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Information (562 views)

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XBL Account:
Location:Outside UK
Join Date:28th February 2006, 11:22 pm
Last Seen: 99 days, 10 hours ago
Referred by:neil363
Kudos: 671
Achievements:4 (View all)
Awards: Completed 3 Euro League Seasons  S4 Euro2 Golden Glove. Goals conceded: 16  S4 EL2 Playoff Champ: Paul Hague 1 - 4 GlejsSWE  S6 G2 Runnerup . P22 W11 D7 L4 GF37 GA25 GD+12 Pts40  Completed 1 Galactico League Season
Community Level:Level 4 (70% to next level) (View Rankings)
Reputation: 18 vote(s), 5/5 (Play me to rate me)
Last Game: 179 days, 15 hours ago (GlejsSWE 0 Vs. 2 NTW07)
Total time spent on site:23 days, 12 hours

GlejsSWE says...
- Swedish PESpower - If you're into electropop and such, check out http://www.myspace.com/glejsmusic . If you dig Little Computer People, Kraftwerk (Karl Bartos), DMX Krew, Chromeo and similar stuff you might dig mine.

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Game History PES 6

Games played: 39
Games won: 17 (44%)
Games lost: 10 (26%)
Games drawn: 12 (31%)
Goals scored: 62
Goals conceeded: 47

Game History Chart & Graph

(12) Player Comments

Top man
Quite lucky to get two draws against this player in our galactico league. Top player and sound to chat with!

Thanks for the games amigo. Play again soon


Posted by fizzlewizzle83 on 07:48pm 10/11/06 Level 9
Good player
Played him in E1 games a few weeks ago and to be fair if he wasn't lyon he may have got something more out of the games as he was damn good. Anyway he's a top bloke with a damn good connection!

Posted by Indiana Dave on 11:02pm 08/10/06 Level 11
Good Plyr
this guy is a good plyr and have had some right old battles with him great connection and a good bloke

Posted by Mackem77 on 01:51pm 05/10/06 Level 6
dude great connection and a real good player

Posted by west7 on 12:25am 28/09/06 Level 5
Cool Dude
Thanks for the games man.. Has mastered how to play with Juve, and his defence is solid. Enjoyed the games and look froward to more :)

Posted by lil hunter7 on 09:47pm 27/09/06 Level 12
My Main Man
Top Bloke, Top Player and a assit to the site

Posted by H3AVY on 08:39pm 26/09/06 Level 7
Very good player
I enjoyed 3 late night games with this guy. All close, honours even.

Thank you, enjoyed the games

Posted by Beck21941 on 03:00am 12/09/06 Level 12
brilliant player
and always has a good connection.something good to this site!!!

Posted by alexwilliams15 on 08:36pm 21/08/06 Level 2
always plays a good game and is definatley a nice player

a true PES Gentleman :)

Posted by Trav1s on 08:29pm 28/07/06 Level 3
Top Swedish guy!
and pes5 performer...
Often can catch him late and always impressed with his connection and polite nature.
He may even fix his microphone one day so he hasn't got to break his neck keeping it on :)

Posted by jonboyo on 05:24pm 10/07/06 Level 11
Top Fella!
A good clean fair player and a great aset to my site

Posted by Tomski on 12:01pm 25/06/06 Level 14
Good Player
Good player this guy, we had some good league games, Top Bloke.
Hope to play you again soon.

Posted by Eric Shaun 360 on 03:27pm 13/04/06 Level 10

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