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LocationNorth West
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Join Date10th January 2006, 7:30 pm

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Occupation:Student last year of school
Join Date:13th July 2005, 12:00 am
Last Seen: 7 days, 18 hours ago
Referred by:No one
Kudos: 479
Warnings: League Quitter!!
Achievements:29 (View all)
Awards: Completed 4 Euro League Seasons  Completed 1 Galactico League Season  Winning IL1 Season 3. P14 W7 D7 L0 GF15 GA5 GD+10 Pts28  Golden Glove IL1 season 3. Goals conceded: 5  Completed 1 International League Season   	Completed 1 UCL Season  site donator  S5 EL4. Top Scorer- 53  Completed 2 Premiership season
Community Level:Level 12 (0% to next level) (View Rankings)
Reputation: 43 vote(s), 4.8/5 (Play me to rate me)
Last Game: 33 days, 9 hours ago (Willstev 2 Vs. 1 wintz)
Total time spent on site:81 days, 2 hours

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Game History PES 6

Games played: 262
Games won: 113 (44%)
Games lost: 122 (47%)
Games drawn: 27 (11%)
Goals scored: 462
Goals conceeded: 496

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(56) Player Comments

la liga
plz m8 ive me the league place am diein to get one

Posted by lummy987 on 09:26pm 22/05/07 Level 4
hi m8 i would love to go them

Posted by lummy987 on 09:24pm 14/05/07 Level 4
Well my Latvian Euro dream (nightmare) continued tonight as I tackled the Willstev and the might Holland. This guys a great player, uses the wings to spread the ball around really well and has a few tricks up his sleeve.

1st game he went 3-0 up in the first half and I thought, Oh fook I'm gonna get bummed, but I managed to pull it back to 3-3 and salvage a draw. WAHEY, theres some partys happening in Latvia 2nite I'll tell ya. 2nd game he got a guy sent off (and later his keeper lol) and I thought COME ON this is my chance and then he fookin hammered me 3 or 4 -0 (it crashed at the end) but what can ya do???!! lol!!

Great player, look forward to our next encounter, hopefully on more even terms.

Good luck in the cup m8!!

Posted by MajorTurkish81 on 10:49pm 22/04/07 Level 6
great games
had 4 great games against this top geezer he won 3 won lost 1 , all games were very tight untill he wanted to finish me off was playing me letting me attack then bang down the other end and his 4 forwards didnt give me a chance ,,

top games mate cheers

Posted by romeo1969 on 12:27am 06/04/07 Level 6
Quality game
Well played dude really enjoyed that game hope to play you again some time sorry couldnt play for long had Euro game great game tho dude very close and thourghly enjoyable!!!!!
Great connection very good player,well played

Posted by Bunners2006 on 11:15pm 05/04/07 Level 11
at last
finally played this geezer and boy do I wish I hadnt bothered as he won 4 - 2 and 4 - 1
was 3 nil down in first game pulled it back to 3 - 2 and then after i attcked down he went and scored the forth . VERY GOOD PLAYER doesnt miss any chances and I bet with decent forwards would have give me a rite pasting

cheers m8 well played

Posted by romeo1969 on 12:24am 05/04/07 Level 6
Top geezer
v.good pes player. 2 great prem games. all out attack which is what i love. non of this 5 at the back shite. well played m8. top connection

Posted by MingeMuncher on 11:23pm 12/03/07 Level 10
goeie Gozaer!
Nice playing you again! Good game, I still need practice.

Posted by ChiefQuotient on 09:59pm 09/03/07 Level 4
Goeie Pik!

Very Nice Guy, very Helpfull and he has a heart for Oranje.....ik like that!
Play you again soon!

Posted by ChiefQuotient on 05:19pm 05/03/07 Level 4
top banana
cheers for the game matey very close, good player this guys, knows how to take a corner

Posted by TEDDSY on 07:02pm 27/02/07 Level 5
top man
this lads a very fair honest pes player, keeping the irish proud on this site. like i said before limit the amount of set pieces u give him cos hes mastered them, especially corners!! hope 2 play u again mate

Posted by UnloadedZulu on 03:56pm 21/02/07 Level 6
come back
forgot to mention this guys come back, playing against arsenal 2-0 down at half-time and comes away with a 3-2 win, due to some excellent attacking play and superb defence. great game fella.

