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XBL Account:
Occupation:Business Development Manager
Location:South East
Join Date:27th May 2006, 9:57 am
Last Seen: 25 mins, 33 secs ago
Referred by:Tomski
Kudos: 397
Achievements:16 (View all)
Awards: Site donator! £20 :)  S4 Euro4 Golden Glove. Goals conceded: 21   	Completed 5 Euro Seasons  Completed 3 Galactico League Seasons  Completed 1 International Season  S6 EL2 Top scorer - 57  Completed 2 UCL Seasons
Community Level:Level 8 (19% to next level) (View Rankings)
Reputation: 39 vote(s), 5/5 (Play me to rate me)
Last Game: 10 hours, 20 mins ago (romeo1969 2 Vs. 2 Diddley)
Total time spent on site:39 days, 9 hours

Diddley says...
I don't enjoy losing but, I'm just so damn good at it!!

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Euro League 1 
Challenge Cup AA 
UCL League Cup 
Euro League Cup 
Galactico League Cup 

Game History PES 6

Games played: 517
Games won: 148 (29%)
Games lost: 249 (49%)
Games drawn: 120 (24%)
Goals scored: 594
Goals conceeded: 874

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(70) Player Comments

Good Games
well played mate, enjoyed all them games especially the first one, could of gone either way also very tuff to deal with in the air, puts some very good crosses in which were tuff to deal with

Posted by aaronc333 on 12:27pm 01/08/07 Level 7
The Best Of Both
Brilliant defender and amazing attacker. Take all chances you can get against Diddley. Great games mate.

Posted by Sayersy on 11:33pm 31/07/07 Level 4
Two class games in la liga, great lad on the mic and a good player too. Definately reccomended.

Posted by RossiH on 04:27pm 17/07/07 Level 11
L aLiga
Had two really good La Liga games with diddley, think he was just unlucky hos team is not that good. Sneaked both games but only one goal in it.

Good clean, fair and enjoyable games and really good chat too.

Cheers mate.

Posted by studlydemon on 07:08pm 16/07/07 Level 6
Liga cup
the first match was amazing with his goalkeeper making a show on the field, definetely not in a positive way. on a useless ground cross he caught the ball right next to the post and while getting up he banged against it and dropped the ball which stayed on the line. trying to pick it up he hits it against the post again and puts the ball inside.
As u can see i had all of this planned out since im a master tactician :p
won the first game by 3-0 but in the second i relaxed a bit and he scored 2 in 20 min.
great player and knows how to use his teams at best.
hope to play u again

Posted by Mladen86 on 03:37am 15/07/07 Level 8
A couple of very close non slag games..... very creative and finds space effectively. Also solid at the back, any chances you get against Diddley you need to bury because there won't be many.

Excellent player and a top member....
Should be higher in the site rankings!

Posted by GortexTrousers on 12:12pm 18/06/07 Level 10
top guy
played this guy in the non slag and what a player he is . We had 2 great games and he battered me in the first 4 - 1 and i managed a draw in the 2 nd

great connection .. no mic .... great player

cheers mate

Posted by romeo1969 on 11:08pm 14/06/07 Level 6
good games
it was bit of both in these matches great player good chat hope to play soon

Posted by ScS 93 on 01:52pm 06/06/07 Level 4
good games
loved it m8 quality games really good player knows how to stick it in the net ;-)

Posted by lummy987 on 11:18pm 04/06/07 Level 4
good tatics
great player. hard to break through if he plays the right formation which unlucky for me he did. very fair player too refused to cut back even though i don't personaly have anything against them.

