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S7 Euro League 3 Playoff

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2007-07-08 deadline
UnloadedZulu (1)
 Bayern Munich
2007-07-08 deadline
UnloadedZulu (1)
2007-07-08 deadline
Lally Bhoy67
2007-07-08 deadline
rudeboyMACKA (0)
 F.C Barcelona
2007-07-08 deadline
Lally Bhoy67 (4)
 Newcastle United
2007-07-08 deadline
Lally Bhoy67 (3)
2007-07-08 deadline
Dazzerrazzer (3)

Rules & Information
2 legs HOME and AWAY with aggregate score to be submitted 5 mins game with extra time, pens on if scores are level after 90 mins

games have been played, click on the date link to read the match comments

Date Home # Vs # Away
11/07/07 Lally Bhoy67 3 Vs. 1 UnloadedZulu
10/07/07 Lally Bhoy67 4 Vs. 3 Dazzerrazzer
09/07/07 UnloadedZulu 1 Vs. 0 rudeboyMACKA

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