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Information (2046 views)

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XBL Account:
Join Date:10th March 2006, 2:50 pm
Last Seen: 4 hours, 15 mins ago
Referred by:neil363
Kudos: 350
Achievements:27 (View all)
Awards: Site Donator  Completed 6 Euro League Seasons  Completed 4 Galactico League Seasons  G3 season 3 Playoff Champion. Beating Kingwingnuts in the final.  Completed 2 International League Season  £25 Thankyou  Completed 4 UCL Seasons  S6 EL2 Golden Glove - 29 conceded  Completed 2 Premiership seasons  UCL S4 UCL2 Golden glove. Goals conceded: 16
Community Level:Level 8 (17% to next level) (View Rankings)
Reputation: 67 vote(s), 4.8/5 (Play me to rate me)
Last Game: 3 days, 4 hours ago (oj4y 0 Vs. 4 mozla)
Total time spent on site:109 days, 3 hours

oj4y says...
make more friends than enemy. check this out (http://www.livevideo.com/oj4y) http://stores.ebay.co.uk/WE-PHONE_W0QQsspagenameZMEQ3aFQ3aSTQQtZkm

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oj4y is currently taking part in the following events
Season 6 UCL2 
Challenge Cup 4 
UCL League Cup 
Simulation League Cup 

Game History PES 6

Games played: 1163
Games won: 263 (23%)
Games lost: 647 (56%)
Games drawn: 253 (22%)
Goals scored: 1205
Goals conceeded: 2067

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(88) Player Comments

good intelligent player
very enjoyable games. amazing connection(4 sum reason he put rain on and connection was still better than most). first two games i was austrailia he was nigeria(nice to see he doesn't use slag teams) i won both 3v0 however it was a lot closer than it sounded. last game he was mexico i was uraguay. v.close i sqeaked it 1v0. top player good on the break down that right wing, and very intelligent passing. would recommend oj4y to n e 1. shame no mic though. keep going mate. 5/5

Posted by teddy24yorks on 03:58pm 08/08/07 Level 3
Absolute diamond
this is a fantastic member, his attitude towards fellow members on and off the pitch is flawless and his game just keeps improving all the time. A true sportsman and an intelligent player.

Posted by Diddley on 04:20pm 30/06/07 Level 8
top player
had 4 great games and each one was won by a single goal .. he won 3 and lost the last whcih he deserved to win just in the other games he took his chances but luckly 4 me not in this game

top player and bet he plays in a mask as he robbed me in the prem games

great games mate and well played

Posted by romeo1969 on 11:54pm 19/06/07 Level 6
Top Geezer
Oj4y has improved 100%. heard him saying that he was getting better but my god. i just couldnt break him down. if it wanst for not taking his chances he would of nailed me in the first game of the UCL cup.

very well played bud

Posted by MingeMuncher on 08:26pm 19/06/07 Level 11
my biggest marathon of games yet and what a joy. played ucl teams, 8 games back-to-back and they were all corkers. felt a tad sorry in the last game when i equalised in the depths of stoppage time but thought i thoroughly deserved not to lose one of em!!!

might be hard to get hold of sometimes oj4y, but games like that certainly make it worthwhile.

well played m8 and unlucky.

Posted by Odvan on 06:56pm 16/06/07 Level 8
good player
we had 3 UCL rank-ups and man they was tight. two 0-0 draws, and i managed 2 sneak a
1-0 win, but we did struggle a bit, and lately i cant score for love nor money. gr8 connection and a sound player. well played. 10/10.

Posted by rudeboyMACKA on 02:05pm 15/06/07 Level 11
Great Bloke
I have known oj4y I long time and I think he is the member I have played the most on the site. Always a gentleman.. our games are always a close tatical passing battle.

Has LEGEND status on BOTN


Posted by Beck21941 on 09:51pm 03/06/07 Level 12

enjoyed four games against this guy, all were very very close and could of gone any way. throughly enjoyed it and hope to play again.