Posted by Gonzothompson on 10:56pm 31/05/07 Level 4
Good Played
Played 2 really close games. Great connection. look forward to playing again. Cheers

Posted by joeyuk on 10:35pm 31/05/07 Level 5
Good Player
Played two La Liga games with him
drew the first game and saved my pen in last min :|
good player, always trying to attack and a very good defender too
defo play him agen sum tym

Posted by liverpoolfchris on 11:01pm 29/05/07 Level 4
superb player..............
.............and more jam than hartleys!! lol. Had 2 great end to end euro league 1 games against this dude. Comedy of errors in both games but fair play, no cutbacks or hacking and great connection. He plays this game how it should be played and its players like this make me want to stay on the site. Very honest too. All these things are the reason he is in Euro league 1 and i hope he stays around for a long time. Pleasure mate
Cheers Justme

Posted by justme ctid on 10:48pm 25/05/07 Level 10
great player + match
great game m8
i stole them both
lucky in last min but were class games
will play again 10/10
good luck in galactico 3 m8 cya

Posted by efcneilcawley on 05:06pm 25/05/07 Level 5
True Gent!
Had two cracking games against diddley in the galactico league! A very clever player whose through balls and skill were killing me in the first game! I agree I tried the cutback thing in the first, saw it wasnt working so changed it around in the second game! Will have to play you again mate like your style as it always leads to enjoyable games! Good luck in the rest of the league! Great connection...Top Player!

Posted by mozla on 07:33pm 23/05/07 Level 7
good games
Had a couple very nice games with this guy in EL1. Plays the game fair and a good connection. Good luck for the rest of the season mate.

Posted by Maradona86 on 11:18pm 20/05/07 Level 8
good player
well played, both very good close game, cheers 10/10

Posted by aaronc333 on 11:44am 15/05/07 Level 7
first meet
with diddley and after some teethin probs got 4 back-to-back games done and dusted.

Played well Diddley, could tell that you were really up for em. Good comms before and very easy to arrange with.

Top connection :), look forward to playin again next season.

GL m8y

Posted by Odvan on 06:39pm 14/05/07 Level 8
Proper BOTN legend sound as a pound and a GREAT laugh on the mic can play a bit too. He definately plays above his kudos by a long way!!!
Great games, one to play definately!!!!


Posted by Bunners2006 on 12:06am 10/05/07 Level 12
wiiiicked again
dunno y the last comment came up twice........ anywayz gr8 close footy games again pal, and me golf was a bit rusty as u gave me a bit of a pasting lol. top fella as always, gr8 chat, gr8 connection. BotN STAR. reeeeespec.

Posted by rudeboyMACKA on 11:52pm 08/05/07 Level 11
top games again m8. altho u were robbed in the last 4 me 2 nick a last minute winner. top bloke gr8 chat as always, gr8 connection BotN LEGEND.

P.S. soz i missed the golf invite had notifications turned off, will deffo have a game soon.

Posted by rudeboyMACKA on 11:32pm 07/05/07 Level 11
top games again m8. altho u were robbed in the last 4 me 2 nick a last minute winner. top bloke gr8 chat as always, gr8 connection BotN LEGEND.

P.S. soz i missed the golf invite had notifications turned off, will deffo have a game soon.

Posted by rudeboyMACKA on 11:31pm 07/05/07 Level 11
great player
Two great games dude, could have gone either way, very sporting and skillfull player.
good luck in the other rounds


Posted by TEDDSY on 08:43pm 20/04/07 Level 5
Played two very tight games with Diddley in Dave's cup.. very close and should really have more kudos to his name.

Posted by SupaJ Rehab on 12:24am 16/04/07 Level 7
top notch
had a wicked few hours on LIVE with diddley. had 2 gr8 games of golf which we won 1 a piece, and 3 games of footy which i drew 1 and won 2, but they were close crackin games. gr8 connection, gr8 chat on the mic and all round top geeza. well played. 10/10.

