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    Home beanos25

    Information (1900 views)

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    XBL Account:
    Occupation:monging wid ma goose posse!!!!
    Join Date:21st November 2024, 4:08 pm
    Last Seen: 17 hours, 28 mins ago
    Referred by:walkth3 line
    Kudos: 849
    Achievements:84 (View all)
    Awards: S6 G2 Top scorer - 46  Completed 4 Galactico League Season  Completed 2 Euro League Season  Site donation  5.00 thankyou!  S6 GL2 Winner . P 22  	18  	4  	0  	75  	26  	49  	58  S6 GL2. Top Scorer- 75  S6 GL2 Golden Glove - 26 conceded  Completed 2 Seasons  winning galactico 2  top scorer in galactico 2  Winning MCS 61 vs chrissy paul Ghana(1) vs Togo (2)  Completed 2 UCL season  MCS Winner - beanos25 (2) vs (1) I Keto I  Season 6 - UCL1 Runner Up - ES Troyes
    Community Level:Level 11 (92% to next level) (View Rankings)
    Reputation: 31 vote(s), 5/5 (Play me to rate me)
    Last Game: 18 hours, 59 mins ago (chrissy paul 1 Vs. 3 beanos25)
    Total time spent on site:53 days, 22 hours

    beanos25 says...
    If ya beat me its the most memorable day of your life, if i beat you its just tuesday!

    84 Site Achievements gained (View all)

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    Season 6 UCL1 
    Challenge Cup 4 
    Challenge Cup BB 
    VT3 Cup 2 
    UCL League Cup 

    Game History PES 6

    Games played: 1201
    Games won: 673 (57%)
    Games lost: 337 (29%)
    Games drawn: 191 (16%)
    Goals scored: 2988
    Goals conceeded: 2044

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    (91) Player Comments

    Good Fella
    Top fella Beanos play rank ups just about every time we are both online, he beats me 99% of the time i only play him for that 1% cos its worth the 30 kudos, last game finished 3-3 i scored with a slaggy cut back (wud be rude not too) last min 3-2 im thinkin feed me those kudos, Oh no Beanos 1 man from the kick off takes like 6 men on and slams it in the net ! i dont hate him ! just dont wanna play him ever again, well not till nxt time. Cheers for the regular beatings and up the Toffee's

    Posted by blades71 on 09:48am 07/08/07 Level 9
    Holy cow as robin would say to batman. great UCL games vs beanos. all out attack. this guy has got a great attitude towards the game. you score 3 ill score 4.

    great games m8. well played. all the best for the rest of the season

    Posted by MingeMuncher on 09:21pm 18/07/07 Level 11
    been playing a few against him lately and from what i can remember they've all been very good games and played in the right spirit, he's a very good player and is very tuff to break down plus is dangerous in attack

    Yours Truly


    Posted by aaronc333 on 10:02pm 17/07/07 Level 7
    i will play you!
    i will play u m8 if u want if u want to play me then just say u will play me in the shoutbox bit and ill load it up beanos ur already on my friends list aswell

    Posted by Ste Lewy 10 on 04:15am 14/07/07 Level 4
    Rank ups
    played some ace matches with this lad last night
    south korea versues australia
    Match 1

    I think we both thought it would be a dull match but Ji Sung Park started what was to be a spectical of thundorous goals with a curling right footed shot which clipped the inside of the left post leaving keeper schwarzer stranded.
    Mark viduka hit back with his steel toe capped boots, but it took a stunning free kick from the south korean winger (his name had something to to with Chicken Chow Mein or something) to finish australia off.
    Match 1
    Final Score
    South Korea 2-1 Australia

    Match 2

    Beanos wanted revenge and his defeat in the first game and thats what he got.

