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    Information (1077 views)

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    XBL Account:
    Join Date:20th March 2024, 11:51 pm
    Last Seen: 19 hours, 16 mins ago
    Referred by:m0nkeymafia
    Kudos: 427
    Achievements:13 (View all)
    Awards: Completed 5 Euro League Seasons  Completed 1 Galactico League Season  Completed 3 International League Season  Completed 4 UCL Seasons  Completed 2 Premiership season
    Community Level:Level 5 (95% to next level) (View Rankings)
    Reputation: 91 vote(s), 5/5 (Play me to rate me)
    Last Game: 2 hours, 4 mins ago (dazzler24 1 Vs. 0 BYE5)
    Total time spent on site:39 days, 3 hours

    dazzler24 says...
    Luck dont talk to me about luck i only have bad luck specially on this bloody game!

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    Challenge Cup C 
    Group 3 
    UCL League Cup 
    Euro League Cup S7 
    International League Cup S7 
    La Liga Cup 
    Non Slag Cup 
    S7 Euro League 2 Playoff 

    Game History PES 6

    Games played: 724
    Games won: 252 (35%)
    Games lost: 336 (47%)
    Games drawn: 136 (19%)
    Goals scored: 937
    Goals conceeded: 1125

    Game History Chart & Graph

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    (71) Player Comments

    Great fella
    played quite a few rank ups now with this guy and he fast becoming one of my favourite members, reason being every game we have is always end to end, no dirty play and its always 1 goal that usually settles it. looking forward 2 our next game already m8
    recomended 10/10


    Posted by whitey9 scouser on 12:27am 28/06/07 Level 5
    Great player
    2 good UCL rank ups with dazzler. Havent played him for ages. Great battles. Only played 3 at the back in an experimental formation, but u couldnt tell. Defended well.

    Good games pal

    Posted by Beck21941 on 07:29pm 25/06/07 Level 12
    good lad
    Nice lad, one of the good ones on this website, always gives me a good game, glad to have in UCL and keep at it mate, my tip for UCL 2 glory

    Posted by beanos25 on 11:35pm 22/06/07 Level 11
    good player
    played our non slag games and both were very tight. good at the back and dangerous on the counter. although i won both both games would of been fairer as a draw. Plus i think i scored probably the craziest own goalof all time. shame no mic.
    Def play again 10/10

    Posted by teddy24yorks on 01:43pm 19/06/07 Level 3
    good player
    nice too me good playerclynical will deffo play again

    Posted by jacksonz2 on 09:41pm 18/06/07 Level 5
    good player
    had 3 good games wiv this guy 2 were bery close cud of gone either way last one was bit one sided but he is a very good player solid at the back and good goin foward plays pes the rite way very patient on the ball lookin for space and got a killer thru ball cheers fella

    Posted by HOLTE END ARMY2 on 11:35pm 02/06/07 Level 5
    Well played!!
    Played Dazzler in Euro 2, he's Chelsea (whichever admin did that wants a good kicking lol), and I was Liverpool. He beat me 1st game 4-2, never again will I play Reina in the pegs, but he scored a belter with Lampard so fair play. 2nd game was a draw so I'm happy with getting summit from the games.

    Good player and a strange formation, well played!!

    Posted by MajorTurkish81 on 12:39pm 17/05/07 Level 6
    Top Player
    good games against dazzler. very good pes player. excellent connection. sorry about last goal m8. i didnt stop controller went dead. well played m8

    Posted by MingeMuncher on 10:49pm 07/05/07 Level 10
    good player
    this guys quality. not only did he put me under sever pressure with croatia (i was italy) but he makes it look so easy. i eventually won the tie but i was blinded with sweat in ma eyes.
    the dazzler didn't fail to dazzle lol.

    10 outta 10 m8

    Posted by Gonzothompson on 10:34pm 07/05/07 Level 4
    very good player hope to play again at some point one of the fairest players i have played so far

    Posted by HIXXY NHB on 11:54am 07/05/07 Level 3
    not sure
    why i love playin dazzler as he always has the measure of me but nevertheless, always a tough tough game.

    defends well and breaks fast,

    top game m8, very well played.

    Posted by Odvan on 11:59pm 06/05/07 Level 8
    top player had sum ace games against him earlier.

    played him a few times in the past and must say he has improved loads!



