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XBL Account:
Location:North West
Join Date:16th April 2007, 12:41 pm
Last Seen: 22 days, 16 hours ago
Referred by:whitey9 scouser
Kudos: 705
Warnings: Multi accounts / game fixing  Constant Abuse / Refuse results
Achievements:3 (View all)
Community Level:Level 3 (81% to next level) (View Rankings)
Reputation: 0 vote(s), 0/5 (Play me to rate me)
Last Game: 37 days, 16 hours ago (aaronc333 2 Vs. 3 OperaticBob)
Total time spent on site:17 hours, 50 mins

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Game History PES 6

Games played: 30
Games won: 19 (64%)
Games lost: 8 (27%)
Games drawn: 3 (10%)
Goals scored: 76
Goals conceeded: 50

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(11) Player Comments

ha ha JOKE
This idiot said i talk gay what a joke. got kicked off the site cause he tried to fix games cause hes shit at the game. cant win games, wont accept the results what a loser. he gave the game away cause he doesnt know how 2 play it. and to top it all off hes a rapist (not yet convicted)

Posted by whitey9 scouser on 05:46pm 21/06/07 Level 5
ur should change your gtag to "cheat"

Posted by daviesb on 09:04am 09/06/07 Level 4
bob the nob
hahaha your a proper weirdo, cant be arsed to play your childish games anymore. whatever floats your boat sunshine, giz a shout when you've learnt to walk or should i say crawl lololol

Posted by Aboosive on 06:04pm 06/06/07 Level 5
what a muppet
hahaha you must be really crap seen as though i beat you twice,did you beat me? nooo. your sooo THICK lololol

have you accepted the results yet?

Posted by Aboosive on 05:48pm 06/06/07 Level 5
played a nice match. great defending didnt get many chances on the counter. very nice passing and plans his formation perfectly

Posted by Mladen86 on 03:56pm 06/06/07 Level 7
solid player
good passing and awareness skills. Bit dull on mike though. takes it a bit too seriously me thinks. However like i say is a good player and will win more than he looses

Posted by teddy24yorks on 02:11pm 06/06/07 Level 3
Good player
Good player beat me 3-1 but I was my ucl boys FC Souchaux played well and tore me to pieces as you would expect plays good football and understands now about slag and non slag explained bythe bunners.

Good player well played!

Posted by Bunners2006 on 09:29pm 05/06/07 Level 11
ohh yeh
hes that much of a childish sore loser he isnt accepting the results lololol. *im taking my ball home and i aint playing anymore:(* come on sunshime, get a grip. hahaha so funny

Posted by Aboosive on 06:30pm 05/06/07 Level 5
this guy is such a sore loser, he thinks that i score cutbacks lololol what a joke. I do pass it along my back line its called keeping the ball, you should try it instead of getting the ball and running to the other end of the pitch like a fifa player(boring), try something different. like i said i'll play you again and if im that bab you should be able to beat me shouldn't ya.


Posted by Aboosive on 06:26pm 05/06/07 Level 5
Very good playa
took me all the way and for those who know about me not many can. Excellent with his chelsea team, good defense and there is probably no one as good as him on the break.
need to start using non slags tho m8

Posted by whitey9 scouser on 10:22pm 04/06/07 Level 5
good player
played well is a good player like to play u non slags though next time well played m8.

Posted by pompeybuster on 04:14pm 04/06/07 Level 5

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