    3 identical Goals from mark viduka gave him a 3-1 win and some pride was regained by the experienced and highly recommended pro evolution soccer player

    pleasure playing with you mate


    Soz if you get loads of rank up requests now i think i went into alot of detail

    Posted by MaCcA150291 on 12:35pm 11/07/07 Level 3
    Seria A
    beanos are you there pal

    Posted by MaCcA150291 on 08:34pm 10/07/07 Level 3
    i can never manage nothing agianst him my first defeat in 7 tonight although he was three nil up and it ended 4 3 to him i gettin there i reiterate that this guy is best on site

    Posted by chester morris on 01:39am 08/07/07 Level 6
    Top Player
    Quality player had a few games with him n he beat me 3 times includin a 9-1
    He outplayed me, superb on the attack and very gud defensively
    Definetly recommended
    Cheers 4 tha games

    Posted by liverpoolfchris on 11:28pm 05/07/07 Level 4
    y i love pes
    had few games 2nite wiv beanos but 2 dynamo kiev v sportin lisbon stand out two quality games had everythin over 5 goals a game end to end stuff up to final whistle quality finishin great last ditch defendin makes me realise y i love pro cos of games like that

    refreshin m8 well played fookin quality
    best on the site is beanos25 cheers fella

    Posted by HOLTE END ARMY2 on 12:34am 29/06/07 Level 5
    Top player
    beanos welcomed me to the non slag league by beating me two times. thought my games was looking good when i was holding the ball most of the time and passing it nicely unfortunately didnt get a chance to shoot so that was useless. beanos punished me on every chance he had = ( TOP PLAYER
    hope to play again with u m8!!!!

    Posted by Mladen86 on 11:52pm 05/06/07 Level 8
    Honest Guy... Great player
    The table in our Galictico league fcuked up and one of the results had disappeared. Beanos PM'd to tell me even though I had beat him in this match.

    If only all on here where as honest as you m8 they'd be no problems.

    Get you a game soon m8 :-)

    Posted by fizzlewizzle83 on 09:19pm 05/06/07 Level 9
    finally got a result against this boy a brilliant player and highly recommended to anybody playing guys this good actually improves your own game.cheers m8

    Posted by pompeybuster on 11:01pm 04/06/07 Level 6
    dont take the lead against this geezer as he will go on to batter u as he did with me 9 - 1 and we where the same teams so it was totally even ,,,,

    dont think he missed a chance

    Cheers mate u r one of the best i have played

    would love to play again but think i might try and avoid u

    Posted by romeo1969 on 11:03pm 26/05/07 Level 6
    Top player.
    5 great games, very good player, definitely one of the best, took many beatings of him :)

    Good games mate, well played.

    Posted by RossiH on 06:49pm 26/05/07 Level 11
    what can i say still far and away the best player i have played
    tought me a lesson

    Posted by chester morris on 11:35pm 24/05/07 Level 6
    fine games again
    as always, me and beanos have good open games! he absoutely spanked me in the first game scorin 7 goals past the defenceless david james! (sol campbell can't run for shit!) second game was a bit closer with the man beanos nickin it 1-0. always a pleasure mate look forward to another match!

    Posted by chrissy paul on 01:04am 21/05/07 Level 10
    good player
    really good player closes space down quickly passes it around superbly and lethal in front of goal i think igot 5 chances in 2 games excellent player.Sporting and fair enjoyed both games 10/10.

    Posted by pompeybuster on 03:43pm 20/05/07 Level 6
    top lad
    just had 2 crackin lge games against this dude,narrow victories may i add lol
    patient build up and deadly finisher well played m8
    ill get ya next time lol !!!!!

    Posted by steviek1280 on 11:40pm 19/05/07 Level 6
    top pl,ayer
    one of the best ive played even tho it felt like i was dominant beanos is solid at the back and awesome goin foward never lets u get away from him when u fink u got him beat he strikes bk wanna test urself play this fella top games m8 cheers

    Posted by HOLTE END ARMY2 on 11:39pm 17/05/07 Level 5
    Great player
    Had 2 league games, one where i totally fooked up and the other one was more of a close one and enjoyed it alot.

    Thanks mate

    Posted by neoghio on 09:33pm 10/05/07 Level 5
    He always fooooooookin beats me, one day im guna end up absolutely smashing him for about 5-6 goals but cant see it happening any time soon!!!!!!!!!!!! Quallity player and should really have more trophies!!!! 5***********

    Posted by Bunners2006 on 08:55am 08/05/07 Level 12
    28 Kudos
    Get in there lost two games for 8 points and gained 28 for one win my kinda lottery this ! on a serious note u kinda realise why this fella has 850 Kudos had he had his shootin boots on he would have battered me. Top player very skillfull needs to go and play on a motorway with Aboosive how can you get that good at a game tut tut lol

    cheers beanos always a pleasure dude.