Posted by wintz on 01:31pm 22/05/07 Level 8
good games
had two good prem games with this guy, both were enjoyable. he's a decent player who never gives up. well played m8 and good luck with the rest of your games.

Posted by beats210 on 05:28pm 18/05/07 Level 7
played 2 galactico games against this lad really good and fair player was well good games we had will play again sometime soon


Posted by HIXXY NHB on 12:11pm 18/05/07 Level 3
not fair scores
had 3 good games with this fella results went 5-1 6-0 6-1 4 me although the game wsnt that one sided he is tough tough player who knows how 2 play the game passing and very clean i take the scoreline tho lol top player cheers m8

Posted by HOLTE END ARMY2 on 05:50pm 17/05/07 Level 5
Good Player
Plays considerably better than his kudos suggests. Deserved more form the games we played and I just got lucky!!!!
Well played mate.

Posted by Bunners2006 on 12:50pm 10/05/07 Level 12
top player is oj. improved a hell of alot since the last time we played.

great games pal

Posted by Boobiesaregreat on 01:11pm 09/05/07 Level 14
Great Player
Had 4 games against oj4y great player very very close games only 1 goal decidin the winner in the game... i won 2 he won 1 and 1 draw...

Top player reccommend to anyone to play...

Posted by TAGOE on 08:05pm 08/05/07 Level 4
How have you got........
...........so little kudo's? You just raped me of what few i have!!!! Anyway, had 4 very very close games against his fella. Really enjoyed them except for the one where it was 1-1 with 10 minutes to go and he hacked me down when through on goal. Don't think it was him, more AI so gave benefit of the doubt but you can imagine my control pad took a beating!!!!
Hope to play you again in the near future mate, and anyone who plays him, watch out for his wide players.......you have been warned!!!!
cheers justme

Posted by justme ctid on 10:35pm 27/04/07 Level 10
top bloke
had 2 crackin CL games, his rosenberg made me sweat a bit and made it tough to get thru his backline, all tho he helped me by gettin 2 blokes sent off in the 2nd game. gg's and well played. 10/10. soz about the cheeky goal straight from the corner, its only the third time i've managed it lol.

Posted by rudeboyMACKA on 10:01am 22/03/07 Level 11
first meet with this fella

great connection, very fair to play, suffered i think with the team he chose but it was a dummy run for CL so peobably woulda played better with a different team.

well played m8, hopefully we'll meet again in the 2nd CL stage!

Posted by Odvan on 05:44pm 16/03/07 Level 8
Great player
good tough player and very clean. hard to get past his defending. well done m8

Posted by neoghio on 02:04am 16/03/07 Level 5
top guy
every game I've played against oj4y has been a quality game, this guy will punish every mistake u make and has a great connection and is a good laugh on the shoutbox


Posted by Jobi Juan on 02:15am 14/03/07 Level 8
Top Player
played lots of late night games with this guy. clean and very good pes player. one of the best. look forward to the ucl season m8.

Posted by MingeMuncher on 03:08am 10/03/07 Level 11
awesome awesome awesome did i metion awesome?????
2 great games until my game screwed up n the whole screen of colours went balistic, aboosive once said he needs more than one goal lead as i dunno wen im out, now this geeza was 3 nil up at 71 minutes and pulled it back to 3 all absolutly mental game then was winnin one nil then box went pissed, soz geeza great games well played in both man

Posted by DONBEAN XL on 01:24am 10/03/07 Level 6
5 games
5 great games, which in one i lost my temper and broke my mic, but hey av a short fuse, nyway 5 gd games, reccomend to ny1

Posted by Il tormented lI on 01:38am 09/03/07 Level 2
2 of the most enjoyable games I've had with Oj4y. He's getting better everytime we play and shows real intelligence on the ball, excellent counter attack too and plays at top pace all thru the game. Even had a chance in the 1st game to hit me with a killer cutback but didnt do it. Fair play mate, hats of to u!

Posted by Diddley on 12:57pm 05/03/07 Level 8
2 top games with oj4y last nite!

i won both against his 50 man defence but i was more surprised at bramble man handling adriano!

top bloke!

