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    Home effort111

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    Information (316 views)

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    XBL Account:
    Join Date:13th January 2023, 2:16 am
    Last Seen: 43 days, 4 hours ago
    Referred by:No one
    Kudos: 276
    Achievements:0 (View all)
    Awards: Completed 1 Season
    Community Level:Level 4 (75% to next level) (View Rankings)
    Reputation: 6 vote(s), 5/5 (Play me to rate me)
    Last Game: 87 days, 2 hours ago (fatnose2 5 Vs. 2 effort111)
    Total time spent on site:24 days, 7 hours

    effort111 says...
    Reading FC....The team staying where they belong. Premiership material!!!

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    Game History PES 6

    Games played: 144
    Games won: 19 (14%)
    Games lost: 112 (78%)
    Games drawn: 13 (10%)
    Goals scored: 130
    Goals conceeded: 360

    Game History Chart & Graph

    No games played

    (23) Player Comments

    oi oi,
    whoaaa, didnt expect such a hard game. kept it tight, had sum fun at end wit sum showboatin 4 cameras, great player, hope 2 play again soon

    Posted by TRIGG TRIGGER on 10:12am 18/04/07 Level 4
    Top Player
    This i one sick player u got here... Played 4 wicked games he beat me 6-0 but i got my revenge in the end by winnin 3 games lol... 3-0 2-1 3-0 recommend to anyone to play this fella and i am really suprised that he aint got more kudo's than what he as

    peace out B


    Posted by TAGOE on 12:09am 18/04/07 Level 4
    great games
    well played mate, 2 very close game, both could of gone either way, 10/10

    Posted by aaronc333 on 05:08pm 17/04/07 Level 7
    What a player!
    Shocked me by beating me 3-2! Good player and has improved alot since the last time we played.

    Posted by SupaJ Rehab on 03:11pm 17/04/07 Level 6
    he is a good player and never gives up

    Posted by micah 1990 on 05:33pm 13/04/07 Level 2
    good player
    he is a good player and never gives up!

    Posted by I Keto I on 10:36pm 08/04/07 Level 4
    good player
    he is a good player and never gives up!

    Posted by I Keto I on 10:36pm 08/04/07 Level 4
    gud games
    much better player then his kudos suggest, had 2 fight 4 every minute 10/10

    Posted by UnloadedZulu on 04:18pm 02/04/07 Level 7
    top notch
    well played m8, u took advantage of my dodgy form of l8. but u deserved it as u have improved loads since we last played. keep it up. 10/10.

    Posted by rudeboyMACKA on 03:14pm 02/04/07 Level 10
    two good games mate, unlucky in the first, Thought you were goina win when you were 1-0 up and had the open goal.

    Need to take chances, and will improve loads.

    Posted by Delonge on 06:55pm 26/03/07 Level 4
    thanks for the games buddy
    i owe you an 2 away games m8 you only played me once at your home where as i played you 3 times on my connection thats not fair for you m8.

    real tight games i ended up just edging but i think i got lucky ;).

    thanks for the games m8

    Posted by slitherer on 06:18pm 25/03/07 Level 1
    thx for the welcome m8
    played 5 lost 5 but i guess it's the only way to learn lol

    Posted by slitherer on 11:16pm 23/03/07 Level 1
    good player
    great pes player and a top guy on the mic as well. well played m8. league position does not do you justice. look forward to playing again soon

    Posted by MingeMuncher on 01:02pm 23/03/07 Level 10
    is a lot lower than it should be!!!

    effort is a decent player, passes well and is always looking to break.

    gd connection and likes non slags


    Posted by Odvan on 01:15pm 22/03/07 Level 8
    Good player
    I thought this game was going to be easier as looking at the league table, it suggests you're an easy win. Wrong. You should have drew with me in the second game, I was shitting myself. You had me under pressure the whole game. Well played mate, you were very unlucky and I hope you bounce straight back up next season.

    Posted by SupaJ Rehab on 02:31pm 17/03/07 Level 6
    Good games
    4 very good games today, a very tidy player, first 3 games I found his defence tough, and he anhiliated me in the third game. Lucky i extracted some revenge in the fourth!

    Im sure he will get alot more wins under his belt soon.

    Very good connection.

    Posted by Delonge on 07:33pm 15/03/07 Level 4
    top man
    had 2 crackin games. he was unlucky to concede as many as he did, but he does show sign of class. the more he plays on botn, the better he will be. gr8 connection aswell. 10/10.

    Posted by rudeboyMACKA on 12:04am 13/03/07 Level 10
    5 good fair games ...whatch this lad he's starting to find his feet and improving all the time ....keep putting in the effort effort111

    Posted by Pedro Le Guern on 12:41am 07/03/07 Level 5
    good game
    unluky in the first game sorry about the second...good player who is fair with know aggressive play ....gave me a fright in the first game very quick passing...welldone

    Posted by Pedro Le Guern on 12:22am 06/03/07 Level 5

    Unlucky in our games

    decent player

    Posted by EmotionalWorm on 11:45pm 16/02/07 Level 5
    good guy
    decent player, makes some good chances. Just needs to work on his finishing and he will beat players. Excellent connection and i dont think he made a foul in 2 games.

    pleasure to play against m8.

    Posted by ja030590 on 03:57pm 12/02/07 Level 4
    Top player
    Really enjoyed playin this guy, had two top games and u quickly find this guy is good.
    Good connection, hope to play again cheers, 10/10.

    Posted by thommo1977 on 11:05pm 11/02/07 Level 2
    Few games
    Congrats bud!!!! u won your 1st game , u played well to , your getting better

    Posted by Darkest Wraith on 12:37am 19/01/07 Level 0

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