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    Join Date29th July 2023, 7:22 pm

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    Home chocolatebear80

    Information (246 views)

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    Occupation:Railway Worker
    Location:South East
    Join Date:10th July 2023, 9:48 pm
    Last Seen: 6 days, 5 hours ago
    Referred by:No one
    Kudos: 580
    Awards: Completed 1 International Season  S5 EL3 Runner Up . P26 W14 D7 L5 GF50 GA30 GD+20 Pts 49  S5 EL3. Top Scorer- 50  Completed 1 Euro League Season
    Fixture Arranging: 0 original post(s)
    Community Level:Level 5 (75% to next level) (View Rankings)
    Reputation: 13 vote(s), 5/5 (Play me to rate me)
    Last Game: 180 days, 14 hours ago (dazzler24 1 Vs. 0 chocolatebear80)
    Total time spent on site:4 days, 2 hours

    chocolatebear80 says...
    Beer, Beer, Beer more Beer and then bring on the Jack Daniel's

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    Game History PES 6

    Games played: 2
    Games won: 1 (50%)
    Games lost: 1 (50%)
    Games drawn: 0 (0%)
    Goals scored: 3
    Goals conceeded: 3

    Game History PES 5

    Games played: 178
    Games won: 64 (36%)
    Games lost: 75 (43%)
    Games drawn: 39 (22%)
    Goals scored: 253
    Goals conceeded: 289

    Game History Chart & Graph

    No games played No games played

    Player Comments

    25. greattttttttttttt
    this guy is good must have ate is frosties i won should have been a draw

    Posted by d dub x on 04:44pm 14/10/06 Level 3
    24. The Chocolate one
    Good geezer, too very tight games, and we both progressed from the south group 3, woop. Pleasure mate, defs a top player on the site!

    Great connection, good attitude

    Posted by lil hunter7 on 10:27pm 10/10/06 Level 12
    23. Top Notch Bloke!
    Chocolate Bear is a top bloke, has a top connection and good 2 get on with! good mic user, hope to play again soon mate! (y)

    Posted by crazy gooner on 12:45pm 08/10/06 Level 5
    22. good stuff
    cheers mate, really good games, you scored an absolute belter too.

    Posted by grumpymonkey907 on 02:20pm 20/09/06 Level 1
    21. good solid player
    2 games against Choc, won 1 each. Excellent player... very to score against.

    Nice one

    Posted by Beck21941 on 09:09pm 18/09/06 Level 11
    20. absolute shit
    na only jokin good to play close games and takes 5 times as many points off me when i lose lol!!!!

    Posted by alexwilliams15 on 07:57pm 18/09/06 Level 2
    19. shit bastard!!!!!!!!
    neva played such a bag of shit in my life let my little sister play an she banged 4 past him wat a bastard

    Posted by YGE Predator on 11:59pm 15/09/06 Level 4
    18. thanks for the games
    had 2 really fun and exciting IL2 games with him, his connection was great, and he was organised and ready to play so quickly

    recommend to anyone!

    Posted by Trav1s on 09:09pm 13/09/06 Level 3
    17. top bloke
    good games chocolate! i thought i mighta deserved 2 draws but u took your goals well in first game! good luck in the final games in league!

    Posted by damo1406 on 08:45pm 04/09/06 Level 3
    16. Tough player
    had him in IL cup went to 3rd game lucky i beat him very good player, good in defence likes the hit the woodwork alot and makes me hit it also :D

    Posted by Clearster on 05:03pm 28/08/06 Level 3
    15. Too Good
    Played this guy in EL3, way too good for my liking, Hope he continues to do well on BOTN.

    Posted by Willem on 04:19pm 27/08/06 Level 2
    14. great player
    great player too much for me on the break. clinical finishing. cheers mate

    Posted by ASBO R4881T on 06:58pm 23/08/06 Level 2
    13. Good Bloke
    Great connection good attitude improving all the time i play him

    Posted by Mackem77 on 03:00pm 21/08/06 Level 6
    12. SHABBA
    good player and hactually uses the mic!

    gets nearly as angry as me lol

    Posted by Boobiesaregreat on 07:45pm 15/08/06 Level 14
    11. Great player
    Good player always up for a game. Plays all out attack very fun to play with.

    Posted by VI1PER on 12:02pm 09/08/06 Level 2
    10. Good Bloke
    Not a bad plyr gives me a really tough game 1st time around but seems to fall 2 pieces in the 2nd game lol.
    Good attititude great connection.

    Posted by Mackem77 on 10:29am 07/08/06 Level 6
    9. geeza
    thanx for the comment bro. good player good attitude good at giving me kudos lol

    Posted by BoZZ4 on 04:15pm 06/08/06 Level 5
    8. Retaliated
    i may have wooped him first game but he played amazingly well in second game beatin me 4-2...nice one ;)

    Posted by Manutdlad on 05:41pm 04/08/06 Level 3
    good man, let me draw 1 game lol

    Posted by Dj567 on 10:49pm 30/07/06 Level 4
    6. Great
    Kwl guy
    Good player
    Good connection
    good manners

    Posted by beardedoafsun on 12:13pm 28/07/06 Level 2
    5. Great Bloke
    Scored one of the best goals I've seen from 25 yards against me!!! Nice guy, friendly any chatty too, good connection and a good player.

    Posted by Diddley on 10:43am 25/07/06 Level 5
    4. great guy
    Reasonably new to the site... gave me a good lesson in a game. Great connection. Look forward to playing you again mate

    Posted by Beck21941 on 01:15am 24/07/06 Level 11
    3. god player
    what you want in a game of pes

    Posted by CRA1GY BOY on 09:48pm 23/07/06 Level 8
    2. Good player
    Good connection an well organised. Recommended!

    Posted by topgunnergoose on 08:15pm 16/07/06 Level 7
    1. really good player
    A very neat and organised player and very rarely gives the ball away.Very good player.

    Posted by FBLA II on 09:43am 11/07/06 Level 5

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