Posted by rudeboyMACKA on 03:33pm 10/04/07 Level 11

do you fancey a game mate

Posted by BALDNolan on 10:37am 10/04/07 Level 3
well played m8

Posted by I Keto I on 08:31pm 04/04/07 Level 4
nice guy-
fair player only 1 yellow and only 1 foul in 2 games and it was the AI. beat me fair and square and was a nice guy on the mic. cheers m8 we'll play again

Posted by speightman on 05:55pm 02/04/07 Level 6
Can I have the password, and can I be in the cup please

Posted by giantbigtings on 12:54pm 15/03/07 Level 3
Great Guy
This guy must h8 me. Yet again we have a good 3 game sesh, and yet again I come out stuffy winner. The first game...I got a stuffy 86 min rebound goal in a game that could have gone either way. Second game I get a lucky pen that set me up.

A great player that with abit more luck, will climb the ladder in no time

Posted by Beck21941 on 03:34pm 09/03/07 Level 12
Top Bloke
Great Member, Sound Guy, Good Player.
What more can you ask in a BOTN member?!?
Just had an enjoyable KOTH match against Diddley: no cut backs, no lag, no hacks.
Thanks mate, look forward to playing you in the UCL next season!


Posted by Sam635 on 04:13pm 06/03/07 Level 11
Superb Games
Just had 2 extremely tense games against diddley... Both superb games, no hacks, no cutbacks, good football. You have improved loads mate since I played you last M8,

Well done, good luck for rst of season

Posted by Beck21941 on 04:03pm 01/03/07 Level 12
top man
good lads, u have broken my 6 game unbeaten streak......
had 2 games with diddley worked me all over pitch, had a well deserved 1-0 win against arsenal with fulham, then he gave me a spankin with inter 4-1. top player deffo play againsoon.....RESPECT!

Posted by fatnose2 on 02:17pm 20/02/07 Level 5
Great games
Would have liked to have played more games with this fella but had a league game to get out of the way...............FOOK, great games tho mate a good solid player non slag user cutbacker etc LEGEND. PLay again sumtime soon

Posted by Bunners2006 on 08:27am 14/02/07 Level 12
very good player
Fair and very good. he plays a fun attacking game but makes sure you have to work hard to create chances. Definately reccomend for a game

Posted by speightman on 01:45pm 11/02/07 Level 6
Top fella!
True pillar of the community as come on well since he joined and is very hard to defend against best of luck fella

Posted by Tomski on 06:09pm 07/02/07 Level 14
Good Cup
Diddley done a very good tournament with slag team against non slag team
kept the tournament flowing.
Shame he could not get past the first round though.

10/10 for the tournament organisin

Posted by The Predator 6 on 09:51pm 06/02/07 Level 4
Good games
this guy is a good lad round the community and puts up a hell of a fight wen ure playing him

Posted by BC PimpDaddy on 06:53pm 05/02/07 Level 12
A belter
Diddley is a good all round player, extremeley hard to break down...

Well played pal


Posted by Beck21941 on 11:20pm 01/02/07 Level 12
two great games,
great player,
great cup creater,
great chat

Posted by mikehicks08 on 08:25pm 29/01/07 Level 4
quality guy creating cup well played keep up the great work

Posted by Gilberto69 on 01:48pm 29/01/07 Level 5
Great player
Really good player, good skill, great laugh and made me feel really welcomed great Guy.

Posted by giantbigtings on 01:22pm 29/01/07 Level 3
very good player
very good player, good on the counter attack, top man

Posted by spenny31 on 11:47am 29/01/07 Level 3
great player
really gud matches, seemed 2 take his foot off the gas in our 1st game tho, 2-0 up at half time but let it slip to 2-2, i was really lucky 2 go 3-0 at half time in the 2nd 1, cudve easily been the other way round. all in all a really gud player

Posted by UnloadedZulu on 04:38pm 19/01/07 Level 7
Great player.
Great player very challenging player.
rock on dude

Posted by Zcrisis2 on 06:15pm 17/01/07 Level 3

I like your pic

Posted by Powell2007 on 08:27pm 12/01/07 Level 1
good games
First time playing and two great games. No hassle even when connection problems go wrong. Good clean player and easy to chat to.