Posted by Boobiesaregreat on 04:03pm 14/02/07 Level 14
top bloke
great games with this guy you may beat him once or twice but he will return the favour very hard to play against one of the best

Posted by dazzler24 on 12:40am 09/02/07 Level 5
Top player
had some great rank ups with this guy. top player. great passing game and deadly in front of goal. hope to play again soon

Posted by MingeMuncher on 01:38am 29/01/07 Level 11
Good game
Played 2 legs against him.. the first was a very tight game and something went wrong in the 2nd. a good player however.

Posted by SupaJ Rehab on 03:52pm 24/01/07 Level 7
Hacked me constantly throughout our game, very negative player, played as Adriano + 10 and still played an incredibly deep midfield, basically 7 in defence. not enjoyable

Posted by bigkev49 on 01:09am 17/01/07 Level 1
Good finisher, Great connection, great defender. 4 amazing games with no more than 1 goal of difference. I really enjoyed Thx

Posted by thxaj23 on 08:27pm 29/12/06 Level 5
entertaining matches
He has a very direct attacking style of play which makes for some good end to end matches.
Recommended if you want some decent rank ups!

Posted by GortexTrousers on 12:32am 22/12/06 Level 10
top player
nice to play this guy. he plays a different game than most people. great at possesion and passing. thanks for the games mate

Posted by speightman on 12:02am 16/12/06 Level 6
this lad go the skills mate good player

Posted by chester morris on 08:46pm 15/12/06 Level 6
defo doesnt like losing
The guy is a decent player but doesnt like losing which lets himself down, just cause he got beat 5-0 he thought i was taking the piss, its just a game mate, remember that, just a game. U need to chill then perhaps the results will pick up again

Posted by beanos25 on 01:03am 13/12/06 Level 11
Gd Player.....
u play good football m8.....u just need to stop fouling tho....i have played u loads of times and u always get red cards....hopefully u will improve...overall a good player

Posted by RazorsharpDB on 08:01pm 12/12/06 Level 3
gd lad
another 2 classic games against this lad ,always fair great connection and im sure hes gutted when i came back from 2 down, puts a lot of time in on the site ,botn legend

gd luck m8

Posted by steviek1280 on 07:00pm 12/12/06 Level 6
This guy dosen't like people beating him!
He don't like losing!!! just cause he couldn't get past my defence he didn't like it, formations is the key mate!

Posted by spurs1984 on 07:34pm 06/12/06 Level 1
What more can I say! Great player very defensive and hard to beat down!

Posted by Tomski on 02:40pm 26/11/06 Level 14
decent player
Hard worker, plays to win, got a good shot too. u want a competitive game play this guy, he wont budge an inch!

Posted by Diddley on 07:42pm 18/11/06 Level 8
but will give a seconnd chance and will play som rankups soon

Posted by CRA1GY82 PKZ360 on 05:43pm 18/11/06 Level 8
this guy is a dirty last man hacker and i wouldnt recomend him for games, u have to wonder why 2 great guys were lost for 1 bad member!!!

Posted by CRA1GY82 PKZ360 on 02:55pm 18/11/06 Level 8
get some tissues
cry baby!!! knows when hes done wrong yet turns it around to blame you

Posted by ILLEG4L on 09:22pm 13/11/06 Level 2
Top Pes Player
plays a good game with attacking style of football....has a never say die attitude, recommend any 1 to play him for rankups..... : )

Posted by RazorsharpDB on 08:12pm 12/11/06 Level 3
snapped me from behind when i was clean through running towards goal. dirty tactics that i didnt expect from any1 on this site

Posted by ILLEG4L on 03:42pm 12/11/06 Level 2
Gives alot of shit but cant hack it when its thrown back at him, DONT START SHIT U CANT FINISH OJ4Y, COS 1 DAY U'LL PUSH IT TOO FAR.