Posted by Sean McAuley on 10:52pm 20/02/07 Level 4
great games mate. u played some brill football, seemding like someone else playing in second half of first game lol. unlucky in second, henry had a brill second half. gud luck with the rest of the league.

Posted by Sean McAuley on 10:50pm 20/02/07 Level 4
Lethal from set pieces, I couldnt break him down and ended up whacking it long... tough to play against but good lad...

Posted by Woody83 on 10:37pm 05/02/07 Level 7
good player
uses darren bent well and is lethal from corners and crosses, had the strangest matches tho, he hockeyed me 4-1 in the 1st, we had an even 2nd match where he won with 2 late goals and then i beat him 6-1 in the 3rd

Posted by UnloadedZulu on 05:24pm 02/02/07 Level 6
Played mate!!!
We had sum great games I thoroughly ejoyed it. Well played mate, play you again sumtime......... peace out BOOSIVE!!!

Posted by Aboosive on 07:16pm 29/01/07 Level 5
good player
played him in minicup and had to play well to beat him. Obviously a good player and was a pleasure to play against. Thanks for the game m8.

Posted by ja030590 on 09:16pm 28/01/07 Level 4

great player. cant believe i got beat 4-0 by charlton lol

Posted by aaronc333 on 10:41pm 26/01/07 Level 6
good player
remember willstev from xbs when my gamertag was Star Rocker, top bloke and always reliable, i think i made you a sig aswell mate! lol

Posted by RossoneriStella on 07:14pm 25/01/07 Level 4
top class
great player. will defo play again soon

Posted by Sean McAuley on 01:58pm 21/01/07 Level 4
Prem mate
Got to say this guy really dug in and made it such a tough game..Top player A++++

Posted by DJPerkins on 11:24pm 19/01/07 Level 0
Thanks for the games
Had Two great games with this guy. No connect probs. fair play all the way

Posted by omes2032 on 11:14pm 18/01/07 Level 5
great connection and a good game

Posted by speightman on 06:32pm 13/12/06 Level 5
Win lose or draw hes alway dutch lol, Hes the irish p diddy. Ever since he joined BOTN he has given his all. keep it goin son

Posted by rabona on 10:54pm 06/12/06 Level 11
top lad
top guy here, had our ups and downs but we are still mates! hes a top evo player and im looking forward to PGR4 for when we get a room going again! cheers dude

Posted by Cristiano007 on 11:04pm 05/12/06 Level 9
BOTN Legend
A BOTN Legen, he da man on shoutbox and he plays an odd mean game of pro evo.Top Bloke,No lag and great connection. Plus hes irish too!!! :D

Posted by randomnamez on 10:37pm 24/10/06 Level 8
Good admin
Always does a good job of the mini-cup

Posted by Paul Hague on 09:04am 16/10/06 Level 6
irish lad
my celtic warrior great guy big up big willy style 2 u sir

Posted by A HERO EMERGES on 05:50pm 24/09/06 Level 8
Lesson in Pro Evo
Cheers for last night's "lesson" aka battering :)

Really enjoyed the games, if not the scorelines.

Practice like that can only make me better (I hope!).

Posted by Smurfdrl on 12:59pm 13/08/06 Level 7
the spark man
this dude gave me loads of games to get his spark back, the game were gd hes a gd battler, great player

Posted by DarkAgent UK on 01:24am 08/08/06 Level 4
great player..great games
played 4 games against this guy and they were one of the best range of games i have ever played, it ended 2-2, great player for BOTN

Posted by DarkAgent UK on 12:42am 06/08/06 Level 4
Goood player
Ace connection
and dirty tackler lol

Posted by beardedoafsun on 01:32pm 28/07/06 Level 2
Good Game
Sure the first goal was more luck then anythin. Top player, best man won in the end

Posted by chocolatebear80 on 10:22pm 23/07/06 Level 5
Mini Cup Admin!
reinstated as the mini cup and G 3 admin promises to be a good a good admin! Top bloke with some class ideas :)

Posted by Tomski on 09:14pm 16/07/06 Level 14
this guy is an irish legend simple as that, and a legend on pro evo to, showed that when he went unbeaten in first season of internationals!

