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Join Date29th July 2006, 7:22 pm

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Location:Rep Of Ireland
Join Date:16th September 2006, 7:07 pm
Last Seen: 1 day, 4 hours ago
Referred by:No one
Kudos: 642
Awards: S6 International Legaue Cup winner. Final result: Tomski (Croatia) 1 - 2 (ROI) Lennyryan  Completed 2 International League Season
Fixture Arranging: 19 original post(s)
Community Level:Level 4 (0% to next level) (View Rankings)
Reputation: 10 vote(s), 5/5 (Play me to rate me)
Last Game: 7 days, 18 hours ago (truplaya86 4 Vs. 3 Lennyryan)
Total time spent on site:29 days, 19 hours

Lennyryan says...
Pog mo thoin...

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Game History PES 6

Games played: 168
Games won: 83 (50%)
Games lost: 53 (32%)
Games drawn: 32 (20%)
Goals scored: 320
Goals conceeded: 254

Game History PES 5

Games played: 8
Games won: 3 (38%)
Games lost: 5 (63%)
Games drawn: 0 (0%)
Goals scored: 15
Goals conceeded: 19

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Player Comments

21. Very Good
Very good player thought I had him when I went 1-0 up but like my games have been going recently leeny came back to finish me off. Well played mate great games with loadz of goals quality player rusty at first but just give him time to warm up and thyen ur doooooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddd!!!!!!
Well done mate.

Posted by Bunners2006 on 08:28am 22/03/07 Level 10
20. great games
first meet with Lenny...

3 great games bwfc v newcastle, 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss each...top games, top connection and very fair attcking honest player.

Look forward to playing again.

recommend for sure

Posted by Odvan on 11:28am 17/03/07 Level 8
19. Good playa
Wot can I say tried my little heart out to beat this guy in the International cup but to no avail.

Played 2 cracking matches and very open and attacking play.

Will definately have to play again sometime.

Posted by Darth Carp on 11:08pm 10/03/07 Level 8
18. great games.......
...............against this bloke, how i didn't score with an open goal is beyond me, but he fought hard and got the win. Fair player, no hacking and good connection. would definatley play him again. top bloke. cheers mate

Posted by justme ctid on 08:56pm 04/03/07 Level 10
17. Top man
Two close games against lenny. hes a good player an a top man
play ya soon pal

Posted by ChiefJedi on 10:33pm 26/02/07 Level 5
16. Great player
Outplayed me in our WC first leg.. beat me 2-0! great vision! cant believe i beat him in the 2nd leg 3-0! My best performance yet.. great player and I hope to have some more games with you shortly.

Posted by SupaJ Rehab on 12:17am 22/02/07 Level 6
had 2 belters with lennyryan and this man can play,has great vision and is dangerous at corners.
well played m8

Posted by oony7 on 11:01pm 20/02/07 Level 5
great player really good games

Posted by red army 05 on 07:36pm 11/02/07 Level 2
13. Pure Class!!!
Had 2 rank ups... Arsenal v Chelsea.... I scored a Superb header from the penalty spot with Henry but he kept coming back and soon stormed into the lead, pegged him back but got a comical deflected goal to end the game 3-3... Second game we played was end to end stuff... just edged me out 3-2.

Will definetly play again because those 2 games were mint!!

Posted by Woody83 on 12:04am 01/02/07 Level 7
12. top player
unlucky mate how you didn't score in that second game i don't know. Then your keeper lets three in , he stood there for one then the other two bounced over him. lol. be good to play you again when i'm not intervincible

Posted by zorbus1 on 09:57pm 29/01/07 Level 3
11. Good games
very good player knows the game well.

I will need to get much much better at defending if i am to win a game with this guy.

cheers m8

Posted by omes2032 on 12:09am 25/01/07 Level 5
10. Great Player
Great all around player and deserved to come back and win the 2nd. Top games fella and looking forward to playing you another time and getting some revenge!

Posted by Indiana Dave on 09:30pm 22/01/07 Level 10
9. Good player
Always presses you looking for a goal, easy to play no problems there, thanks for the game mate good luck in all competitions :)

Posted by rabona on 11:53pm 07/01/07 Level 11
8. Great player
had some amazing games with this guy in the world cup. proper epic battles with end to end stuff and lethal finishing.

top man

Posted by Maradona86 on 03:06am 27/12/06 Level 7
7. Good Player
Just played a couple of league games against this fella and to his credit he was unlucky to lose both. Anyway a top connection and definitely a threat to watch out for!
Cheers again

Posted by Indiana Dave on 06:56pm 26/12/06 Level 10
6. tired
i am drained a four match marathon has left me beggin for my bed grat player

Posted by jacksonz2 on 01:01am 11/12/06 Level 4
5. clinical
this lad go the skill going forward my god did he cut me open good lad pitty didier stole the show wit 15 to go but what an open game cheers bud hope toplay u soon

Posted by jacksonz2 on 12:18am 11/12/06 Level 4
4. cracking cup final
Had my second International league cup final against this dude but this time I was not as lucky 2-1 and 0-0 two very tight nail biting games totally what PES is about great stuff best of luck for the future m8y :)

Posted by Tomski on 10:25pm 06/12/06 Level 14
3. Great games!
God damn Im being spoilt atm. Some more great games, this time against Lennyryan. Another one who knows how to play Pro properly, easy to arrange against. All good!

One to stay?? Hope so!

Posted by neil363 on 10:22pm 05/12/06 Level 11
2. One to watch
Just had two class games with this guy. first match was mental but a great game. 2nd i was a bit fortunate cos i think he shud've had a pen first half . thats pro i suppose.

hope to play again

good luck for the rest of the league pal

Posted by ChiefJedi on 11:27am 03/12/06 Level 5
1. Good player
Thanks for the games bud your very hard to break down. Good luck with the rest of the season and ill get you another game soon hopefully!


Posted by fizzlewizzle83 on 08:41pm 18/11/06 Level 9

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