    Posted by Boobiesaregreat on 06:24pm 27/04/07 Level 14
    plays the game the way it should be!
    dazzler always gives me a game when we play and one thing i will say for him is he always plays the best flowing football about, arsene wenger and arsenal eat your fookin heart out lol. wetha it be in defence or around my box he still manages to get a few passes but together and take the coont out me in the process. good games again mate lookin forward to another set. top bloke ten outa ten!

    Posted by chrissy paul on 11:12pm 25/04/07 Level 9
    top player
    Excellent player, really good at creating chances from the wing. Defence is hard to break down. Definately recommended.


    Posted by nbuk on 09:42pm 23/04/07 Level 9
    Great player extremely hard to break down and plays similiar to me on the counter attack and definately knows how to play the game!!! Great games mate well played definately one to play 5*

    Posted by Bunners2006 on 12:04am 23/04/07 Level 11
    lol mate
    haha, i seem to only play to 89 minutes against u and then i get dazzlerfied!! Great player, very very tough to beat when its even teams!! Nice guy, plays fair and great to have on this site. Games against dazzler are always close!! 11/10!!

    Posted by beanos25 on 11:06pm 15/04/07 Level 11
    very hard to beat
    great player. very fair. just cant seem to beat him. the non slag king

    Posted by speightman on 02:19pm 07/04/07 Level 6
    top stuff
    back to comment 51, dazzler surely should have more pennies than he has, plays the game very well, breaks quick and defends crosses like a trooper.

    great connection, highly recommend.

    well played m8y

    Posted by Odvan on 11:22pm 06/04/07 Level 8
    prem games
    had 2 good games and was unlucky not to get anythin from the games. woulda been closer if he was a better team than watford but he didnt give up. Good player!

    Posted by chrissy paul on 09:48am 01/04/07 Level 9
    EL3 Games
    Played both EL3 games both very close 4-2 to me and 4-3 to dazzler mint connection enjoyable games play again soon mate

    Posted by blades71 on 10:44pm 17/03/07 Level 8
    4th from bottom!!!
    god knows how Dazzler is 4th from bottom (b4 game, lol). Whilst i weren't at mi best and scraped a lucky win in our first game i hardly got a shot off 2nd game.

    great fluent passin from the dazzler, opened me up more than anyother player has done b4 on ere - should have far more kudos and should certainly be higher in the league!!

    good connection, no choppin, highly recommend!

    Posted by Odvan on 09:40pm 12/03/07 Level 8

    Good player, defends very well, I struggled to get past his defence in the mini cup match, he was unfortunate I scored a very late winner. Looking forward to playing again.

    Posted by Delonge on 10:34pm 11/03/07 Level 4
    Quality Geezer
    Played Dazzler in the Euro cup over two legs...two high tempo end to end games resulted in a 4-2 agg victory to Dazzler...he had to withstand serious pressure from me in the second leg but held on for a 0-0 draw...well played m8!

    Posted by Dazzerrazzer on 01:53pm 10/03/07 Level 4
    Top Player
    excellent at going forward and i dont know what connection this guy is running bit it was the fastest game of evo ive ebre played. 2 v.close games m8 well played

    Posted by MingeMuncher on 11:06pm 05/03/07 Level 10
    Top Bloke
    More great games against Dazzler, always a pleasure. Great player, always brings it, loves the attacking game, all round decent chap!

    Posted by Diddley on 10:08pm 04/03/07 Level 8

    good games, his league position is false hes better than that

    keep practising with valencia, you'll get there

    Posted by EmotionalWorm on 09:45pm 03/03/07 Level 5
    good player
    had 2 games lost 4 -3 and drew nil nil

    very good finisher

    2nd game he should of won but for some jammy saves


    Posted by romeo1969 on 10:59pm 27/02/07 Level 6
    Good game, good player
    Good connection & never gave up.

    Posted by SupaJ Rehab on 02:32pm 27/02/07 Level 6
    good man
    2 good games
    good defence good finisher
    good bloke
    look forward to leg 2

    Posted by onefootball on 12:03am 14/02/07 Level 3
    great games m8, took me till half time in the 1st game to really get going, 0-0 in the first game you prob should have won, second game unlucky, good in defense good in attack

    Posted by mikehicks08 on 04:10pm 13/02/07 Level 4
    very tough opponent
    so hard to break down had two close world cup draws the final game was a crackin match! enjoyed the games mate all the best in the rest of your world cup!