    Posted by blades71 on 11:12pm 07/05/07 Level 9
    cash cup
    this lad gave me best game ive played on here so beat me 4-3 good end to end stuff well done pal
    cheers nolan

    Posted by BALDNolan on 10:57pm 23/04/07 Level 3
    Every single one of the 800+ kudos he has hes foooooookin awesome I love him and hes a great player and ne1 says other wise ul get a hoofin lol great games dude wellplayed!!!!

    Posted by Bunners2006 on 12:29am 22/04/07 Level 12
    Top player
    One of best players I have played on the site, fully enjoyed the rankups mate

    Posted by Paul Hague on 10:22pm 19/04/07 Level 6
    top player
    Dare i say one of the best players on the site,honest and fair plays very good attacking footy,defendings a bit dodgy in the 90 minute though lol,cheers m8 look forward to many games.

    Posted by dazzler24 on 11:04pm 15/04/07 Level 5
    slag user
    One of my choices for UCL as this guy is one of the best one the site. both playing pes and attitude. Cracking player and deserves the reputation hes getting as one the best. cheers for the games m8. well played

    Posted by MingeMuncher on 12:06am 14/04/07 Level 11
    Good player
    HAd to games vs this guy, and he just got thru but from his first game performance he deserved it. Good attacker and an honest player which is good to see. Great games mate look 4ward to many more

    Posted by BC PimpDaddy on 11:59pm 12/04/07 Level 12
    Beat me again
    Nothing to say apart from hes a great player a great lad and a lucky fooker dunno what the fook my defense did but after the OG i fell to pieces the cunts pmsl. Great fustrating games dude well played

    Posted by Bunners2006 on 08:20pm 12/04/07 Level 12
    Top draw
    Definately up there with the best of them on the site.
    A good all round player, defends well and uses the ball effectively in possession.
    Pleasure to play against!

    Posted by GortexTrousers on 11:34pm 08/04/07 Level 10
    mini cup champ
    crackin african final, last man hack and a sublime chip was my contribution and a class performance from beanos was his. he passed the ball about well and dug deep with a good goal in extra time. i bet him the last time in the mini cup final but he fully deserved this win. great game, great player 10 outa 10 mate! p.s - sorry bout the last man hack had to be done lol

    Posted by chrissy paul on 11:12pm 08/04/07 Level 10
    pure class
    this guy is one of the bet ive played on the site without a doubt, but i dont like him because he's
    knocked me out of the mini cup and a league cup lol. but well played m8 and i hope u win the mini cup tonight. :-)

    Posted by beats210 on 10:07pm 08/04/07 Level 7
    Won 1 and lost 1
    Dunno what Beanos was on, but he lost to me, in a ranked game of all places! He got me back in the following game, but 16 kudos points taste nice!

    Posted by motti82 on 08:09pm 08/04/07 Level 5

    Posted by Bunners2006 on 09:46am 02/04/07 Level 12
    i had 2 gr8 games wid this bloke which wer both 5-5
    gr8 connection

    Posted by daviesb on 11:11pm 31/03/07 Level 4
    Yes, you beat me, perhaps i will have better luck on the PS2, the Live version seems dead slow to me still...

    Posted by motti82 on 12:04am 31/03/07 Level 5
    V Good Player!!!
    Both members of the Massiv3 played Beano and we won one lost one, which we thought were fair results. In the first game I was a lil tipsy got carried away and fookin hacked him down and got sent off, and if you do that against some1 of Beano's quality your gonna get punished.......which I did 3 fookin nil, but it was me own fault so hey ho!!!

    To sum it up, good player, great connection, just a shame we weren't on the mic.


    Ps I LOVE U PAT!!!!

    Posted by Darw3n Massiv3 on 08:34am 30/03/07 Level 6
    galactico champion
    played our 2 eagerly awaited league games last night, which beanos got his revenge on me from my mini cup win. should wrap the league up, and im just hopin i get promoted with him to get my revenge lol. top player!

