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Taglumpy kendo
Last Seen2 days, 2 hours ago
Join Date1st December 2006, 1:38 am

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Location:Eastern England
Join Date:23rd June 2006, 10:19 am
Last Seen: 94 days, 15 hours ago
Referred by:Tomski
Kudos: 642
Awards: Completed 1 Galactico League Season  MCS 30 winner of Sunderlnd vs Wigan 3-1 over beardofasun  Completed 1 International Season  Completed 1 Euro League Season
Fixture Arranging: 0 original post(s)
Community Level:Level 3 (46% to next level) (View Rankings)
Reputation: 32 vote(s), 5/5 (Play me to rate me)
Last Game: 162 days, 13 hours ago (trw1979 1 Vs. 5 Trav1s)
Total time spent on site:10 days, 9 hours

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Game History PES 5

Games played: 331
Games won: 145 (44%)
Games lost: 113 (35%)
Games drawn: 73 (23%)
Goals scored: 474
Goals conceeded: 416

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Player Comments

17. why does it always rain on me
very good player, but likes the last min goals in ET :)

Posted by Jobi Juan on 09:28pm 24/09/06 Level 7
16. good player
fellow PES'ers beware... but a cracking guy with a great connection..recommend ppl to ply him again and again

Posted by neiltaffy on 10:56pm 20/09/06 Level 6
15. Well. . .
who would of thought tht some1 can play very well with wales!! very tough 2 games in Il2 good fun connection good , well played mate

Posted by chocolatebear80 on 09:38pm 13/09/06 Level 5
14. wicked guy
we had some epic battles, great player, hard to beat! well played, great connection. :)

Posted by Stucowie on 12:19pm 01/09/06 Level 8
13. great guy!
Played this guy in el2 we had no mics on but guy has great connection and there was no lag!!! I'm gonna have to play him they were 2 great games we had!

Posted by randomnamez on 09:32pm 09/08/06 Level 8
12. a classic final
this guy gave me one of the best finals ever, intensifying misses and great comeback, nobody should of won dat final it was too good to be true!!! great guy gr8 game!

Posted by darkdestroyer9 on 06:08pm 06/08/06 Level 4
11. hard to beat
super player, always nice to play some games with this dude :)

Posted by GlejsSWE on 11:08pm 28/07/06 Level 4
10. hard as fook
very hard to break down! and very good on the attack so defend well grasshoppers

Posted by fiftypencehead on 08:59pm 28/07/06 Level 2
9. fair player
good chap dont do cutbacks doesnt fair good connection but too feckin good with ronaldo

Posted by trw1979 on 01:08pm 24/07/06 Level 6
What a guy. great player in the 90th min. crap the rest of the time! LOL

Nice hair too!

Posted by Argo0 on 09:16pm 18/07/06 Level 11
7. Tough opponent
Very good player, always very tough to play against. Good connection too.

Posted by topgunnergoose on 10:47pm 17/07/06 Level 7
6. gd player
gd player but ure boring when u go up u better than that

Posted by airmax69 on 09:40pm 16/07/06 Level 5
5. Good player
he keeps the ball for fun makes good chances. will play again top man

Posted by chocolatebear80 on 09:01pm 16/07/06 Level 5
4. Top Bloke
This fella is a VERY GOOD player. Had played me twice now and beat me twice. And to top it off, great connection and pleasant to talk too. Look forward to more games pal

Posted by Beck21941 on 09:16pm 11/07/06 Level 10
3. gr8 player
this a gd player for the BOTN future. If u want sum ranks play this guy.

Posted by Joker0074 on 10:49am 04/07/06 Level 4
2. gr8 player
this a gd player for the BOTN future. If u want sum ranks play this guy.

Posted by Joker0074 on 10:49am 04/07/06 Level 4
1. new plyr
mew to the site if ya after some good games this is your man great connection decenet pplyr and good freindly chat

Posted by Mackem77 on 02:59pm 23/06/06 Level 5

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