Posted by Cristiano007 on 12:54pm 07/07/06 Level 9
gd evo player

Posted by airmax69 on 06:09pm 25/06/06 Level 5
Gangster ;)
This guy or guys lol will and stev is great, hes been here a long time and will give u a good game. hes a good laugh to!!beware tho he may give u one of his 'great' freestyle raps lol

Posted by BC PimpDaddy on 01:48pm 13/06/06 Level 11
Top man
Great guy around the shoutbox, and also in the game!! Made me feel welcome when i joined and has always been a great guy and a pleasure to chat with. Altho i did put a bet on him to win, and he drew so i lost 30bucks, grrr lol

Posted by lil hunter7 on 01:41pm 13/06/06 Level 12
Top class - we have respected each other since we ffirst played - what a game that was on PES4 - our first match - i think i was up 3-0 at half time and willstev staged a late comeback but was too late as it ended final score 3-2 to me!

woo - i gotta exact my revenge now - if i can start winning again!!!

Posted by FEXT on 09:14am 13/06/06 Level 10
One of ma Irish Connections




Posted by H3AVY on 09:56pm 12/06/06 Level 7
kool dude!
Wel willstev is a top geezer, quite funny and nt bad at pro either! But likes wearin jis lucky charms agenst me LOOOL He Wil always remember the name TORRRESSSS cos i scored d best goal ever agenst him LOOL wernt werain ya lucky charms den eh

Posted by Biscuits007 on 10:21pm 08/06/06 Level 3

Posted by BoZZ4 on 09:40pm 10/05/06 Level 5
reason he has gone
take a look at his admin notes tomski, like i told u y he has left b4 u posted this comment

Posted by Cristiano007 on 10:42pm 24/02/06 Level 9
Wheres he gone?
All off a sudden this guy has left us!! he was a huge part of the site and many ideas that the site is based upon are a reults of his good self!

come back!

where's he gone?

Posted by Tomski on 12:14am 22/02/06 Level 14
irish pearler
solid player and a good laugh to boot

look forward to many more games with this fella

Posted by adzefc on 08:46am 14/02/06 Level 3
Will and Grace (I mean stev)
...is this on ?

ok sorry well wilstev is a very nice guy and is a true pes ..(what does that say mate? oh right legend) legend

he raps like no other and throws a quality 60yard pass as no man can

anyway got to go cos bored of this now but wilstev is a legend and should be in the BOTN hall of fame without question !

Posted by RiddleXtreme on 09:32am 03/02/06 Level 3
what a guy!
tough guy to beat, not easy to break down and you better take the chances you make or YOU WILL LOSE! hope to play some rank up matches with ya sometime! ***** 5 star legend!

Posted by CS STEVE on 08:43pm 02/02/06 Level 2
the irish legend
this guy is top notch and a pgr room isnt the same without him. good evo player too. and knows how to have a laf, top guy

Posted by Cristiano007 on 05:15pm 01/02/06 Level 9
Epic games!
...felt (almost) sorry to go through to the next round of the Champ League at his expense..especially on penalties.

Posted by jonboyo on 10:48pm 16/01/06 Level 11
Top Fella
what can I say.. Willstev is a top notch dude, his funny, has a joke and has seriousness in him!.

his a good pro evo player, fair and always up for the matches his in!

I enjoy playing all games with Willstev when we are in the same game!

Hope to play u soon bud! ...

Posted by crazy gooner on 07:14pm 12/01/06 Level 5
Top Geezer
Top guy is Willstev. Great laugh on the shoutbox. Had some good evo games aswell.

Posted by damo833 on 06:35pm 12/01/06 Level 2
The one and Only
Charms loving MoFo

always a laugh and normally at either Riddles or Lukes expense

Posted by Rug22 on 08:34am 10/01/06 Level 3
one of the safest dudes about!
Willstev's a great sport! his a gd player all round , enjoyed playing evo wid him b4 and other games.

hope 2 play u soon m8y!

Posted by crazy gooner on 01:07am 08/01/06 Level 5
Chief Batty
top notch geezer is willstev! gud laff all round and a definate batty lol


Posted by Boobiesaregreat on 12:12am 08/01/06 Level 14
Echoing what Tomski has put, sound as a pound and full of great ideas!! Good man!

Posted by neil363 on 10:07am 07/01/06 Level 11
Top bloke is willstev always on hand to lend you a hand and comes up with some decent ideas

Posted by Tomski on 07:45pm 06/01/06 Level 14

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