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Information (85 views)

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XBL Account:
Occupation:Bad boy rapper lol
Join Date:2nd July 2007, 8:07 pm
Last Seen: 20 hours, 4 mins ago
Referred by:No one
Kudos: 427
Achievements:5 (View all)
Community Level:Level 2 (32% to next level) (View Rankings)
Reputation: 1 vote(s), 5/5 (Play me to rate me)
Last Game: 2 days, 19 hours ago (OllyLeeds 1 Vs. 4 Niall Bennis)
Total time spent on site:1 day, 6 hours

OllyLeeds says...
Only 1 team in yorkshire!! The LUFC will be mighty again! One day!

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OllyLeeds is currently taking part in the following events
Euro League 3 
Euro League Cup 

Game History PES 6

Games played: 45
Games won: 13 (29%)
Games lost: 25 (56%)
Games drawn: 7 (16%)
Goals scored: 72
Goals conceeded: 116

Game History Chart & Graph

(3) Player Comments

Hard to break down
Just had a quick game with olly and found him very hard to break down.
I managed to sneak a 1-0 but i found it hard to come by that goal.

If you play this chap make sure you take your chances

Cheers mate, look forward to some more games in the future.

Posted by Sutty1985 on 09:53pm 30/07/07 Level 4

Olly game me a good game and we fought out a hard earned 1-1.

Was better than me on pk's tho.

Welcome to the site mate, keep playing like that and you'll do well.

Posted by studlydemon on 06:01pm 04/07/07 Level 7
top notch
a new addition to BotN. top player, plays the game well and properly. will no doubt improve by playing more members. gr8 chat on the mic and gr8 connection. well played. 10/10.

p.s. keep active, play some rank-ups, use the forums and you will get a lge spot in no time.

Posted by rudeboyMACKA on 05:28pm 03/07/07 Level 11

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