    Posted by chrissy paul on 11:48pm 11/02/07 Level 9
    good player
    a very good player, hard to break down, had a good minicup match, nice one geeza


    Posted by Jobi Juan on 10:45pm 11/02/07 Level 8
    great player
    played in the first round of my first minicup. great guy, good player will pay again. hope u do well bud

    Posted by SurefireDANIEL on 09:18pm 11/02/07 Level 3

    Great game mate!! You hammered my mate 4-0, but the 1-0 we had was a classic!! Playing Gerrard up front genius. Best player I've played, would have liked to have had a chat with you though pal!!

    Posted by Darw3n Massiv3 on 10:47pm 26/01/07 Level 6
    Class Act!
    This guy is a top player, who plays PES how it should be. No hacking, no lagging, just pure football and good quality football at that. You want a good game and a challenge play this guy! Cheers for the games mate!

    Posted by Cristiano007 on 01:48am 14/01/07 Level 9
    top guy
    played him twice...two good games..good connection..and fair player (not a hacker).will deffo play again

    Posted by jordoe on 03:05pm 08/01/07 Level 5
    Top guy
    Always up for a game of evo, Not too bad at it either :)

    Posted by rabona on 09:22pm 12/12/06 Level 11
    The Rivalry goes on!!
    I meet dazza ever year in some sort of league this season he knocked me out of the international cup and i now have my revenge with ucl wins.

    top player as always.

    welll done

    Posted by H3AVY on 02:20pm 07/12/06 Level 7
    Top guy
    and good player.....
    His arian German beasts sure know how to 'brokeback' the poor lowly Ecuadorian shephards....the dirty huns!

    Posted by jonboyo on 09:05am 05/12/06 Level 11
    Top of the shop
    One of the rare gentlemen of this site... WIn, lose, or draw, Dazzler24 always plays the game fair, and well. Always tight games against this bloke.

    Top lad.

    Posted by Beck21941 on 05:04pm 23/11/06 Level 12
    Good Lad
    Always have great games against this guy, he plays well and is fair with a great connection, top bloke

    Posted by Diddley on 10:52am 20/11/06 Level 8
    pes 6 danger man
    Top player and takes his chances - i had two hard games in the new el2 league with him - we both had a 1-0 win each - both tough games too!

    I am so goig to struggle this season!

    Posted by FEXT on 11:40pm 16/11/06 Level 10
    Really good player
    I had 2 great games with this guy, hard to play against.

    Good player good connection

    Posted by Darth Carp on 09:44pm 14/11/06 Level 8
    top player
    great player--whooped ma ass for the 2 games--connection the best iv played yet--will definately play in the future--hopefully when im better lol. cheers mate

    Posted by Dat coldestdude on 01:51pm 11/11/06 Level 3
    Top Man
    Played two very tight games against daz. Dangerous player on the attack and extremely hard to break down as well. Great player all round and a sound fella to boot.

    Good luck with the rest of your matches m8!

    Posted by fizzlewizzle83 on 05:43pm 06/11/06 Level 9
    A true gent
    Quality guy... always up for a game, and will always make it hard for you. I personally think he is the most under rated player in accordance with the kudos rankings, as every time i play him he seems to be the better player. And you kno he is tops when no1 can say anything bad about him.
    Dazzler for president!!

    Posted by lil hunter7 on 03:00pm 15/10/06 Level 12
    North and South
    Good two games, good player with good connection. think i was the lucker out of the two of us.
    great games

    Posted by chocolatebear80 on 11:25am 15/10/06 Level 5
    propa bo chappy
    this guys plays like me, love playin ya dude, ace player, more games with u i hope.
    wicked connection aswell. top bloke.

    Posted by rudeboyMACKA on 11:36pm 12/10/06 Level 10
    I allways have great games wiht him and he has a great connection. In my appinion he's the most improved player on the site>

    Posted by captaincod1 on 09:05am 11/10/06 Level 3
    Great Player
    Just had a great set of matches with dazzler, althought the scorelines didnt reflect it, the matches were very close -with end to end stuff in all of the matches.
    Great player and plays the game fairly and honestly, sound bloke.
    Cheers Dazzler, looking forward to our next session!

