well
great mini cup game that could have went either way and went jordoes on pens.

will defo climb the kudos

well played m8

Posted by oony7 on 09:58pm 11/02/07 Level 5
16. good sport
was v unlucky in our cup games and played very fair (unlike the odd 'mistimed tackle' from myself)..look foward to playing again..

Posted by superden360 on 12:12pm 28/01/07 Level 4
15. good but unlucky
a good player but really unlucky in our Italian cup games.....

Posted by cmi300 on 12:02pm 25/01/07 Level 3
14. good player
top bloke had 2 decent, very close games with and he plays the game well.

Posted by rudeboyMACKA on 04:54pm 18/01/07 Level 8
13. thanks
good clean fair player

Posted by speightman on 04:16pm 08/01/07 Level 5
12. great all rounder
great connection, very clean player, never gives up and has a sporting attitude, great player for botn.

Posted by Diddley on 09:25pm 04/01/07 Level 5
11. good guy
great opp. fair player, great connection an a great asset to BOTN

hope to play ya again pal

Posted by ChiefJedi on 09:59pm 10/12/06 Level 5
10. Good Lad
good clean player good connection well done mate



Posted by H3AVY on 06:14pm 09/11/06 Level 7
9. good player
good player dangerous on the attack unlucky not to get something from our league games

Posted by d dub x on 06:22pm 06/11/06 Level 3
8. Top man
3 Great games 0-1 0-2 and finally 2-2. Great connection too, cheers mate

Posted by paulus123 on 02:29pm 05/11/06 Level 3
7. good un
can play this game very well, and is a really sound guy.
Good connection, good player, nuff said

Posted by Darth Carp on 10:49pm 01/10/06 Level 8
6. Nice bloke
Had a few good rankups with him, nice person too

Posted by Paul Hague on 09:29pm 30/09/06 Level 5
5. End to End!
had 3 class games with his guy - pure fun but also tense - he is very good at keeping he ball and possession - i had to try hard to get somehthing from the games!

we both won one and drew the other - good connection too - play him if your man enough lol

Kuos jordoe!

Posted by FEXT on 07:56pm 30/09/06 Level 10
4. wicked guy
we had 2 close encountes with 2 shite teams, and was end to end both games.. fair player, well worth playing great connection too..

well played matey :)

Posted by Stucowie on 12:22am 28/09/06 Level 8
3. Top Bloke
Some good close games, great connection. Look forward to playing again. Nice addition to the site

Posted by joeyuk on 11:05pm 25/09/06 Level 5
2. Top man
No problems at all, great connection, nice fella an decent pro player. Will improve with more games on Botn. Good luuck on the site!

Posted by topgunnergoose on 11:30pm 18/09/06 Level 7
1. Played Well
2nd game this man gave me a run for my money. never gave up, never tho losin. great connection!!!
cheers mate

Posted by chocolatebear80 on 06:32pm 29/08/06 Level 5

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