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    LocationNorthern Ireland
    Last Seen2 days, 21 hours ago
    Join Date17th November 2024, 7:30 pm

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    Location:West Midlands
    Join Date:27th December 2024, 10:05 pm
    Last Seen: 32 days, 18 hours ago
    Referred by:Star Rocker
    Kudos: 609
    Awards: Completed 1 Season In Euro League
    Fixture Arranging: 3 original post(s)
    Community Level:Level 4 (46% to next level) (View Rankings)
    Reputation: 6 vote(s), 5/5 (Play me to rate me)
    Last Game: 19 days, 23 hours ago (RossoneriStella 0 Vs. 1 Connon)
    Total time spent on site:13 days, 7 hours

    RossoneriStella says...
    Forza l'Italiano, Forza Rossoneri, Forza Giallorossi

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    Game History PES 6

    Games played: 175
    Games won: 89 (51%)
    Games lost: 50 (29%)
    Games drawn: 36 (21%)
    Goals scored: 326
    Goals conceeded: 222

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    Player Comments

    19. its a shame
    thats all i can say! i know that we will still have some geat games together, but its a damn shame to see you go! x

    Posted by Slave Girl on 02:39pm 25/03/07 Level 2
    18. beautiful
    i may be biased but ross, is a good player, and ive watched loads of his games, ranked, unranked, league games you name it! so to be honest. just ignore stupid people and play what your good at..and thats PES!
    sound player!

    Posted by Slave Girl on 08:07pm 14/03/07 Level 2
    17. WHAT AN IDIOT............
    ............Didn't want to disappoint you with the immature response so here I am.
    Basically I never contested the first game, he beat me fair and square, so it has nothing to do with this except you wanting to boast(immature?) I did have lots of chances to cut back in that game, but I have always been told by most people on the site and all of the mod's that cutbacking is not allowed so I don't do it.
    Yes I did quit out in the second game when knob head scored as it was 2-1 to me and he cutback to equalise. He even sent me a p.m saying its part of the game.
    If I had known we were playing cutbacks I could try to defend them but unaware that we were playing dirty I decided to ignore the attacker in the cutback position.
    So, by that rational I felt knob head had cheated and I pulled the plug.
    I have said before that it is hard enough playing with a crap team (man city) but when you come up against skilled players who then use unfair tactics to win a game, you may as well be playing on live against random's. This site, I thought was designed to get you a fair game against decent players. Well its seems it is in danger of being overrun by the kind of player we are trying to avoid!!!!!!!!
    Is that immature enough for you mate,'cause if not we can always meet in the playground after school for a bare chested grapple.....?
    p.s don't leave any more comments on my profile because that just shows how childish you are. If you feel the need to carry this on, my inbox is always open. And remember some wise words someone once told me.."ITS ONLY A GAME!!!!!" =+)

    Posted by justme ctid on 09:58am 13/03/07 Level 10
    16. good player!
    We had to games and to be honest i was lucky, this bloke is a top lad and good player. Have to give you some friendlies at some stage. :)

    Posted by randomnamez on 11:43am 06/03/07 Level 8
    15. Good PLayer
    had 2 very good games with him, good laugh on the mic. Defence can be pretty hard to break down and is also a good attacker, recommended!

    Posted by nbuk on 09:39pm 25/02/07 Level 8
    14. Top Player
    Top geezer and a v.good player. 3 good games against this guy. close games. well played m8ty

    Posted by MingeMuncher on 08:12pm 13/02/07 Level 9
    13. best player
    ive played nearly 300 games on here and in my opinion one of 2 things happened against him. i had my worst 4 games ever or he is the best player i have ever played and stopped me getting any chances. i think its the latter. absolutely brilliant. its the first time ive ever played this game and hated it. he really frustrated me but in a fair way

    Posted by speightman on 03:27pm 11/02/07 Level 5
    12. Top Guy
    Really good player, made me work hard. learnt alot of this guy. will def play again

    Posted by SurefireDANIEL on 02:24pm 11/02/07 Level 3
    11. BABY
    cant handle the fact that he was 2-0 up in the 88th minute and it finished 2-2 in the mini cup, he trys to claim that i lagged him out yet my computer was switched off at the time and i dont know how that 1 works out.

    Posted by aaronc333 on 10:36pm 08/02/07 Level 5
    10. Hammered
    But fun to have a lesson in how to score taught to me..

    Posted by Peter P1501 on 11:38pm 07/02/07 Level 1
    9. top player
    stella knows his stuff, very tight in midfield and lethal upfront, never seen so many fancy chipped thru balls...lol

    Posted by superden360 on 01:29pm 04/02/07 Level 4
    good palyer, tough to break down, make the most of the shots you get away!!

    Posted by Odvan on 09:06pm 01/02/07 Level 8
    7. FAO
    Just to let people know who dont know already...THIS IS MY NEW GAMERTAG!!!!! ROSSONERISTELLA

    Posted by Star Rocker on 12:22am 31/01/07 Level 3
    6. MINT
    beat me 4 times watch this guy go to the top of the league

    Posted by Ultrawesty on 12:11am 31/01/07 Level 4
    5. .....
    gd player, great movement hard to break down, good challenge

    Posted by Sean McAuley on 10:00pm 30/01/07 Level 4
    4. .....
    gd player, great movement hard to break down, good challenge

    Posted by Sean McAuley on 10:00pm 30/01/07 Level 4
    3. top geeza
    played with this chap over on xbs and he is top notch!

    sound as uno poundo aswell

    Posted by Boobiesaregreat on 07:11pm 25/01/07 Level 14
    2. love
    hello you! i know you, my teacher lol, help me be a better player!
    thanks for the games in the past, and more for the future!

    Posted by Slave Girl on 08:45pm 24/01/07 Level 2
    1. Good Games
    2 very good games against this guy recommend him to play against good upfront but probably the bet at the back very good games

    Posted by Gilberto69 on 08:37pm 24/01/07 Level 5

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