    Posted by chrissy paul on 11:57am 23/03/07 Level 10
    top games
    again...and this time i beat him twice!!!!! (although he did trounce me in t'other 2, lol)

    don't think beanos woulda been happy with mi last man hack for which i apologise but beanos also owes his fans, team mates and family (not to mention his agent) an apology for the sloppy last minute penalty that followed. a glorious save (didn't move) resulted in me hoofing the ball up to berbatov who somehow managed to wriggle into the box before a badger popped up from its warm undersoil house and scuff it in for me before being devoured by a previously planted badger trap by zack dingle.

    he then pee'd all over me 4-0 in an act of vengance for the previous defeat and to demonstrate how apalled by Mr Dingles actions he had been.

    Top games as always, connection was abit grouchy, coulda been me but didn't matter.

    5 stars for me!!

    Posted by Odvan on 10:28pm 21/03/07 Level 8
    crackin games
    5 great games, owned me when we played with everton and newcastle, i had a better account of myself in the villareal athletico matches but it still ended 4-1 in matches to beanos top player 10/10

    Posted by UnloadedZulu on 10:20pm 19/03/07 Level 7
    jus played sidney! top games end to end! thought he was guna give me the old cutback a few times but the mighty titus wasnt having none of it. until the AI got hold of him and let him run off for 1 of your goals lol

    top player top connection top bloke


    Posted by Boobiesaregreat on 08:18pm 19/03/07 Level 14
    dont wana miss sign up so short and sweet this geeza got a lot of kudos for a reason hes a solid player all over the field and a great pleasure to play again as only had one cos mini cup wahooo played fella

    Posted by DONBEAN XL on 08:28pm 18/03/07 Level 6
    sound guy & good player
    two prem games were top notch and hes a top bloke. recommended!

    Posted by chrissy paul on 08:03pm 18/03/07 Level 10
    Top Geeza
    A quality player, one of the best ive played since ive been on the site all this time, good connection and a good laugh on the shoutbox aswell


    Posted by Jobi Juan on 01:48am 18/03/07 Level 8
    What a boy!
    Haha sorry about the comments earlier mate, you're a sound lad. A hell of a player too. Always enjoy our games.

    Posted by SupaJ Rehab on 02:13am 17/03/07 Level 7
    Following on from ODVAN
    Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i beat him only once mind 2 games i won 1 he won 1 would great player like Oba Martins aswel so always a plus defo play agian m8

    Posted by Gilberto69 on 09:58pm 16/03/07 Level 5
    see post 38
    yeeeeeeaaaahhhhhhhh, i beat the bitch!!

    only once mind outa 4, gotta draw and 2 losses but if he shoots he generally scores so sort ya strikers out chaps.

    4 great games and top banter on the sb to follow it up!

    play him, destroy him, humiliate him...and then tell me allllll about it....muhahahahahaha

    Posted by Odvan on 09:17pm 16/03/07 Level 8
    QUALITY finishing and top player, rips u apart in last third. a bit closer in 2nd game, well done in wining the league

    Posted by konami1980 on 10:14pm 15/03/07 Level 4
    ahhhhhhhhhh gud old SIDNEY......

    great times

    Posted by Boobiesaregreat on 04:36pm 12/03/07 Level 14

    Very good player, put mountains of pressure on me the second half of our mini cup match, tbh a draw would of been the fair result.

    Posted by Delonge on 10:33pm 11/03/07 Level 4
    hard work
    Quality player in all areas.
    When I grow up I want to be like beano25 LOL

    Posted by Pedro Le Guern on 11:06pm 10/03/07 Level 5
    thank you
    what can i say he knows how pes works and i dont ,three games against him tonight ,every time i got close he turned it on , we both play with non slag teams . i lost 3 times normally i am used to this but this guy beat me 12~0 in one game i tried everything to stop him . this guy really is the mutts nutts . a true sport aswell even sent me a nice comment when he should have said i was crap. cheers anyway dude best player ive come across yet

    Posted by Ultrawesty on 10:27pm 10/03/07 Level 4
    Well played
    Great games mate totally out classed me , had to hack you or it would have been ALOT worse well played.