Posted by Jobi Juan on 12:51am 12/11/06 Level 8
reason i left the site cryed like a baby to admins if u can dish mate learn to take also guy does not how to have a laugh just lick bum

Posted by trw1979 on 12:48am 12/11/06 Level 6
reason i left the site cryed like a baby to admins if u can dish mate learn to take also guy does not how to have a laugh just lick bum

Posted by trw1979 on 12:48am 12/11/06 Level 6
Major difference from before getter better all the time he is no pushover and should do well in the UCL

maybe finish 2nd behind me


well done mate getting better much better

Posted by H3AVY on 10:29am 08/11/06 Level 7
Watch Out
From playin him just now... he is a force to be reckoned with on pro 6! No longer makes little mistakes and knocks it around nicely!
Dont expect oj of old... he means business now!

Posted by lil hunter7 on 12:11am 03/11/06 Level 12
Top player
Has improved a shitload since we last played - will definately play him again - good connection, good games - always end to end - wel played on last game matey!

Play again soon :P

Posted by FEXT on 12:37am 20/10/06 Level 10
Great site member
We've had quite a few games now and its always been tight between us. Just want to reiterate what everyone has already said m8....

Good player, great attitude and great person to have on the site.


Posted by fizzlewizzle83 on 05:22pm 15/10/06 Level 9
what pimp said lol
also never gives up it must of took him over 20 games to beat me but kept playin me and finally got what he deserved. never moans one of the fairest players on the site and great at keepin the ball,great addition to the site and hope to see you in ucl next season

Posted by Smokey657 on 06:06pm 14/10/06 Level 6
Absolute Gentleman
Genuine dude, funny and definately one of the good guys. Also improves every time I play him.

Posted by PimpRock1 on 05:59pm 14/10/06 Level 7
Top notch lad
Oj4y top lad he is, had 2 good games and stable connection so I enjoyed them also came out winner twice 2-0.

His a good patient player!

hope 2 play again soon mate!

Posted by crazy gooner on 10:50pm 12/10/06 Level 5
good lad
top lad always up for a few rank ups and ever improving player

good luck !!

Posted by steviek1280 on 06:14pm 11/10/06 Level 6
top geeza is oj4y. sound as

good evo player aswell and is always up for a game!

bit dodgy at sliding tho lol


Posted by Boobiesaregreat on 04:28pm 06/10/06 Level 14

great games again oj, i think i give ya a better challenge this time. top man

Posted by Guyan Galgoo on 01:35am 06/10/06 Level 4
North an South
played in the n and s lge and a good match. he stuck in a GREAT free kick. top man all the best for the lge
cheers mate

Posted by chocolatebear80 on 12:22am 06/10/06 Level 5
good player
very good player can be unlucky sometimes but keeps going,top connectiobn to boot

Posted by dazzler24 on 11:30pm 05/10/06 Level 5
Top Guy
Plays pro evo the way it shud be played.....we had some great games...great player...good connection : ) : ) defo play again

Posted by RazorsharpDB on 11:32pm 04/10/06 Level 3
good player
Dude is a good player good connection! Top guy

Posted by randomnamez on 11:26am 02/10/06 Level 8
sound geeza
good playin wid ya.enjoyed the games mate.

Posted by rudeboyMACKA on 11:56pm 01/10/06 Level 11

what was i doin with that goal, beaten again by oj good player plays fair, good connection.
ears of the spaniel

Posted by Guyan Galgoo on 06:14pm 01/10/06 Level 4
Cant praise enough
Oj4y. What a guy. Does anyone play more rank ups than him at the moment?? I dont think so. I echo frantics comments. This guy derserves a chance in the UCL. Ticks all the boxes. Polite, Good connection, Fair... One thing I would say is start using the forums a little more mate and you will then be the complete BOTN member.