    Posted by Sam635 on 07:12pm 10/10/06 Level 11
    Played this guy several times and he is a pretty good player. He has an excellent connection and made me sweat a couple of times! Would definitely play him again!

    Posted by Indiana Dave on 11:47pm 07/10/06 Level 11
    Decent PLyr
    Play this guy on a regular basis is a decent plyr and has a great connection

    Posted by Mackem77 on 02:07pm 05/10/06 Level 6
    Top Guy
    played 1 game against him in the mini-cup it was an epic final...chances going both sides...good player and a great connection :)

    Posted by RazorsharpDB on 11:06pm 01/10/06 Level 3
    Great Guy
    Great connection, Good Laugh and a assit to this site

    Posted by H3AVY on 08:34pm 01/10/06 Level 7
    Top Man
    Played Dazzler loads of times now.... Always close games. Very similar player to me, takes his chances well. Just throws me invites. Loves the game as much as I do.

    If u wanna beat Dazzler, be prepared to scorr goals because I tell you now, he WILL score against you!

    Posted by Beck21941 on 12:33am 01/10/06 Level 12
    played him recently and he has become a bit dangerous - knows how to obtain the ball and make use of it - i had two hard games with him in the league but i won and drew - he could have had both gmes easily if his shots were aimed better - great guy and top player!

    Posted by FEXT on 10:53pm 27/09/06 Level 10
    Great guy
    Always willing to have a game, even from a random invite.
    Always gives a great match.
    Always gracious in victory or defeat.
    Always a pleasure

    Posted by Argo0 on 09:15am 25/09/06 Level 12
    good player
    good player, good connection, good laugh

    Posted by Jobi Juan on 09:36pm 24/09/06 Level 8
    mini cup
    knocked me out the git lol well played good player not 1 inch of lag il get u next time :)

    Posted by trw1979 on 09:33pm 24/09/06 Level 6
    great player
    ...just gave me a couple of heart attcks whilst playing him..very good and unlucky to lose!!

    Posted by neiltaffy on 05:08pm 24/09/06 Level 6
    Great games
    Dazzler kicked my ass in the first game 2nite so had to make a few changes to close down his players near the box for the second game!

    Play again soon

    Posted by fizzlewizzle83 on 07:59pm 12/09/06 Level 9
    Goord Player
    Dazzler beat me in the UCL league. Good player, very hard to score against. Also excellent connection.

    Look forward to more games dazza

    Posted by Beck21941 on 11:20am 12/09/06 Level 12
    top player
    good evo player also good tackler hope 2 play you soon

    Posted by trickster 14 on 09:54pm 20/08/06 Level 0
    top geezer
    quite gud at pro and gave me a 6-0 crumbin! lol neway top player scores gud goals and has become my rival!! and luk 4ward 2 palyin hm agen soon!

    Posted by Biscuits007 on 10:56pm 09/08/06 Level 3
    what an improvement
    this player has come from the bottom of the rankings and has turned into a quality player realy nice bloke and realy mint at finishing

    Posted by BoZZ4 on 12:32am 08/08/06 Level 5
    Tough Opponent
    Good player, tough to break down an will create many chances. Good connection also. Spot on!

    Posted by topgunnergoose on 11:41pm 06/08/06 Level 7
    My rank up buddy
    good fella....never complains when u beat him, the best loser i have ever played. Good player but can be very unlucky sometimes. Thanks for all da games mate ;)

    Posted by Manutdlad on 11:46pm 05/08/06 Level 3
    Great Match
    had two very good games, good player

    Posted by chocolatebear80 on 05:10pm 04/08/06 Level 5
    gd evo player

    Posted by airmax69 on 10:17pm 17/07/06 Level 5
    good player
    good player very hard to break down and good games

    Posted by Smokey657 on 05:57pm 04/07/06 Level 6
    Great player
    good bloke and good player - like e his form sucks atm but i am sure we will make a comebacvk!

    Posted by FEXT on 12:05am 20/06/06 Level 10

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