    Posted by Bunners2006 on 08:24am 09/03/07 Level 12
    my time will come!
    first meet with beanos.

    he's a good player for sure as the comments go but maybe he had an off day even the the balance of the 5 matches went his way. had a load of chances but failed to convert em at critical times and he always seem to punish me straight after. probably the luckiest player i've met so far on here regarding his defending and big fat robinson made some unbelievable saves for a porker.

    word to the wise, convert ya chances otherwise give it up, great finisher

    i'll be back!

    Posted by Odvan on 11:10pm 02/03/07 Level 8
    top player
    this player si proberly one of the best i have played 4 abit he didnt give me a shout in any match. top drawer shooting makes him 1 to watch

    great player and sorry it was a bit of a mismatch

    Posted by romeo1969 on 09:44pm 02/03/07 Level 6
    Arch Rival!!!
    Well wat can i say about this guy, he recently jus knockd my brown a$$ out of world cup with GHANA!!! and i was bloody spain. ur a top player mate, takes chances well , love the banter pre and post match with this guy, and never know which way the game will go. Im rootin for ya in WC mate, Cmon u Ghanaians!!!!

    Posted by truplaya86 on 03:46pm 27/02/07 Level 7

    good games

    dead on guy even though he whips me lol

    Posted by EmotionalWorm on 11:36pm 16/02/07 Level 6
    Good player
    This guy has a good connection, and has a solid defence........sumtimes. Look 4ward to more games matey :D

    Posted by BC PimpDaddy on 10:09pm 15/02/07 Level 12
    Goods few gamezzzz!!
    Well played m8 we had some good games there were a pleasure to play kidda!! What im sayin is dont underestimate thIs player, he can pull a few tricks out of the bag!! Well played agen. Peace out............... BOOSIVE

    Posted by Aboosive on 02:29am 03/02/07 Level 7
    good player
    moves the ball about well and knows how to put it in the back of the net. good player!

    Posted by chrissy paul on 03:15pm 02/02/07 Level 10
    Top Player
    Just had 2 great opening league games and they were hard fought and played fair! Piled on the pressure and still managed to lose one as he's v good on the counter!

    Gr8 games and a top bloke, hopefully he'll be the one to finish 2nd behind me in the league this season! lol

    Posted by SAnderson82 on 12:16am 02/02/07 Level 3
    cant belive i did the same thing again at 3-1 up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! god y do my players seem 2 take random naps near the end of games!!! :-( lol

    Posted by FTA x TaRtaN on 11:29pm 31/01/07 Level 4
    good playa
    great playa and good connection though i beat him and wish to continue beating him lol

    Posted by dalva empire on 03:55pm 31/01/07 Level 5
    class player
    cant belive i sat back at 3-1 up and then u hammerd in 3 all of a sudden 2 win 4-3 :( lol top player tho .. very unpredictable

    Posted by FTA x TaRtaN on 02:53pm 31/01/07 Level 4
    Good games
    this guy is good at this game. knows it well.
    look forward to our league game m8.
    Great connection and not one cut back. cheers

    Posted by omes2032 on 01:00am 28/01/07 Level 5
    top player
    proved to be a hard player to beat in the 4 games and they were all thrilling games! Made me work hard 4 the draw in the final game and proved to be pretty lethal in the counter attack.

    Enjoyed the games dude and look forward to playing you again!

    Posted by Indiana Dave on 10:23pm 27/01/07 Level 11
    Tut Tut
    For a guy with such respect, so many games played.. I expected a lot, lot more from him. Once he equalised, he taunted me by playing the goal over and over again.. then when I went up 3-2.. and was straight through again he took me out.. when I made it 4-2, he disconnected. Worst player I have met on BOTN.. nobody has quit on me before because they couldn't take a beating.

    Posted by SupaJ Rehab on 01:21am 27/01/07 Level 7
    Top Guy
    Had some good games with this guy, a good player with a great connection, hope to play again soon

    Posted by Jobi Juan on 03:32pm 19/01/07 Level 8
    top man
    played this guy in 3 games gave me a proper beating in the 2nd game and i got lucky in the other 2 all round good player hope to play u again mate

    Posted by only toe knee on 01:42am 14/01/07 Level 1
    quality games
    played some gr8 stuff against - gave me very little space in the 1st game. u must take ur chances against him. very effective with henry !!!

