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LocationRep Of Ireland
Last Seen1 day, 4 hours ago
Join Date16th September 2006, 7:07 pm

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Occupation:Federal Agent
Location:North West
Join Date:25th June 2006, 9:19 pm
Last Seen: 39 days, 1 hour ago
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Kudos: 612
Awards: Completed 1 International League Season  Completed 1 Euro League Season  Completed 1 Premiership season
Fixture Arranging: 7 original post(s)
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Reputation: 17 vote(s), 5/5 (Play me to rate me)
Last Game: 11 days, 16 hours ago (Lennyryan 1 Vs. 0 ChiefJedi)
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ChiefJedi says...
In Tyler We Trust

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Games played: 162
Games won: 51 (32%)
Games lost: 70 (44%)
Games drawn: 41 (26%)
Goals scored: 203
Goals conceeded: 266

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Games played: 3
Games won: 2 (67%)
Games lost: 0 (0%)
Games drawn: 1 (34%)
Goals scored: 7
Goals conceeded: 5

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Player Comments

31. Damn!!
Really frustrated me for the whole game everything went for him!!!, but cant take the second game away from him, where to save humiliation I had to last man hack him (which I never ever do) well played anyway mate at least I can keep with the person in first place!!!

Well played Bunners

Posted by Bunners2006 on 08:14am 27/02/07 Level 10
30. Great Player
Great all around player and deserved to come back and win the second game after narrowly losing the first. Very goods games and looking forward to playing you another time with two decent teams : )

Posted by Lennyryan on 10:37pm 26/02/07 Level 4
29. ggs
played jedi in our prem league cup, he beat me 4-1 on aggregate and played me off the park in the 2nd leg! RESPECT, ill get my revenge in the league.....lol

Posted by fatnose2 on 04:17pm 26/02/07 Level 5
28. Quality Player
This guy is a top top player, a sound guy and a good member.
Just had two entertaining prem matches with wigan vs man utd. Chief won the 1st game comfortably but somehow I managed to sneak the 2nd match with 2 very late goals from henri camera. His lack of forward passes (passing backwards and sideways between own players) got me quite frustrated but each to his own and he kept hold of the ball very well, even if it did make me wanna snap spme legs!

Cheers mate, good luck for the rest of the season.

Posted by Sam635 on 11:50pm 22/02/07 Level 11
27. Top Player.
Its hard to loose against Barcelona in virtual league as we do in the real life. I tried to play better than him, but it was impossible for me. He is unerring. Nice to play with u Chief.

Posted by thxaj23 on 05:58pm 18/02/07 Level 5
26. Premiership Games
2 Great Games with this guy, top player. played the way it should be, was very happy to get a point off him after seeing how good he really was. Gd Luck in Prem Fella.

Posted by Sean McAuley on 06:30pm 16/02/07 Level 4
25. league games
well played mate enjoyed the games gutted about the results right enough but its all about the fun and that was top drawer! very good player!

Posted by chrissy paul on 05:07pm 16/02/07 Level 8
24. good player
fair and a good player. i would definately play again (but hopefully id win this time)

Posted by speightman on 09:34am 15/02/07 Level 5
23. hard games
they were two right hard ones well played but m8 well enjoyed

Posted by ronnie1976 on 09:11pm 07/02/07 Level 4
22. nice one
played 2 league games and a rank up , top games all round, real battle, enjoyed them all, hopefully get some more rank ups in sometime soon, well played mate nice one, real pleasure:)

Posted by copius on 04:55pm 08/01/07 Level 6
21. Good games
Good games, fair player, top connection

well done mate

Posted by H3AVY on 05:44pm 12/12/06 Level 7
20. good player
played this guy in cup competition and struggled like hell against him.
Fair player reads the game well and a top connection to boot

hope to play again

Posted by Darth Carp on 10:51pm 10/12/06 Level 8
19. great games..
..played in great spirit, good stuff mate. Flawless connection as well.