Another 5 game session last night. All close games. Well done pal. Credit to the site

Posted by Beck21941 on 12:12pm 30/09/06 Level 12
good lad
although i did give him dogs abuse in the shoutbox about hacking he took it i the chin and didnt hide away from the fact.good build up play and will surely get better results in time.
all the best

Posted by steviek1280 on 12:09pm 26/09/06 Level 6
nice bloke
great games with this guy also one of the good guys on the site get him in the ucl

Posted by BoZZ4 on 01:46pm 25/09/06 Level 5
good lad
oj4y and i have enjoyed plenty of good matches. His excuses are wonderful and he always has a good word to say. Nice one

Posted by Argo0 on 11:03am 25/09/06 Level 12
One of the best
Oj4y is one of the top blokes on the site. Plays god 100's of rank ups and is always hard to beat. Good attacking style and very rarely goes a game without scoring. Excellent connection too.

Posted by Beck21941 on 01:51pm 23/09/06 Level 12
oj4y is one of the good guys. He is a gentle guy who often comes in for some uneccessary stick due to his approach to the game. he is not a cheat, just some1 learning how to play the game. I urge any1 who enjoys the game to play him, as he has the correct attitude and doesnt just use slag teams. Watch out for his Palermo.
Top guy is oj!!

Posted by lil hunter7 on 12:40pm 23/09/06 Level 12
Nice bloke
one of the best people on the site

Posted by Paul Hague on 09:53am 17/09/06 Level 6
Top Man
Great bloke to play, great connection. Your always get a good game.

Posted by joeyuk on 12:20am 12/09/06 Level 5
Euro Match
this guy is a good player connection was good in both matches. he's a must to play

Posted by chocolatebear80 on 06:44pm 11/09/06 Level 5
Thanks for my first rankup match m8.

Enjoyed it good player

Posted by fizzlewizzle83 on 05:03pm 04/09/06 Level 9
nice games
good to use some different teams too! thanks

Posted by Trav1s on 11:31am 24/06/06 Level 3
Mr Rank up!
A great asset to our site always garunteed great games against this guy!

Posted by Tomski on 08:03pm 22/06/06 Level 14
Made My Day
Maaan, found out he a SE London man, and am glad its some1 so cool from here, better than boobs LOL.

Had some close games with him also, top man!!!

Posted by lil hunter7 on 01:50am 17/06/06 Level 12
Look alike :P

known him for ages since i first joined rubbish at pro evo although he dont like to admite it :P

Only messin good lad, good player

keep it up OJ

Posted by H3AVY on 03:08pm 09/06/06 Level 7
good session OJ, and good connections

Posted by superden360 on 02:15pm 06/06/06 Level 7
ta for the comments oj4y your are a top man and great at evo too stuck through the tough times and have come out a much better player because of your perseverance. manutdlad aka celticmad is a child and his comments are uncalled for as he was the one in the wrong to anyone who reads this

Posted by BoZZ4 on 02:35pm 29/05/06 Level 5
good player
this player is quality and he is well liked me and him have some good seves

Posted by PELE 91 on 01:53pm 28/05/06 Level 4
good fair player never compains when he loses

Posted by Smokey657 on 12:43pm 28/05/06 Level 6
wat a lil CHEAT
this man is the mos sly and devious preson on the site as i rejected a result of his ages ago for a valid reson(AWFUL LAG!!) and now he rejects mine for no reason, he needs to grow up!!

Posted by Manutdlad on 05:14pm 27/05/06 Level 3
me and this guy had the best match on botn

Posted by PELE 91 on 03:50pm 27/05/06 Level 4
top bloke
this guy is always up for a game, never moans, never have any problems and is a good player too!

Posted by Cristiano007 on 12:56pm 26/05/06 Level 9
good games
a good player who's honest and always up 4 a game.cheers

Posted by west7 on 02:33pm 22/05/06 Level 5
Top Player
Played him a lot over the last couple of days. Top games and great connection

Posted by joeyuk on 11:42pm 16/05/06 Level 5
gr8 player
this boy is always up for a game and never moans or cheats its a pleasure 2 play against him thanks for the games geeze

Posted by TravnTravm on 12:36am 21/04/06 Level 3
gr8 player
this boy is always up for a game and never moans or cheats its a pleasure 2 play against him thanks for the games geeze

Posted by TravnTravm on 12:36am 21/04/06 Level 3

Posted by widsy on 11:02pm 11/03/06 Level 0

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