    Posted by Lally Bhoy67 on 12:38am 12/01/07 Level 3
    ace bloke
    had a crackin game with this chap, and the ref robbed us of another. top player.

    Posted by rudeboyMACKA on 12:21am 09/01/07 Level 11
    good player, well orginised and finishes well

    Posted by oony7 on 11:45pm 06/01/07 Level 5
    ignore me,i'm mad

    Posted by Argo0 on 08:34pm 03/01/07 Level 12
    Wrong box that should have been in comments! lol

    Posted by Argo0 on 08:33pm 03/01/07 Level 12
    Top noob
    Finally someone who plays with ANY TEAM!! Welcome dude and i hope to play you loads more in future. WOOOOOOOP

    Posted by Argo0 on 08:32pm 03/01/07 Level 12
    great games
    good player, sweet connection, plays fair and fast.

    Posted by Diddley on 11:10pm 02/01/07 Level 8
    great player
    absolutely battered me 5-2. enjoyed the game though cheers

    Posted by speightman on 08:51pm 15/12/06 Level 6
    good game
    enjoyed the game played in good sprit beanos25 most probably a bit unlucky to lose but i aint complaining lol

    Posted by Dodgywarden87 on 11:40pm 11/12/06 Level 0
    Top man
    Thanks for the games man well played! Long way to go so all the very best with the rest of your season!


    Posted by fizzlewizzle83 on 09:58pm 10/12/06 Level 9
    never let me rest 3 games against me and all v close 6 3 flatterd me a bit extremky good finnisher un beleivable my heart was always in my mouth when he got in my third came bak form 2 down never gave up brill player realy enjoyed

    Posted by chester morris on 12:30am 10/12/06 Level 6
    As the title says. Outplayed and simply outgunned in the final third. Good games and admirable finishing, shame all I could do was watch. :(

    Anyway, well done, I shall seek my revenge.......someday.

    Posted by Ghost851 on 09:57pm 09/12/06 Level 4
    Excellent player.
    I was on a good run till I met Beanos. Good player. Came back from 2-0 down to beat me 4-2. Excellent finisher. Good addition to the site.

    Look forward to playing you again so you Kudos thief lol

    Posted by Beck21941 on 05:35pm 06/12/06 Level 12
    Top lad
    Plays the game well and never gives up, Scored some nice goals against me too! Honest member of Botn an will be a great addition if he keeps going the way he is. No problems at all with this dude, will look forward to more games!

    Good luck on the site!!

    Posted by topgunnergoose on 11:35pm 05/12/06 Level 7
    Top Bloke
    Think that Beanos will be a great addition to the site and can see him sticking around for a while. Firing the rank ups out like no bodys business! Always up for a game and plays the game very well and in an honest way. Keep it up mate.
    Look forward to more matches.

    Posted by Sam635 on 11:46pm 03/12/06 Level 11
    one of the best
    This guy is good enough to play anyone, really hard player and never gives up.

    Scores from all angles and on the attack for 90 mins.

    Top bloke, great connection

    Posted by Darth Carp on 10:32pm 03/12/06 Level 8
    Man had 2 very tough games with beano... quality at defending. We had two 5-4's and the games were full of action. very clean also. Watch out for his thru ball's- Deadly!!

    Posted by lil hunter7 on 10:02pm 01/12/06 Level 12
    gd solid player
    very good evo player good defence also good atack great overall player and a safe guy

    Posted by manchesterchav on 08:58pm 30/11/06 Level 3
    Well played
    Well played mate!

    Good games!


    Posted by Guv280984 on 11:55pm 27/11/06 Level 1
    Good Game
    Played this chap in a rank up excellent end to end game great connection welcome addition to the site.



    Posted by blades71 on 11:16pm 27/11/06 Level 9
    Top Gamer
    great games against this games. plays the game the way it should be played. top player and loves scoring a goal or 2

    Posted by MingeMuncher on 11:28pm 22/11/06 Level 11

    2 good games, No Lag, Welcome to the site Beanos

    Posted by Ciderb0y on 11:57pm 21/11/06 Level 1

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