Posted by grammartron on 03:07pm 10/12/06 Level 2
18. Top Class
Just played a couple of league games with this guy, top class player I was going well in the league till I met him and only came away with 1 point from the two games. Best of luck m8. Thanks for the games.

Posted by Lennyryan on 12:22pm 03/12/06 Level 4
17. Cool
Good bloke good all round coms and good at evo too! Good addition to BOTN :)

Posted by Tomski on 10:54pm 30/11/06 Level 14
16. Top Player
Plays really good football, to bad he got the worse team on pes6 lol.....defo play again and recommend for rankups !!

Posted by RazorsharpDB on 09:46pm 26/11/06 Level 3
15. good games
2 top games (although they would have been better if id won them!) good connection

Posted by Mark ed T on 12:48am 25/11/06 Level 2
14. Well played
Thanks for the games! Enjoyed them! Hopefully play ya again sometime soon.



Posted by Guv280984 on 06:54pm 13/11/06 Level 1
13. Well played
Thanks for the games! Enjoyed them! Hopefully play ya again sometime soon.



Posted by Guv280984 on 06:53pm 13/11/06 Level 1
12. V. Nice guy
Thanks for the games... felt like i was takin the piss in the last one, but i've only started 2 become good at pro6 so it felt good =)
V.good attacking play, and have to be on ur guard when defending against him. Reccomend highly, fair player!!

Posted by lil hunter7 on 05:53pm 13/11/06 Level 12
11. Great games!
Top games. Couple of close ones and a 3-0 thrashing that was seriously flattering, lol!! Hopefully one to stay.

Top man!

Posted by neil363 on 09:19pm 07/11/06 Level 11
10. Great Guy
great attitude, even tho i beat him 3-1 (shulda been more)

looking forward 2 our league matches, should b fun.

Posted by DeanoS86 on 08:11pm 07/11/06 Level 0
9. league game
hey just played ya for first time...interestin 2 games...even got his keeper sent off, (unlucky) anyway good luck in the league mate

Posted by truplaya86 on 07:12pm 07/11/06 Level 5
8. Nice One!
Just had a good game with the Chief and got done 2-0! well done m8, good game, great connection too. Play again soon

Posted by paulus123 on 02:27pm 05/11/06 Level 3
7. BTW...
I also sent him the referral link which i have not been credited with :@

Can someone sort?

Posted by FEXT on 11:18pm 04/11/06 Level 10
6. class
i met this guy randomly thru a non-friend rank up and he more than out played me - was a good couple of games we had.

The most memorable was the game that ended 5-3 to him - i was 3-0 up at half time!

I was gutted but fair dos he did come back at me big time!

So even if you are 3-0 do not let your guard down (like my beloved spurs have so many times in the past)

Will deffo play ya again bro!

Posted by FEXT on 11:17pm 04/11/06 Level 10
5. Good Bloke
Chief is a top fella. Good banter on the shoutbox. Good player. Good connection.
Here to stay.


Posted by Beck21941 on 08:12pm 04/11/06 Level 11
4. new guy
played this fella tonight hes very good would play again tick all the boxes like no lag and stuff give him a game good luck m8

Posted by trw1979 on 01:25am 04/11/06 Level 6
3. Top Bloke
Just played my first matches again Chief, hes a very good player and a sound bloke aswell.
Had three very close, end to end matches.
Cheers mate and look forward to more games.

Posted by Sam635 on 12:29am 04/11/06 Level 11
2. Great!
Played this newbie and he gave me a run for my money. Played excellently and has a damn fine connection.
Good luck on the site and enjoy it!

Posted by Indiana Dave on 10:50pm 03/11/06 Level 10
1. Great!
Played this newbie and he gave me a run for my money. Played excellently and has a damn fine connection.
Good luck on the site and enjoy it!

Posted by Indiana Dave on 10:50pm 03/11/06 Level 10

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