Get ya game again soon m8


Posted by fizzlewizzle83 on 11:45pm 08/01/07 Level 9
good solid playa
Very good player, very hard to breakdown and beat, had to cracking close matches, well played mate

Posted by beanos25 on 11:11pm 02/01/07 Level 11
dodgy penalty..........
.............decision ruined our otherwise 2 top games. end to end stuff with loads of chances. good connection, no problems

Posted by justme ctid on 01:08pm 31/12/06 Level 10

Fair player, great connection, very unlucky

Posted by EmotionalWorm on 12:37pm 05/12/06 Level 6
great player
can always seem to find the weak link in your defence great player

Posted by Dj567 on 07:57pm 20/11/06 Level 4
Tough opponent
Very tough to play against hard to break down plays good attacking football,great connection,top bloke

Posted by dazzler24 on 10:55am 20/11/06 Level 5
Good Guy
just played this guy in the Galactico Cup. good games no lag whatsoever. hope to play again soon m8

Posted by MingeMuncher on 08:07pm 16/11/06 Level 11
I need REVENGE...
This guy has beaten me too many times - 2-0 and a 5-0!

The 2-0 had the worst goal i have ever conceded - lol - robinson on some bungs now!

I will have to play ya again soon - you played really good and good connection too mate!

Hope i improve at this game!


Posted by FEXT on 11:39pm 14/11/06 Level 10
Top Bloke
Good player, hard games, good to talk to and a connection to make you smile ;o)

Great assit to the site

Posted by H3AVY on 10:23am 20/10/06 Level 7
diamond geezer
shared one of the oddest pes experiances when his game froze and i scored from a corner and it didnt register on his game

fantstic guy to talk to over the headset and a good laff

just watch out for those game freezes when the XBL sever is being funky dude


Posted by ar1fbr on 04:42pm 15/10/06 Level 7
Just played him and he made me sweat a lot and he was pretty unlucky against me! Top player and an excellent connection!

Posted by Indiana Dave on 07:52pm 07/10/06 Level 11
Top Top Top!!!
Top bloke, Top games, Top connection. Sums it up really!!

Posted by neil363 on 11:01am 04/10/06 Level 11
Great Player
Thanks alot for the 2 games just now mate, well played in both of them, close ones.

Great connection, hardly any fouls and plays good football.

Posted by Huggan on 07:10pm 03/10/06 Level 1
wicked guy
had a good couple of games, was pretty much end to end, will def play again and great connection.. well played matey :)

Posted by Stucowie on 11:38am 03/10/06 Level 8
The silent shoutbox
Diddley is good company, especially when hes been on the shoutbox all night and not said a word! lol

Always see him about, seems a good fella.... Good member for BOTN

Posted by Beck21941 on 05:40am 26/09/06 Level 12
Good connection and enjoyed our games. Thanks for the referance.

Posted by XCELLER on 12:50pm 21/09/06 Level 2
sound guy
sound guy has a laugh on mic, good player

Posted by walkth3 line on 04:48pm 21/08/06 Level 3
Top Man
good player, fair great to play. Good connection. A person u have to play

Posted by chocolatebear80 on 10:39am 25/07/06 Level 5
top bloke
good player, good connection, good attitude!

If you want some great games play this guy!

Diddley i seek revenge mwah ha ha ha! :P

Posted by FEXT on 02:18pm 05/07/06 Level 10
top chap
brill conection n a gr8 lad to play against,gudluck matey

Posted by toffee77 on 08:18pm 28/06/06 Level 1
top guy
nice connection and a good player, play again sometime m8

Posted by Cristiano007 on 10:23pm 18/06/06 Level 9
Good Bloke
Decent plyr good connection and good friendly chat

Posted by Mackem77 on 09:01pm 18/06/06 Level 6
sound geezer!

replaced piss flapps in league and played straight away! need more players like this! top bloke

good connection 2!

Posted by Boobiesaregreat on 04:59pm 09/06/06 Level 14
good player
i always beat him but he gets alot of chances ;-).lol dom

Posted by alexwilliams15 on 12:20pm 31/05/06 Level 2

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